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SG Technicals

Joined: 30/05/22

Comments by SG Technicals
Gold Sep 21, 2022 20:36
We all available for all...Just they have to find us We all available for all...Just they have to find us
Gold Sep 21, 2022 20:35
....We know that dear ...We had been discovered long ago. ....We know that dear ...We had been discovered long ago.
Gold Sep 21, 2022 20:18
Anon....U r so Hilarious....Take care.
Gold Sep 09, 2022 8:49
Theere is an old saying....Be Greedy when People are Fearful and Be Fearful when people are Greedy.
Gold Sep 09, 2022 8:34
SGT right on each turn...Analysed Bottom of gold at 1700 in July....Again analysed Top at 1820.....Again analysed bottom now....For each and every turn....SGT.
Gold Sep 09, 2022 5:18
Stock markets world over will remain bearish for next 6 months...SGT
Gold Sep 09, 2022 5:17
Either Buy Physical Gold and Silver or Gold and Silver ETF.....Gold expected to give returns of 25% and silver 50% in 6 months time.
Gold Sep 09, 2022 5:15
Those with idle funds and patience for 6 months...Invest in Gold for targets of $2000 and Silver for $ 25+....Next 6 months are superbly bullish for Bullions and Superbly bearish for stock markets....This is not for short term traders ...All the Best
Gold Sep 09, 2022 2:59
All our analysis is with Stops and don't fell in trap of self proclaimed advisors ..Be wise and Be alert
Gold Sep 08, 2022 17:49
Silver Target 19.50+ maintained on charts.
Gold Sep 08, 2022 17:48
Target 1750+ maintained in charts.
Gold Sep 08, 2022 17:38
May = Shall
Gold Sep 08, 2022 17:35
No slide expected in gold and only ride expected...All the best and these are all buy levels.
Gold Sep 07, 2022 18:43
Have a preset mindset is the biggest mistake an amateur trader can do.
Gold Sep 07, 2022 18:42
Even if ECB hikes are big ot small..Gold will rally not some bit but MORE....No substitute for knowledge.
Gold Sep 07, 2022 18:40
If ECB hikes rates...Euro will rally and dollar will soften...If dollar will soften...Gold will blast off on upside....Hold on to your seat belts....Plane is about to take off...Enjoy the ride...God bless all
Gold Sep 07, 2022 18:33
Thanks again for the faith....God bless all.
Gold Sep 07, 2022 9:44
Bitterness of life should not come into words.
Gold Sep 07, 2022 9:30
Gold will not go to Pre COVID levels whether TODAY or TOMM....Mark It and Get it....SGT.
Gold Sep 07, 2022 8:57
....Target 1750. ....Target 1750.
Gold Sep 07, 2022 7:53
more than 15 analysis completed for gold,silver,oil and Natural gas.
Gold Sep 07, 2022 7:41
Have been updating all my analysis for short term and long term...All the best and stay ahead of the market.
Gold Sep 07, 2022 7:16
Great Words ....Keep it up .
Gold Sep 06, 2022 15:41
Gold target 1750 maintained....All the Best.
Gold Sep 02, 2022 14:37
My target $1750