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Daniel Shvartsman

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I am a long-term stock investor with a decade of market experience, currently managing my own account as well as those of a few family members and friends. I am the VP of Content at

I previously ran a podcast studio and still co-host the Razor's Edge, a leading investing podcast.
Prior to, I worked at Seeking Alpha for 8 years in a variety of roles, including Director of the Marketplace, Podcast coordinator, managing editor, and director of Content Strategy. I focused most of my time on subscription products or content while there, and learned a ton about the stock market through reading and watching what happened on the site.

My investment strategy leans towards value investing with bits of quality/growth at a reasonable price and income investing thrown in. I like the principles of long-term investing but also don't trust myself to know what the future will look like, so I consider most stocks on a 1-2 year time horizon and then refresh. I do run a small European stock portfolio, but mostly focus on the U.S. market.
I currently live in Valencia, Spain, with my wife and two cats, though we go back to the Lake Michigan coast in Michigan when we're in the states (the cats stay in Spain - they don't fly well).