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Peter Owt

Joined: 07/05/21

Comments by Peter Owt
Gold Jan 07, 2022 15:32
Hysterical, just listened to the same old hack whose been betting on gold for the last decade. Great store of value if you dont want any gains. Ill stick to crypto and equities thanks.
Ethereum Jan 07, 2022 13:45
Nothing more than manipulation encouraging panicking sheep to sell. Im buying most top 20. Glta
AMC Entertainment Jan 06, 2022 15:18
Just bought a few more. Ignore the market FUD. FED minutes already known in Dec and thus a month behind. As usual manipulated and over played scaremongering causing over correcting market.In simple terms banks and financials institutions being given fat profits by retail sheep. Never seem to learn. HODL and buy low 🙏
GameStop Corp Jan 06, 2022 15:10
Buying more GME & AMC today. 👍🏿
Bitcoin Jan 06, 2022 4:19
Added another BTC. i’ll keep getting richer by buying near the bottom and selling near the top. You keep trolling.
Ethereum Jan 06, 2022 4:11
All markets over reacting and over correcting. No fear or panick for me.
Bitcoin Jan 06, 2022 4:09
Happy to buy when other’s panick sell. Glta investors and ignore FUD losers and short sellers.
Enjin Coin Jan 05, 2022 22:41
Buying time. Glta
Bed Bath&Beyond Jan 05, 2022 22:13
Still buying.
Bitcoin Jan 05, 2022 21:59
Trump was right, the swamp needs cleaning. The problem was he’s been swimming in the swamp his whole life
Bitcoin Jan 05, 2022 21:55
Even with interest rates rising borrowing is very very cheap. Stop believing the same old FUD
Polygon Jan 05, 2022 21:46
Buying opportunities everwhere. Glta
AMC Entertainment Jan 05, 2022 21:38
Buying more. We can buy all the stock. Glta
Bitcoin Jan 05, 2022 21:33
Retail sheep never learn. Panick sell! whilst the snart money is buying.
Ethereum Jan 05, 2022 21:30
Pure manipulation and retail sheep panicking and getting liquidated. Im buying. Glta
Cosmos Coin Jan 05, 2022 21:29
Retail sheep panick selling, smart money and whales buying.
Dow Jones Jan 05, 2022 21:27
Market makers manipulating, Sheep selling, smart money quietly buying
Small Cap 2000 Jan 05, 2022 21:25
Frightened manipulated sheep everywhere.
Fed Outlook, Oil Prices, Chinese Stocks: 3 Things to Watch Jan 05, 2022 21:11
What a manipulated joke the US markets are. Democracy?!
Nasdaq Jan 05, 2022 21:04
FED minutes as expected but usual panick sell off. Pussies everywhere .
Bitcoin Jan 05, 2022 18:09
Buying crypto today whilst usual panicking losers sell.glta
Tezos Jan 05, 2022 18:04
Added more today.glta
Bionano Genomics Jan 05, 2022 18:01
Added more today. Glta
Atossa Genetics Jan 05, 2022 18:00
Adding a few to my portfolio today.
GameStop Corp Jan 05, 2022 17:53
Bargain basement, buying day. Glta