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Peter Owt

Joined: 07/05/21

Comments by Peter Owt
iShares Russell 2000 Dec 03, 2021 15:20
Nothing panics like American investors{{e:f09f9882}}
Omicron may become dominant in Europe in months - EU Dec 02, 2021 17:42
My father and 17 year old god daughter died of Covid 19. I wholeheartedly agree that from what is already known omicron poses far less threat but anyone who cant be bothered wearing a mask indoors or being vaccinated unecessarily risks others lives. How on earth is wearing a mask whilst shopping of on public transport a hardship? If one wants to abstain from potentially helping others may be not treating anyone who feel that a mask and vaccination unecessary is reasonsble? It would free up the NHS too.
Cocrystal Pharma Dec 02, 2021 16:39
Big squeeze is more and more possible too.
Cocrystal Pharma Dec 02, 2021 16:37
The pipeline is worth $2 on its own!
Omicron may become dominant in Europe in months - EU Dec 02, 2021 16:05
We could of course be grateful that a deadly virus is being replaced by one with mild flu like symptoms.Alternatively we could listen to every publicity grabbing headline and panic like cowardly sheep.
Cocrystal Pharma Dec 02, 2021 16:00
Amazing what market makers can get away with. Buying the manipulated dip.
Vinco Ventures Dec 02, 2021 15:59
Bought a few more {{e:f09f9880}}
Sphere 3D Dec 02, 2021 15:58
Still buying whilst others panic {{e:f09f9880}}
Contextlogic Dec 02, 2021 15:57
Market makers still taking the p###. Buying what i can. {{e:f09f9883}}
Root Dec 02, 2021 15:56
Still buying.
GameStop Corp Dec 02, 2021 15:55
Marko is a known paid troll. If he wasnt he’d have to be a complete loser as spends all his time worrying about stocks he doesnt own!{{e:f09f9882}}Just bought another 10k and very confident! GLTA anti corruption investors.
AMC Entertainment Dec 02, 2021 15:51
Bought the manipulated dip again. Rewards will be very sweet!!
AMC Entertainment Dec 02, 2021 12:53
Buying another 20k today. Manipulated drop will equal higher price soon. Easily the best in its marketplace glta
Naked Brand Dec 02, 2021 12:50
Spent a day on researching CENNTRO and bought more.
Zomedica Pharma Dec 01, 2021 13:27
Now my biggest holding. Strong new management.
NRX Pharmaceuticals Nov 29, 2021 14:05
New test results show 2.5 times more successful than current COVID / respiratory treatments.
NRX Pharmaceuticals Nov 29, 2021 14:03
New results showing 2.5 times more successful thsn other current post Covid respiratory treatments. 🚀🚀
NRX Pharmaceuticals Nov 29, 2021 13:58
Over $20 again?
Naked Brand Nov 26, 2021 6:41
Im still adding, Cenntro have huge potential and aiming for 2 billion revenue by 2025. Take a look at the current market cap and compare it to Arrival, Ride or Rivian! GLTA NAKD longs.
GameStop Corp Nov 26, 2021 6:31
Holding and buying the dip.
AMC Entertainment Nov 26, 2021 6:30
Holding and buying the dips.
Decentraland Nov 26, 2021 6:13
Market cap could well be over 15billion by end of thr bull run. Glta
S&P 500 VIX Futures Nov 26, 2021 4:56
Im out.
NRX Pharmaceuticals Nov 23, 2021 14:42
Loading up for the next run up
AMC Entertainment Nov 12, 2021 14:15
Adding some more this week.