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Rome Var

Joined: 30/04/21

Comments by Rome Var
Natural Gas May 13, 2021 20:39
Funny thing is...hes actually thinks its going to hit his target
Natural Gas May 12, 2021 23:08
Hey Dan. Quick question. You've been away all this time and now for some reason you have a grudge against someone who has actually tried to help others. Are you just annoyed that del seems to give right calls and you cant?
Natural Gas May 06, 2021 20:18
Have a good weekend Del. Also thank you for still taking the time out for us. Im sure it has been a massive help for everyone.
Natural Gas May 05, 2021 21:03
Not really Del but still learning mate. Good calls obviousy help. I thank all the good guys on this forum
Natural Gas May 05, 2021 20:26
Hey guys. Hope everyone done well today. Firstly Ramesh...what a good call on oil. Mr Delboy...what a great call on gold and ng (as always) Ad Bekker...hmmm...great call on urmmm nothing. THANKS AD. To be honest its good you dont give calls as many people will probably loose. Also please grow up. No point treatening people on this forum just because they give out some of thier personal details you imbecile.
Natural Gas May 03, 2021 20:47
Natural Gas May 03, 2021 20:13
Does anyone actually understand this guy? So far ive figured out hes taking about storage 🤣
Natural Gas May 03, 2021 20:05
Would love to see what sort of calls are being made on that channel of thiers lol.
Natural Gas May 03, 2021 19:51
Is it me or is this guy a total ch*du?
Natural Gas May 03, 2021 19:49
"Be carefull dear all"??? After calling 2.55???. Mate you must be taking something to make you that T H I C K
Natural Gas Apr 30, 2021 17:25
Hey Del. Before you and everyone else leaves this forum, just want to thank you for all the time and effort you have given up for us. Wish you all the best buddy
Natural Gas Apr 30, 2021 12:18
Apologies as i forgot to thank you all. I have managed to get myself out of trouble and managed to recoup some of my losses 👍
Natural Gas Apr 30, 2021 12:09
Delboy, Ajaz, Saagar, Ramesh, Ankit, James. This is my first post and olny because of everything that has happened recently. I have been watching this forum for a few months now and observing everyones calls along with trying to make my own TA. You guys are brilliant and i have learned so much from all the genuine people here. Its a shame that all the genuine people are having to step away but i cant blame anyone of you for doing so. I am still a novice trader but trying my best to learn from your calls. I hope you guys keep me in mind if you decide to create a group as i want to keep learning and hopefully start giving my own analysis too. Wish everyone here the best of luck for the future.