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Rome Var

Joined: 30/04/21

Comments by Rome Var
Natural Gas Sep 01, 2021 20:37
Well its a forum to help each other out. Kinda simple really
Natural Gas Sep 01, 2021 20:35
Rocky & crudetime. I think you 2 fail to understand what SL does and why its there. Although this is an open forum doesnt mean you come here picking on people. Ive not seen any TA from either of you 2 nor any calls which has made anyone any money. So why dont you 2 just go back into that hole you came out from and just stay there...just best for this forum
Natural Gas Aug 25, 2021 20:14
I shall leave it del. Lets get on with making money 👌
Natural Gas Aug 25, 2021 20:12
Del the fact that he is picking on you and Ramesh kinda annoys me. You have both done a briiliant job providing advice and this guy comes in to stir things up.
Natural Gas Aug 25, 2021 20:07
Himanshu. Why dont you just keep following the person youve been following and stop picking on other people for petty things. You obviously arent reading there messages properly
Natural Gas Aug 25, 2021 19:56
Whos sl hit?
Natural Gas Aug 25, 2021 19:54
Ill second that mate
Natural Gas Aug 25, 2021 19:53
Himanshu. If you claim you have earned form babu panshop then why are you trying to cause a problem? If you are following him then follow him...simple. P R I C K
Natural Gas Aug 20, 2021 11:08
No probs buddy. Take your time
Natural Gas Aug 20, 2021 10:59
Del. You didnt have to prove yourself mate but seen what you sent and all i can say is brilliant work.
Natural Gas Aug 19, 2021 20:04
Well done Del 🍻
Natural Gas Aug 19, 2021 20:02
Could do with cracking one open
Natural Gas Aug 19, 2021 10:56
Hey guys. Been a while since ive had the chance to be here. Hope you guys are well...i see you guys are almost ready to retire soon.
Natural Gas Aug 11, 2021 17:46
🤣🤣🤣 what in the world does that even mean?
Natural Gas Jul 30, 2021 19:00
Cheers Del and all who provide usefull info 👍
Natural Gas Jul 28, 2021 21:58
Saagar, Del, you have both given such great calls and im glad you guys have stuck around. Knowing that you guys have looked out for people like me and many other new guys means a lot. Hope you guys do stick around and i dont think a lot of people understand just how lucky we are to have you guys here.
Natural Gas Jul 20, 2021 22:27
I could be wrong but lets see...
Natural Gas Jul 20, 2021 22:27
Im seeing this as top guys. Next level im seeing is 4.030 which i dont think it will achieve. Could be wrong as anything is possible
Natural Gas Jul 08, 2021 15:41
Top calls today guys.
Natural Gas Jul 03, 2021 18:31
Del. What do you think about this? Well, it was fun while it lasted. Per early-cycle pipeline data, #natgas production will rebound sharply today, gaining +2.7 BCF/d back to 91.3 BCF/d, as volumes to the Columbia Pipeline recover. Should this rebound hold through the weekend, look for prices to pull back on Tues .
Natural Gas Jul 02, 2021 20:29
Good night all. Have a good weekend and lets see what next week brings 👍
Natural Gas Jul 02, 2021 20:24
Good on him
Natural Gas Jul 02, 2021 20:10
Havent heard from him in a while. Probably out spending his millions
Natural Gas Jun 25, 2021 10:16
Good to see you back here Del
Natural Gas Jun 24, 2021 15:44
Got in at same time 👍