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Rickard Costan

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Comments by Rickard Costan
Silvergate Capital Mar 10, 2023 15:22
Bottomed out now?
Pfizer Jan 27, 2023 19:35
Project Veritas...
PayPal Holdings Inc Oct 11, 2022 15:14
Playing "Big Brother" is not a good look. Everyone is looking for alternative payment services that know they are just a "payment service". Hubris never ends well....
Bitcoin Sep 09, 2022 18:36
Seems its gonna be a good run now for a while. Steady climb in the works.
Bitcoin Aug 29, 2022 16:11
19-20 is likley the floor. Resting here for a bit before next 🦬
Bitcoin Jul 23, 2022 12:38
Sunday tomorrow! 🚀
Bitcoin Jul 15, 2022 13:55
Got a feeling we're at the cusp of bull season now 🌞👍
Bitcoin Jul 04, 2022 10:18
Considering gold is not doing that well either although historically it should, it seems the price is being pressed down to maximice profit from the comming market crash. Comodities like gold and btc will go to the moon when everything else falls to the gutter.
Bitcoin Apr 25, 2022 12:09
Correct me if I'm wrong. Is it not true that its still hard to get rid of huge amount of bitcoin? Isn't this why all the whales are hoping for it to be legal tender so that they can turn theyre bitcoin in to hard assets? Does this not mean that btc has a limit to how much it can actually fall?
Riot Platforms Apr 23, 2022 21:01
Big jump before the end of the month!
Bitcoin Nov 16, 2021 7:02
Its stress free to just buy the dips and hodl the bull cycle. What ever happens you win 🏆 {{e:f09f9889}}
Riot Platforms Oct 19, 2021 6:37
Riot is now a virtual elevator to BTC price levels. From floor 30 to 62+
Bitcoin Oct 13, 2021 12:58
Only part of BTCs value is speculative. It also has a fundamental value that comes from the energy put in from mining it. Otherwise mining would be pointless.
Bitcoin Oct 12, 2021 19:02
That might be the case, although I would argue otherwise. The increase of difficulty level of mining is set in place to counter the ever improving energy efficiency and processor power of computers (that would otherwise steadily decrease the value of bitcoin). But there is no countermeasures that can be taken if the oposite happens. So if we face a decline in processor power or a decrease in power efficiency the prise should rise as a consequence. As you may know we are facing a chip shortage as well as a decrease in power efficiency, and in my mind this should potentially be rocket fuel for bitcoin.
Bitcoin Oct 12, 2021 15:15
Maybe my logic is not sound. But I'm thinking since BTC is mined and the energy cost of mining is part of what goes in to the value of BTC, rising energy prices should equally rise the price of BTC. Just like the price oil go up when existing wells dry up and the company's have to frack or refine oil sand.
Bitcoin Oct 12, 2021 11:10
Energy prices are going trough the roof all over the world so naturally BTC price has to go up too.
Riot Platforms Oct 11, 2021 16:53
Here she goes {{e:f09f988a}}👍
Riot Platforms Oct 08, 2021 10:55
Riot is beeing shorted like crazy. If it hits 28$ the downward trend is broken and it will shoot up like a spring. Buy low and sell high 👍
Riot Platforms Oct 02, 2021 21:37
Riot Blockchain is set to declare its quarterly results around Nov 08 – Nov 12.
Bitcoin Sep 28, 2021 10:04
It's good to remain calm in the drops and buy more if you can. Patience will put you on top of the game. If you gonna sell, sell high.
Bitcoin Sep 27, 2021 19:10
CCP is a huge bitcoin whale. So why are they banning it? Maybe they want to press it down to buy cheap and make a ****when they drop the ban. Or maybe they don't what the Chinese people to have decentralised buying power.
Bitcoin Sep 25, 2021 6:15
But its just an opertunity to buy at a discount {{e:f09f988a}}👍
Bitcoin Sep 25, 2021 6:14
China's new ban
Bitcoin Sep 07, 2021 19:21
Good opertunity to buy more {{e:f09f988a}}👍
Riot Platforms Sep 03, 2021 22:32
Riot is like a battery child now... Expecting to get hit. But as soon as the above 50 on BTC has been stable for a while you will she will gain her confidence and she will fly again {{e:f09f9889}}