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mohammed ameer

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Comments by mohammed ameer
Nifty 50 Futures Jan 13, 2023 13:32
hdfcbank will rocked 3-5% on monday on excellent results
Apple Jan 10, 2023 19:43
this share is sucking the growth of dow and Nasdaq both assholes
Dow Jones Futures Jan 10, 2023 19:41
Apple share is the one not letting Nasdaq and dow both to rise
Dow Jones Futures Jan 10, 2023 19:18
if this crosses 33700 it can shoot up still 150 points over this
Nifty 50 Futures Dec 05, 2022 2:54
don't go by sgx we will see minimum 100 point in nifty and banknifty 250 point gapup
Nifty 50 Futures Dec 03, 2022 4:24
18780-800 opening on Monday
Apple Dec 02, 2022 18:28
No reason this apple stock is falling and getting dow too down with it
Nifty 50 Futures Nov 09, 2022 19:53
We are going to open flat don't worry guys bnf is bullishalso the whole fall in US is due to 4 stocks Disney ,Tesla Amazon and Apple
Nifty 50 Futures Nov 09, 2022 17:27
Wait for US closing there maybe a surprise coming on upside
Dow Jones Futures Nov 09, 2022 16:33
Can this close above 33050 today there is no reason for this to fall
Apple Nov 08, 2022 19:06
apple worst stock of the decade
Apple Nov 08, 2022 19:01
People should stop buying apple products because though we buy there is no return on equity this stock is falling daily 1-3% from high
Nasdaq 100 Nov 08, 2022 18:59
How much bearish daily one index can be if people ever imaginedthey should watch Nasdaq and dow daily it rises and keeps falling till it closes negative
Dow Jones Futures Nov 08, 2022 18:41
Just when we think that dow market is 500 points up it gives up 200points in a wink of few minslooks like Dow doesn't like green colour at all
Dow Jones Futures Nov 03, 2022 19:58
just when we thought green closing this index feel 150 pointsreason for fall?
Dow Jones Nov 03, 2022 18:03
Just when you think dow index may close green bears get it back to redthis is ridiculouseveryday fed rate hike issue is the reason for the fallone day fall big man daily failing so bad make a fall in a single day when news already known daily y fall for same reason
Dow Jones Futures Nov 03, 2022 16:17
can this close above 32250-300 range today is the bug question
Dow Jones Futures Nov 01, 2022 14:02
Y is this falling againit had a very good opening and now sudden fall any reason guys??
Meta Platforms Oct 25, 2022 20:30
pump and dump will happen after earnings be careful guys
Nifty 50 Futures Oct 19, 2022 18:09
will we see 17300 on opening tomorrow guys
Nifty 50 Futures Oct 19, 2022 17:58
average it at mrng and try to exit before 12pm tomorrow morning
Nifty 50 Futures Oct 19, 2022 17:57
pakka buy for 80-100 point bounce from that level brother sure
Nifty 50 Futures Oct 19, 2022 17:28
17360-370 buying zone tomorrow hopefully we will rock from there 80-100 points
Nifty 50 Futures Oct 19, 2022 16:51
17400 below opening will be a good chance for option buyers guys
HDFC Bank ADR Oct 18, 2022 7:11
worst stock only performs in adr and not on nse