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Michael Ward

Joined: 09/10/20

Comments by Michael Ward
Trident Resources Mar 19, 2021 8:41
This is going to be one to watch! Great company fundamentals, 3/4year minimum hold!
Argo Blockchain Mar 03, 2021 11:10
it depends on your trading platform, if you are using one which charges per trade then the spread will be tighter.
Argo Blockchain Mar 03, 2021 9:19
Absolutely mate, I'll probably take another topslice once we are on the NASDAQ and I'll be holding the remaining shares until the new Texas mining build is set up, possibly longer depending on when the bear market starts (that's if we have one at all with all the II's jumping on board BTC).
Argo Blockchain Mar 03, 2021 9:11
Kenny before investing you should seriously consider if you are prepared for extreme volatility, it's great we're over $50k now but if we get knocked back at the next resistance we could see another 15% drop. You need to focus on the end goal, do I feel BTC could reach over $70/80k in the next month or two, it likely to have another one of two large drops, yes. Know what your investing in and believe in it, don't jump ship at the first sign of a downside. We could quite possibly see a share price of £5/6 by June once our new machines are online. Factoring in NASDAQ £8/10 a share. I'd strongly recommend you to read up on BTC cycles and the halving process, there's lots of info online. GL with whatever you do!
MGC Pharma Mar 02, 2021 8:11
You need to have a little patience, this will come good... it's a LTH, I'd be shocked if this isn't between 16/20p in the next 3/6 months. It takes time to get rich, don't jump in and out of stocks or you may miss out if it suddenly jumps, phase 3 results will be released in the coming months! GL whatever you decide to do. I'll be holding this for the next 4 years at least for the other products too. Look at GW pharmaceuticals, they were bought out for £6billion. Now that would be some serious money to share holders!
Argo Blockchain Mar 01, 2021 9:38
really surprised we didn't hit the golden pocket, I have a just started trading BTC and got in last night at 45k as it started pushing it's way up, only playing with £1k to get a feel for it but doing pretty well today. Hopefully we should head back up to between $52/£55k. I watch a YT streamer called MDX crypto very informative if anyone else is thinking of giving it a go.
Argo Blockchain Mar 01, 2021 9:34
Absolutely, this is why it's so good that ARB are mining using hydro power and 80% plus of the power in Texas will be renewable. As Matthew quite rightly pointed out, the impacts on the planet through energy and physical mining is far worse than that of BTC. Another thing to add which I'm not sure if you are aware that blockchain is actually more secure and less vulnerable to hacking with more power usage, so overall the more power on the network the better, companies mining just need to focus on using green energy rather than the like of mining in China and Russia using fossil fuels which cause more pollution. Think of all those oil spills in the sea, damaging sea creatures habitats, toxic waste etc... BTC mining is actually safer and better for the planet.
Argo Blockchain Feb 28, 2021 20:24
it should bounce from the golden pocket, expecting somewhere in the region or 40/42k... although at the moment sitting back up at 44k. I'm selling up some other shares first thing to top this up, expecting 170/190ish tomorrow with panic selling.
Argo Blockchain Feb 26, 2021 9:54
no Santana no Santana
Argo Blockchain Feb 26, 2021 9:49
Thanks everyone for the comments! Now wait for the US market to open, they are going to love this power upgrade... maybe 280/300 close if the US takes off like I expect it will, that's based on current BTC pricing of $46k too. Margin calls expire today... really can't wait to see how this move on Monday... geez I'm already wishing the weekend away, haha!
Bitcoin Feb 26, 2021 8:34
Why should he, BTC goes down its a loss against TSLA profits... BTC goes up it's an unrealised gain and no tax to pay until he sells. Huge boost for his TSLA valuation when BTC goes on the next rally past 60k in the coming weeks. Chill and watch!
Bitcoin Feb 26, 2021 8:32
BTC is being controlled by a larger whale/institution... would be interesting to see if a single wallet address is buying up the BTC which are being dumped.
Bitcoin Feb 26, 2021 8:30
Can't believe F2pool are able to get away with holding the price down to fill a margin call. Crazy... anyway this creates a huge buy in opportunity for people to get in if you missed out last time. We may see a little lower later today just before the expiry of margins. Check cryptoquant and look at the F2pool outflow of BTC, this correlates perfectly with current BTC price. All BTC are being dumped on Bitmex. Huge rebound incoming over the weekend or next week!
Argo Blockchain Feb 26, 2021 8:24
Missed my opportunity to buy at 217... was trying to hold to see if I could get in at 205/210 but looks like with the RNS we probably won't head south of 220 as they are just being bought straight up!
Argo Blockchain Feb 26, 2021 8:21
Due to the RNS news this morning we aren't doing too bad at all based on the current BTC price, wait for the upside of this I can see us reaching over £4 on the next BTC rally due to the 54% increase in BTC mining capacity. Santana, please chill ...telling people not to sell isn't going to change their minds, it's a stock market after all. Just better to be selling to the FOMO crowd on the way up than the institutional investors and whales on the way down (taken from recent Empire video on YT).
Argo Blockchain Feb 26, 2021 8:05
Today's RNS represents a huge boost to BTC mining capabilities... amazing news! BTC will increase substantially now should be at 1.2 Exa hash now... this should mean we will mine 54% more BTC going forward! Hold for gold!
Bitcoin Feb 25, 2021 22:21
F2pool is dumping bigtime... DYOR, Wait for the margin calls to expire tomorrow and there will be a huge rally.
Argo Blockchain Feb 25, 2021 20:47
Your call if you decide to sell. F2pool will hopefully ease up a little on the outflows...margin call expiry... Friday sell off... possible weekend rally on BTC. Personally I'll not be selling any shares at these prices, BTC was designed to prosper in times like these. Not concerned in the slightest, if you want to sell that's fine but just think how you will feel if BTC goes up to $58/63k and your not in still? Your call anyway bud, just don't look back on your decision. If making lots of ££££££s was easy, everyone would be rich. You need to have the mindset of your own price targets of what you feel ARB is worth. GL whatever you decide to do.
Argo Blockchain Feb 25, 2021 20:28
Due to the number of BTC F2pool are dumping on the Bitmex exchange we could see a poor day ahead, after all the margin calls expire tomorrow I expect things will pick up... Just a guess here but I think there will be a big sell off of ARB especially as it's Friday, BTC may rally anytime from this weekend onwards... I would rather HODL over the weekend as looking back at the past few weekend BTC seems to have gone on a bit of a rally. Things will pick up soon as we have seen too much sideways action on BTC. Personally I'll be looking for an additional top up if we reach 230s. Have a good evening all and keep on HODLing.
MGC Pharma Feb 24, 2021 17:49
Absolutely, this is a great time to get in, I really can't believe it's at this price still. So many positives and this company director is very well connected with many years experience in pharmaceuticals. I'll eat my words if don't see a significant increase, may just have to wait for the financial predictions in March. I'm happy either way as it gives me longer to top up... hoping to top up my holding to 100k shares once some more funds clear, I just hope the price remains where it is for payday on Friday.
Argo Blockchain Feb 24, 2021 9:03
BTC up at $50k and great news on OTCQX listing. Well done to everyone holding through the dips the last few days, it takes nerves of steel but in a way it teaches you to be stronger when trading other shares too. Is it likely we will have more of these huge drops... absolutely but now you have the mindset and know what to expect it shouldn't come as such a shock going forward. All good news!
MGC Pharma Feb 24, 2021 8:57
Honestly Sean I can see huge huge potential. Its a longer term hold and I expect very good things to come! Becoming rich requires patience, the key to success is to hold longer term and average down on the dips, if you can get to 6/6.5 ish you will be fine. Financial update in March for the company and I expect good things with the projections due to further contracts being sealed. Hold for gold as they say. Not advice, do your own DD and make yourself comfortable with the investment. This should be a medium to long term hold 6-12 months I predict prices of around 40/45p, look at the expansion plans with their new production facility opening around May time in Malta, scaling up increases profitability and we'll already be breakeven end of H1.
MGC Pharma Feb 24, 2021 8:48
100% agreed!
MGC Pharma Feb 24, 2021 8:47
OMG at these levels I've had to buy another 10k shares, I now hold 70k here and man does the future look bright for this company. Anyone who hasn't done their DD on this needs to ASAP. Clear road map ahead and the company will be at break-even by the end of H1 21, Orders are being scaled up and the Co still has access to 9.5mill debt facility! This is a long term winner here, holding for gold and buying up these small dips. Not advice but my personal views, check out over at LSE and read the detailed posts from Ehsan and check out the previous RNSs
Argo Blockchain Feb 23, 2021 9:59
exactly mate, the lower the BTC price its actually better for ARB, we are extremely profitable down to $20k BTC price, that can't be said for our competitors such as MARA, RIOT,BITF,HUT8 as they all have debt on their balance sheet... we're around 60% margin as net profit at $20k. lower BTC smaller firms that have only just started won't be completing blocks due to the cost involved against their profits, so smaller companies just shut down their systems which reduces hash rate and in turn decreases the difficulty in mining... ARB mines more and hodles until BTC increases back up in value. Not a worry in the world here just a shame I topped up at 250 yesterday instead of buying at 205 today haha. All good, give it a few weeks and we'll be ready for the next leg up.