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Wassai Arghushi

Joined: 17/08/20

Comments by Wassai Arghushi
GameStop Corp Sep 08, 2021 18:27
The fair value of Game stope is under 60 it is so overvalued, this is the news says so dont stop buying {{e:f09f9884}}
Bitcoin Aug 31, 2021 19:48
In afghansitan we dont have anymore western union so thank you bitcoin we have you everywhere 🙏 so proud of you cryptocurncies 🤫
Canoo Aug 30, 2021 15:58
I have lots of shares here, i hold 👍
Taliban spokesman says "war is over in Afghanistan" - Al Jazeera Aug 17, 2021 0:15
Great said ( the last one is more great text ) do not come to our country remmember USA UK NATO
Chaos, desperation at Kabul airport as Biden defends withdrawal from Afghanistan Aug 17, 2021 0:02
We are not ashame from the presdents action maybe he know better the dvls than us so we are not trying to blame him! So there is no right to other countries to blame our presedent!!!! And dont try to juge Afghansitan people and the brave and powerfl Army thank you and be on your own business
Biden defends Afghanistan decision, blames Afghan army's unwillingness to fight Aug 16, 2021 23:55
Army has and had and will always have the moral of fight against enemy but problem is with you people camming and steeling our assets and left the country in problems, you i mean the big players or ( dvls )
Gold Aug 09, 2021 9:22
I heard that : Climate change experts offers to the governments to stop Gold and silver minnings !!! It damages the mountains and seems to be dangeruos for the planet) so think of stoping minning Gold and silver and the people who owns the real gold and silver not in stocks 🤩
Silver Jul 27, 2021 16:39
And i never put stop lose 🙋‍♂️
Gold Jul 08, 2021 14:44
By long term you mean one day or two days {{e:f09f9884}}{{e:f09f9884}}
Dollar Index Futures Jul 04, 2021 19:05
USD is going to die very very soon! So trade smart becareful ✌️
Dogecoin Jun 28, 2021 20:58
I think coinebase have it just in wacht list you cant trade it so try another wallet 👍
Dogecoin Jun 25, 2021 0:09
I am shocked when i wrote i bought 50000 doge, and people say i am lying i think 50000 doge which is almost 4500€ is not much money and i have it come on that money is more for allots of people here wow 😐
Dogecoin Jun 25, 2021 0:06
u dont belive because you dont have the cash but i have man no need to proof for you and all the haters and jeuluos people around here i enjoy my winning 😎💸💸u dont belive because you dont have the cash but i have man no need to proof for you and all the haters and jeuluos people around here i enjoy my winning 😎💸💸
Dogecoin Jun 23, 2021 15:54
Think of 50000 doge that yesterday i bought {{e:f09f9884}}{{e:f09f9884}}{{e:f09f9884}}🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎💸💸💸
Dogecoin Jun 23, 2021 8:52
Dogecoin Jun 22, 2021 11:51
Let me tell you one thing: Just week ago i buoght Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid 2019 by the help of dear Doge: and i am proud to bought 50000 more just now ✌️👍 wish me good luck i wish for all of you keep it if youvhave good margin 🙏😎 thanks
Bank of England Governor warns on crypto investments May 07, 2021 15:25
Lets be honest i do not like paper money anymore! So the king is technology 🙏
Dogecoin May 06, 2021 9:19
Ur next millioner bravo 👍
Dogecoin May 06, 2021 8:59
To keep save your coins i prefer to use coinbase wallet 👍
Dogecoin May 05, 2021 20:38
Lets remmember that is not Dogecoine,Its real name is ( GOD ELECTORIC COINE ) 👏👍
Dogecoin May 04, 2021 9:22
Dogecoin May 03, 2021 23:25
Dear dogecoin i big you make poor who deslike my comments {{e:f09f9884}}
Dogecoin May 03, 2021 22:57
I have 10000 from 0,062 {{e:f09f9884}}{{e:f09f9884}} thank you me 👍
Nikola Apr 08, 2021 20:10
On May 6 2021 nikola will be back on the top of traders list! So if you have enogh margin so keep it not bad, i just say it 🧐👍