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alex walsh

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Comments by alex walsh
Greatland Gold Feb 01, 2021 21:20
Very happy to see the CEO, Gervaise Heddle, buy another £112,000 at 22.4p on the drop, as he did back in March to signify confidence
Greatland Gold Feb 01, 2021 21:18
secured in its JV with deep mining expert, global miner Newcrest
Greatland Gold Feb 01, 2021 21:18
GGP has the necessary funding and technical expertise required
Greatland Gold Feb 01, 2021 20:40
Greatland Gold has a once in a generation, tier 1, globally significant gold and copper discovery at Havieron.
Greatland Gold Feb 01, 2021 20:36
Reading my previous posts you should know this rather than attempting to bash the stock as you’ve been trying to do for the past 9 months
Greatland Gold Feb 01, 2021 20:34
@Mohammed Pate, i’ve been here the whole time and am still holding my entire holding. I’ve done my research in the company and am comfortable holding regardless of the volatility.
Greatland Gold Feb 01, 2021 20:33
My comments are not being shown after i’ve submitted them for moderation - very annoying as i’ve tried posting twice since the latest results on the 28th January but they have not appeared.
Greatland Gold Feb 01, 2021 20:32
Looks like I may have to try commenting in single sentences to actually see my comments get posted.
Greatland Gold Feb 01, 2021 17:54
Greatland Gold Jan 25, 2021 12:34
Newcrest results at Havieron Wednesday evening - should be interesting and good to set the tone for the coming year. Wonder if Shaun Day has any radical plans to push the GGP ship on when he joins as new CEO in February
Greatland Gold Jan 20, 2021 19:43
Furthemore, a huge growth drilling campaign is set to start at Havieron this year, likely with an increase in the number of rigs and the approvals for work to start on the box-cut and decline have been approved. Before this was confirmed, Berenberg released a note with a target price of 33p. What it will be 6-9 months from now after further drilling and resource updates, the pre-feasbility study and the new drilling campaigns have started at Rudall, Scallyway and the Juri JV is anyone's guess. But, I suspect it will be higher than our recent ATH of 38p. the next update from Newcrest for Havieron is next week, either the evening of 27th/28th January. GLA
Greatland Gold Jan 20, 2021 19:38
Wow, what a day, traders' dream! Scally results did not throw up anything like the early drills from Havieron. however - Scally is a big tenement and important to remember that much drilling normally goes on before a discovery is made - this campaign at Scally to date so far has been relatively small and shallow. Personally I am not too fussed - I believe some unnecessary hype was built up around Scally and people let expectations run away from themselves. Not writing Scally off just yet and looks like there will be a follow up campaign.  Why I am not fussed - consider the underlying value of GGP and its fundamentals have not changed. GGP has one of the biggest gold discoveries of recently years, Havieron, which is only going to increase in size as it's still open in all directions and at depth, in a safe and mining friendly country, Australia, with possibly the best JV partner suitable for deep, bulk gold and copper mining: Newcrest.
Greatland Gold Jan 13, 2021 12:40
Excellent news confirming approvals and funding needed secured to progress Havieron. Over $100 million is no loose change. Very excited now as we prove up Havieron: get that decline and box cut going all the while with updates every 6 weeks on continued drilling as usual. We are still open in multiple directions and at depth for crying out loud this thing is huge. Expect the resource estimate to increase over the year as well as more is proven up with greater drill density as required. Juri JV drilling to come and Scallywag results any day now! GLA
Greatland Gold Dec 22, 2020 13:43
Absorbed all news to date very well - GDXJ increased holdings and looking on morningstar there are now many other serious players on the share register which is excellent! Think there's a lot of money just waiting to pour in here if Scallywag is a hit as then total value of the company in another 2/3 years will need yet another massive upward re-rate! Looking forward to what GH can do in his remaining tenure and to see what Shaun Day is capable of! All the best all, DYOR
Greatland Gold Dec 15, 2020 10:31
Quite sad to see GH leaving, what a fantastic CEO he has been and what an incredible job he has done behind the GGP wheel. My best wishes to him and his future...With the appointment of Shaun Day from next March and the interview out this morning I feel like GGP is gearing up for the next steps. No longer just an exploring minnow but a company with a production side requiring strategic and sensible financing and planning while also exploring and possibly (fingers crossed for SCALLYWAG) developing our own deposits. Feels like GGP is growing up!
Greatland Gold Dec 13, 2020 15:29
GDXJ buy 18th December, share price has held up v well since the MRE, very encouraging. Scally news soon!
Revolution Bars Group Dec 01, 2020 10:36
early recovery positions being taken here?
Greatland Gold Dec 01, 2020 8:24
I think it is likely we are entering the period in a company's lifecycle where we see impatient money replaced by patient money - no bad thing imo as the patient money sees the potential and the path ahead more clearly. All imo - make sure to do your own research - offers a good place to start. GLA!
Greatland Gold Dec 01, 2020 8:22
While maybe it looks like that the fundamentals offer a compelling vision of why it's not overvalued and is still a good long term play - the market is forward looking, pricing in events to come and future expectations. GGP have massively de-risked their position by receiving funding in the form of a loan from their Haveiron JV partner at a very attractive rate to pay for its proportion of necessary costs to reach a decision to mine. So you have an asset which is increasing in size, the economics will likely be very impressive due to Newcrest's bulk mining expertise, and a extremely co-operative and long term relationship between GGP and the major securing funds in order to fast track this to production. Plus the new Juri JV and imminent results for the Scallywag exploration could unleash further upside. So as you say maybe it's overbought on the back of a 10% day yesterday, but consider the news to come, the assets both confirmed and being explored.
Greatland Gold Nov 24, 2020 19:25
big £912,000 buy after close this evening - impatient money going into long term hands
Greatland Gold Nov 24, 2020 10:54
Two weeks today until the GGP AGM - likely to have Newcrest interim drilling results in the same week on the basis of last year's pattern. Will we see the MRE released in the same despatch? MRE plus news of the commencement of the decline, GDXJ top up in December, and Scallywag news could all put multiple rockets under this and bring in more institutional players. GLA
Vistry Group Nov 18, 2020 11:51
Europa Metals Nov 12, 2020 11:14
permit renewal today! plus good mention of the upcoming independent economic report for the Toral project in the RNS
Greatland Gold Nov 03, 2020 11:10
Good effort for a cheaper entry Theo - this is from the block listing authority issued at the beginning of this year - all this means is more cash in the bank for drilling and work on our other Paterson projects. It's an encouraging sign. Looking forward to the notice of the AGM and full year report soon. The MRE and next results are steadily approaching! GLA
Greatland Gold Oct 29, 2020 8:47
 probably one of the same couple of guys who have been knocking this since we were in mid 10s - still time to get in if you are willing to hold - the potential is there for all to see and evidenced by the concrete results and reports probably one of the same couple of guys who have been knocking this since we were in mid 10s - still time to get in if you are willing to hold - the potential is there for all to see and evidenced by the concrete results and reports