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Sadek Salam

Joined: 10/04/20

Comments by Sadek Salam
FTSE 100 Futures Oct 04, 2021 7:24
Evergrande stop trading in Hong Kong. We will see 10% drop all index, if they they officially default, I mean when their 30 days grace period is over. Good luck!
FTSE 100 Aug 31, 2021 12:34
EU ban US flights!! Travel stock on the floor!
FTSE 100 Aug 25, 2021 8:36
Sold! Going back to bed and wake up ftse should go down atleast 50 pips. It can't sustain at this level.
FTSE 100 Aug 05, 2021 19:23
4% Inflation. I know where is the FTSE heading.... SOUTH
FTSE 100 Jul 27, 2021 14:23
Look at the chart and data. Get yourself a Bloomberg or Reuters Terminal.
FTSE 100 Jul 27, 2021 13:12
It will shoot up! W A T C H
FTSE 100 Jul 27, 2021 12:55
Well done!!
FTSE 100 Jul 27, 2021 12:39
Keep the chart on one side and trade on news. I have done my target 2k. Played with Airlines(Wizz and IAG?)
IAG Jul 13, 2021 8:40
If you play with Airlines always look at Easyjet, IAG and Wizz at the same time for directions. All airlines goes up and down together. So no need to panic for IAG. Sit tight and hold.
FTSE 100 Jul 08, 2021 15:39
I did short the motgsrfyckr and I am loving it!!
FTSE 100 Jun 18, 2021 11:02
Nose gear collapsed Apparently of a BA flight this morning but my Wizzair takes off:)
FTSE 100 Jun 10, 2021 9:57
FTSE is a highly technical index. May be you should learn more rather then bit***ing around.
FTSE 100 Jun 04, 2021 0:30
Dont worry about so called traders here. You guys truly helping people here. Keep up the good works. A lot of people are ********here. Thumbs up to you2.
FTSE 100 May 29, 2021 7:51
Your not in Sweden, Denmark or Norway mate. I worry about you trading skills 🙄
FTSE 100 May 26, 2021 12:37
On the sideline. Scalping done for the day.
FTSE 100 May 19, 2021 15:12
Check the GBP USD fx!
FTSE 100 May 19, 2021 15:08
FTSE is the casualty of US. It will bounch back few hundred points from this level very soon. I call this a opportunity you can't ignore.
FTSE 100 May 19, 2021 8:54
I been scalping IAG in rain or shine since covid started:) The swing is absolutely amazing.
FTSE 100 May 19, 2021 8:50
When pound become stronger against dollar FTSE become less attractive but FTSE is the cheapest and much more reliable then US index so invest with confidence.
FTSE 100 May 18, 2021 22:46
Zulu Principle
FTSE 100 May 16, 2021 20:53
Free fall in the Crypto market atm. Robinhood retail investors can hold their nerves for so long and then will sell. Institutional investors will pull their plugs of Crypto and pump in the stocks. So far market looks OK to me.
FTSE 100 May 16, 2021 19:05
Forgot to mention BTC ETH tested resistance several times this weekeend and whole Crypto market volume dropped massively.
FTSE 100 May 16, 2021 19:03
As per vix we are heading for a green week BUT cun*t like Elon can turn the table around so becarefull. Tweets are overdue now. We also have a Elon in this group asking people to catch the falling knife. Becarefull!!
FTSE 100 May 12, 2021 3:02
Those who are giving predictions of 7050 and go long, are you getting this figure out of your as*?
FTSE 100 Apr 28, 2021 18:51
Month end drama starting again!!