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Richard Ellis

Joined: 24/03/20

Comments by Richard Ellis
Crude Oil WTI Sep 24, 2021 17:19
Silence is thunderous
Crude Oil WTI Sep 17, 2021 15:56
Mate, I am also, overall, bullish. But you are embarrassing yourself.
Crude Oil WTI Sep 16, 2021 8:23
I suspect a minor correction/cool down but am still fairly bullish to the 75 mark overall for the rest of September. However if we see a flat line I can envision a fair few shorts being closed putting further pressure on a northward momentum. Still feel reasonably confident on testing the 80s by end of the year or beginning of next.
Crude Oil WTI Sep 16, 2021 7:37
You should know, given your history of bafflingly smug "told you so" posts.
Crude Oil WTI Sep 15, 2021 11:27
We cannot ignore your wrong comments even if we try. You said down yesterday. You were massively incorrect, yet once again here you are, "See?! see?! What did I say? What did I say? Read my comments!" You are by my estimate corrext half of the time. You are as clairvoyant as a coin flip. God forbid anyone listens to your drivel.
Crude Oil WTI Sep 13, 2021 22:05
"See, see I told you all! I said sell/buy you should all have listened to me!"
Crude Oil WTI Sep 06, 2021 5:17
Other way around, I'm afraid. Though I'm overall bullish this week/month.
Crude Oil WTI Sep 02, 2021 4:41
I think it would be wise to batten down the hatches, for now atleast, until a somewhat clearer picture emerges. Could breakout either way.
Crude Oil WTI Sep 01, 2021 11:33
Please, do be quiet.
Crude Oil WTI Jul 14, 2021 12:23
That was quite the rejection. Looks very much onwards and upwards now.
BP Jul 08, 2021 12:08
300p and 290p are the biggest resistences. I am tempted to call this the floor
Crude Oil WTI Jun 29, 2021 19:40
I don't trade oil. I watch it closely and trade affected shares. Oil is too rich for my blood.
Crude Oil WTI Jun 29, 2021 18:44
Only the obvious - 72 failing to be breached this week would mean further upward movement back to 75 and possibly beyond in the short to medium term. A large correction will probably happen but I suspect not yet.
BP Jun 17, 2021 14:38
That isn't quite how this works. Especially in circumstances such as now. Sentiment are changing and oil still holding up.
FTSE 100 Apr 07, 2021 16:01
 Thanks, just keeping an eye on the general markets. I'm currently out of the FTSE currently trading big oil. PFC, BP. Thanks, just keeping an eye on the general markets. I'm currently out of the FTSE currently trading big oil. PFC, BP.
FTSE 100 Apr 07, 2021 15:23
Just checking back in. First time in a while. Left due to all the noise and drama. What happened to Pat? Seems to be persona non grata these days?
FTSE 100 Mar 26, 2021 13:06
Because futures up, vix down and oil roaring?
National Express Mar 19, 2021 1:58
Stock is still a bargain. Fundamentals intact. However, it wasn't rosy reading for albeit, obvious reasons. Ergo, some investors will sell and the big boys could take advantage if that gain traction in the short term. Looks positive thus far, but we are not quite out of the woods. Could still be a retrace past the 300 area of residence.
National Express Mar 18, 2021 13:21
No idea what you read. I read a 445 million loss.
BP Mar 09, 2021 11:13
Agreed. My strategy is to slice at 350 - 370 before any major corrections. Could dip before that but I'm not risking selling yet.
BP Mar 08, 2021 13:12
Perhaps. A little risky for my tastes given the volatility. I'm holding till at least 350+ range then looking to reinvest on the broader dips.
FTSE 100 Mar 03, 2021 15:59
If Opec keeps the taps off, energy alone will maintain the highs. That seems likely. I'm bullish for now.
BP Feb 18, 2021 16:35
263 Gap
BP Feb 04, 2021 15:54
 Well done, mate. Never thought it would make it all the way down. Well done, mate. Never thought it would make it all the way down.
BP Jan 28, 2021 14:28
Not sure where you got that number. The most bearish of charts don't even suggest anything below the 260s as the next support.