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Bia Pac

Joined: 20/03/20

Comments by Bia Pac
Bitcoin Jun 15, 2022 14:05
The 100$ bill is granted by the U.S.A. government. Who grants BTC?
Ukraine rules out ceasefire as fighting intensifies in Donbas May 22, 2022 19:01
Must be a new recipe for success then: “Wanna free a Country? Bomb it!”
Musk denies he sexually harassed flight attendant; Tesla shares sink May 20, 2022 16:06
That feminist already got 250K for free! You kidding?🤣
Global markets in "unambiguous contrarian buy territory" - BofA May 20, 2022 11:03
I never get these BofA reports… Is this a good signal or not?
Tesla cut from S&P 500 ESG Index, and Elon Musk tweets his fury May 18, 2022 23:51
This is the reason why ESG are just a flawed metric fueled by ideology. Better not to be part of the scam 👍🏽
G7 finance ministers plan 15 billion euros aid for Ukraine May 17, 2022 16:05
Sure.. as if Ukraine would still be a Land without U.S. and EU money and weapons…
Shell May 17, 2022 12:06
Earnings boom, shares buyback, cheap P/E compared to peers, demand fully restoring.. I don’t see how 35 isn’t a reasonable target price
BTC/USD May 14, 2022 23:15
In accounting, bitcoin is considered to be an intangible asset… The only intangible asset with no quantifiable value. Good luck with that!
BTC/USD May 09, 2022 9:41
For a „non-asset“ or a „no-underlying-value asset“, it is still impressive that it went so far. Be happy: you got rich because you bought something worthless without knowing, and unconsciously capitalised on millions of other people doing the same after you 👍🏽
Motor racing-Champion Chadwick wins W Series opener in Miami May 07, 2022 22:00
Ahem… Good news I guess, but from a financial perspective: who cares?
Citi behind trade that caused brief European share plunge -sources, Citi May 03, 2022 12:33
It would be nice they explained exactly what happened! How can a single trade drive down the whole EU market in seconds and by such a margin??
Berkshire shareholders vote to keep Buffett as chairman, reject climate disclosures May 01, 2022 16:54
Another proof that those who push for ESG are the same minority lobbying the governments to fine the firms that do not comply with their ideological motives. Reasonable investors vote for management competences, not for quotas 👍🏽
"Keep your hands in your pockets," female UK minister tells male lawmakers Apr 29, 2022 12:04
First you impose quotas so that one must accept women in the the parliament and in board rooms even without them being actually elected by the people or having the necessary competences. Now the same women complain that men acting like men makes them unhappy.. I don‘t know what to say.. I’ll propose that: Why not let men and women working separately in different rooms? Just please stop complaining all the time..
Blasts hit Kyiv as U.N. chief visits, U.S. pledges new Ukraine aid Apr 28, 2022 21:23
Because it’s going to be held in territories occupied by military force…?
Scholz says top priority is avoiding NATO confrontation with Russia Apr 22, 2022 12:08
You‘re all wrong man. States voluntarily decide to join NATO. No gun is behind their neck (see for example Sweden and Finland now). No one would have ever started a war against Russia and Ukraine had a 1 vs 10 military capability with Russia. So I don‘t see where they could feel threatened. And if NATO was still existing to supervise against any potential threat… well, they were right in the end!
Climate change protesters block central Paris square to protest election choices Apr 16, 2022 14:26
Agree! It would be more descriptive of the nation’s mentality to see how many people can’t stand other people’s right to disagree with them by democratically expressing their political preference… 😏
France's Macron and Le Pen head for cliffhanger April 24 election runoff Apr 10, 2022 21:03
Curious how right wingers are always called “far-right” and far-left wingers are called “hard left” 🤔
Shell raises Russia writedown to as much as $5 billion Apr 08, 2022 14:21
Didn’t they already announce that yesterday? And I don’t think they are not gonna battle to recover the asset, although it must be written off to respect accounting policies
Analysis - Most banks narrow UK gender pay gaps, UBS, Deutsche Bank go into reverse Apr 05, 2022 7:16
We already know that the gender pay gap has been perfectly explained through a number of perfectly legal and reasonable factors, such as experience, responsibility, competence, etc. Now the question is: if these guys are narrowing it, it could be ‘cause they are actively discriminating against men, or actively favouring women. Both of which are wrong!I hope tgese guys will be held accountable some day for these foolish policies!
Boardrooms with more women deliver more on climate, says Arabesque Mar 22, 2022 11:21
Sure, sure.. Like we wre all uneducated. Prove causality first. And when you realise that you can’t, ask yourself whether it’s more likely that wealthier firms can afford both more ESG investments AND more women on their boards.
Bitcoin Jun 12, 2021 11:46
Looks like the last sighs of a terminal illness