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Haider AlDelfi

Joined: 04/03/20

Comments by Haider AlDelfi
Quantumscape Dec 15, 2021 17:14
just started dripping in again at 22 range.☺️
Quantumscape Dec 03, 2021 15:34
All the best, it's taking a beating currently. I exited at 39.
Quantumscape Nov 30, 2021 19:00
what is your average entry price Dennis?
Quantumscape Nov 28, 2021 18:24
how are we all doing, I cashed out near the peak of the recent rally and thinking about shopping soon near 24.50, mind you the 50 and 100 MDA held 🤔
Quantumscape Nov 16, 2021 15:33
Quantumscape Oct 30, 2021 10:56
it closed as a key trend line from Feb highs, it need to break through and retest before take off...but then this is QS {{e:f09f9885}}
Quantumscape Oct 14, 2021 20:19
I expect this to fly tomorrow if it closes the day with this hammer formation.
Quantumscape Oct 13, 2021 16:42
Breakout from the bullflag that is being tested.
Quantumscape Oct 05, 2021 21:30
Recent market events have not helped at all Recent market events have not helped at all
Quantumscape Sep 29, 2021 17:23
Bull flag formation underway
Quantumscape Sep 24, 2021 17:31
Mmmm not sure about today, but soon 👍🏽
Quantumscape Sep 23, 2021 17:22
Price action Price action
Quantumscape Sep 23, 2021 17:07
I expect this to close at the 100 day moving average with the real test over the coming days/weeks to break 32.34 and the downward trendline from 22nd Feb highs.
Quantumscape Sep 21, 2021 17:44
Also do note the hard rejection off the downward trendline hitting the highs of Feb. today
Quantumscape Sep 21, 2021 17:42
Oh and the volume change yesterday shows the information leak for those ahead of the news.
Quantumscape Sep 21, 2021 17:41
How high are you holding Dennis... Show me them diamond hands 💎👐{{e:f09f9882}}🤣
Quantumscape Sep 08, 2021 20:36
A very healthy retest of the bear trendline today. Up and up from here 👆
Quantumscape Sep 01, 2021 17:50
Beautiful retest so far... It just needs to hold for the rest of the day 👍🏽
Quantumscape Aug 31, 2021 22:56
Retest of broken trend line tomorrow, hopefully it holds to start the launch. 🤞🏽
Quantumscape Aug 30, 2021 16:39
This upper boundary of the bears channel is starting to *** me off lol. About time it's wrecked else we could see sub 10s soon!
Quantumscape Aug 27, 2021 12:57
The reverse hammer formation yesterday is promising....I continue to buy in.
Quantumscape Aug 26, 2021 15:34
It's where the bear trendline is in play since April.
Quantumscape Aug 26, 2021 15:07
22.42 is such a key level today
Quantumscape Aug 25, 2021 18:40
Nothing will happen until that trend line that touched on 12th April is broken. A rejection over the next few days can prompt a further significant drop.
Quantumscape Aug 16, 2021 20:26
Oh I am loving it, the lower it gets the cheaper it is to buy in. Expect next two weeks to either break up or drop on the way to $10.