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ian Chamberlain

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Comments by ian Chamberlain
Wife of UK finance minister agrees to stop avoiding UK tax Apr 08, 2022 12:17
did the Conservative create this law recently, or has this law been in place during multiple governments (labour and conservatives)? I believe its the latter. if that's the case then she is being unfairly targeted if she has not broke any laws. if society thinks the law should be changed, then talk to your MP, or start a petition at to get it debated in Parliament
UK revokes Russian channel RT's licence, citing links to Kremlin Mar 18, 2022 14:34
but at least we have the option to view any other global news channel with free journalism, unlike Russians who can only watch news that's approved by the kremlin. if you take the time to look at news from other parts of the world, there are few sources that support the kremlins narrative (and hence RTs typical content), but hundreds of sources that have similar content to the UK news channels. I do however whish the UK channels would discuss the content on RT and provide some balance on RTs views. I'm not saying everyone RT publishes is bad, and in many cases would want the UK (and other global sources) to discuss those alternative views and either verify they have some merit or shoe evidence that they are incorrect
Oil settles higher on Russian supply disruption Feb 28, 2022 0:16
how is nuclear war going to increase oil demand. crazy reasons cited for market movements
Kyiv braces for assault as Russia, Ukraine signal possibility of talks Feb 25, 2022 12:58
yes we do.....its called PEACE. if only all politicians adopted the same approach rather than resorting to ***
EU's McGuinness says no UK clearing access after June 2025 Feb 11, 2022 12:10
what happened to free trade agreement?
Britain reports 89,176 new COVID cases, 277 deaths Jan 29, 2022 0:25
people may still be catching covid, but because of the vaccines, they are not getting any sicker than those who catch flu each year.maybe we should have been locking the world down each year for the last 100 years because of flu.we can't go through life trying to avoid this virus, we have to learn to live with it.more people die from Heart disease and cancer each year than have died through covid, so time to put this in perspective.
UK police to investigate lockdown parties at PM Johnson's office- reports Jan 27, 2022 18:06
I can understand the pain that people have gone through due to the pandemic. I also agree that the government should have adhered to the rules. However, this is not the "bigger picture", its history and nothing will change it. The rules on visiting people in hospital were not devised to make people lives difficult, they were there to protect the vulnerable. If the law was not in place, would you have gone to visit people in hospital and care homes (potentially putting hundreds of lives at risk)??. The "party" at No 10 put few (if any) lives at risk since they all worked together so would have caused illness between them due to normal work. Again, morally I agree the politicians should not have done it, but its definitely not worth all the time it has taken up in Parliament.
UK police to investigate lockdown parties at PM Johnson's office- reports Jan 25, 2022 18:21
all trivial compared to the bigger picture of getting the economy back on track and sorting out brexit. any politician talking about this is not doing their job.If it were doctors and nurses bringing in a birthday cake for their colleagues and having a bit of well deserved down time, no one would be bothered. the government worked incredibly hard during the pandemic and deserve a bit of down time. they all worked together in the same building, so it's not like they were creating any greater health hazard by having these parties. this is just a witch hunt and another waste of time generated by opposition parties to prevent government getting on with policies that could make a difference to this country
Germany urges 'prudence' in potential sanctions against Russia over Ukraine Jan 23, 2022 21:42
then maybe they should try diplomatic routes 1st, rather than threatening a sovereign state by amassing 10000 troops on its border. crimea is a good example, had Putin just talked to Ukraine and other world leaders a peaceful transfer might have been possible, especially since the vast majority of people in crime wanted to be Russian. instead russia takes it be steath and force (although the force met with little resistance).NATO are only there to protect against an invasion, rather than to invade. if NATO didn't exist, how would all the smaller countries in EU defend themselves??
UK PM Johnson drops COVID-19 restrictions Jan 19, 2022 19:18
he I doing what he said he would do, let the science guide the decisions. the science (specifically the ONS survey data on covid) I showing a sharp decline in the number of infections, hence alow people to live their lives more freely. No one is sopping you wearing a mask if you want to feel safer.Whilst the astra zenica vaccine is slight less effective than Pfizer, its about 10% of the price, so from a cost benefit point of view is better.
Sterling hits 23-month high against euro after UK data Jan 19, 2022 13:35
wasn't Brexit supposed to result in the collapse of the £???????
UK sees highest inflation since 1992, pressuring BoE and households Jan 19, 2022 13:32
globally prices are higher on almost everything. Energy and natural resources (minerals, wood etc) have been rising rapidly, so this is a global thing and has nothing to do with Brexit, morelikely investors investing in something tangible pushing up prices, as well as the global demand for everything.shipping is more than double it was 18 months ago, meaning all the low cost items we buy from China are significantly higher in price.government have massively increased their debt levels to hand out money to people who could not work due to covid, so are quite happy for inflation to increase to make their debt in real terms reduce.The UK economy is booming, growing faster than Europe, so this has absolutely nothing to do with Brexit. Amazing how everyone said when Britain leaves Europe its economy would collapse and the £ would be worthless. neither have happened, infact the opposite has happened. the £ is up against both Euro and Dollar since Brexit, unemployment is at all time lows.
Djokovic argues he had Australia green light because of recent COVID infection Jan 09, 2022 18:40
I'm not sure if your trying to be funny, or trying to make a comparison!Winter tires do work (if you get the correct type for the weather conditions. those design for finals for example (I.e to work at -20C) will not work effectively in the UK. I've driven all over EU and can say winter tires make a huge difference. come to the UK when we have a few mm of snow and see how cars (dont) perform. having said that, for the 5 days of snow the UK gets each year it doesn't make sense to have snow tires, but mainland EU it does.
UK COVID-19 death toll exceeds 150,000 after Omicron surge Jan 09, 2022 18:34
Well said. about time everyone started putting covid into perspective. no one seems to care anymore about those dying of more serious illness (eg heart desease), but we don't mind shutting down life for something that is akin to Flu. A year ago, before we were vaccinated it was different, but now we are vaccinated, let's get on with life, and start working about all the other ways we're all going to die!
Britain reports first death with Omicron coronavirus variant Dec 13, 2021 18:18
if we hadn't build those hospitals and then needed them, all those with 20:20 hindsight would have said Boris got that wrong too, and should have known that they obviously woukd be needed. now we know they were not needed he's getting from the other side saying why did he waste the money. the answer is because none of us know exactly what will happen, its all a balance of probabilities on multiple aspects (health, economy and people's feelings)
Britain reports first death with Omicron coronavirus variant Dec 13, 2021 18:14
simply because they were already very vulnerable, so yes, they are in hospital, but that's much better than being dead!.Amazing how people still don't understand how this works. Vaccines do not prevent everyone from getting covid, they are only 75% effective, but they do significantly lower the risk of sever problems and death, hence why we didn't see a massive peak a few months ago when society opened up
Can we still be friends? Shell sends Dutch PM parting note Dec 11, 2021 13:30
wasn't brexit supposed to stop this kind of thing. I thought we were told our economy would collapse and no companies, especially European ones would invest in the UK.
Plan C? UK PM Johnson not planning further COVID rules despite Omicron Dec 11, 2021 13:26
what they are saying is there is insufficient data to make a knee jerk reaction, and need time to get data before making any decision.I'd rather have a leader that considers all options rather than a draconian leader who makes a unilateral decision with limited data
Party furore deepens for Britain's Johnson, spokesman was at lockdown gathering Dec 10, 2021 16:16
this isn't politics, who cares if they had a party.I want a government who gets on with improving the country, which they are trying to do, but keep getting delayed defending trivia.moraly I agree they shouldn't have done it, but we have more things to worry about than this rubbish.
UK regulator to review power network response to Storm Arwen Dec 03, 2021 19:21
bit harsh given the level of could be argued that better infrastructure should be installed eg underground, but who would pay for this massive investment.Potentially the power companies could have installed small generators for the communities.The grid companies are working round the clock and have brought people in from other areas of the country to help get things back up and running.
Shell scraps plans to develop Cambo North Sea oilfield Dec 02, 2021 20:12
not all crude oil and gas is combusted. a large portion is converted to chemicals to make everyday object we rely the battery casings used in all the electric vehicles, or the adhesives to make the wind turbines etc. also is there yet a realistic alternative for shipping and aircraft fuel.....other than nuclear
Britain says new COVID-19 variant is the most significant yet found Nov 27, 2021 1:28
the variants are real, the hysterics on the other hand are irresponsible reporting. we will have variants of this virus for the rest of our lives, fortunately we have science to protect us. however, science takes a few months to catch up and its not perfect so people will die, just like they do of cancer, heart disease and many other causes which we all seem to take for granted and accept.....time we started to accept covid as a fact of life and find a way to live with it. the alternative is to exist, rather than live!
Britain says new COVID-19 variant is the most significant yet found Nov 27, 2021 1:23
do you actually look at data or just make up stories. data shows the vaccines cut death by 75%. of course a new variety is of concern since the vaccine was designed for previous varies, hence many not work (or be as effective) on a new variant. That's not to say it can't be tuned to work, just that it will take some month to do so.The alternative is no one has a life and has to live in isolation.Time this mass hysteria was reported in context of cancer and heart disease affects was
Germany to limit public life for the unvaccinated Nov 19, 2021 23:33
I also see you omitted to point out that in the group with the highest prevalence of covid cases, under 18s. those that are unvaccinated have 1000% more cases than those that are vaccinated.further the report draws caution to the data because people who are not vaccinated are less likely to get tested.the vast majority of the report you refer to shows conclusively that the vaccine has a significant and positive impact on bringing this virus under control. we will never eliminate this, just like flu or the common cold, we just have to use science to manage the situation to make it tolerable
Germany to limit public life for the unvaccinated Nov 19, 2021 23:07
. I did take a look, and it seems to support my original post. here are a few extracts. "Effectiveness against mortality- High levels of protection (over 90%) are also seen against mortality" "Effectiveness against infection- "With the delta variant, vaccine effectiveness against infection has been estimated at around 65% with Vaxzevria and 80% with Comirnaty (4). as I initially said, they are not perfect, but they are significantly reducing death and sever illness