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neil wells

Joined: 27/09/19

Comments by neil wells
Burford Apr 30, 2021 10:10
I really hope that MW is still shorting this
Lloyds Banking Apr 28, 2021 8:49
It will do what it always does and creep up on good news. Another share would pop 20% on that beat from historic low.
Lloyds Banking Mar 25, 2021 16:25
nothing moves fast with this share I'm afraid
Lloyds Banking Mar 24, 2021 14:10
what is it with the 42 ceiling?
Boohoo Group Mar 02, 2021 15:41
Agreed it is a wider problem than just Boohoo, but you should care.
Boohoo Group Mar 02, 2021 15:26
Answering question why anyone would work for wages below benefits. The timing of Boohoo's actions against contractors relative to exposé is on the record.
Boohoo Group Mar 02, 2021 13:01
illegal immigrants mainly, so can't claim benefits. Boohoo are only acting because they were caught out.
Boohoo Group Mar 02, 2021 12:34
Stop investing in this. Have some ethical standards. Usually have sympathy with share losses, but not here. You get what you deserve.
EasyJet Feb 24, 2021 12:31
This share is now valued as if Covid never happened. Incredible.
Tesla Jan 08, 2021 19:07
your mistake is trying to apply logic to a share that left that behind many months ago
Tesla Dec 08, 2020 14:19
agree it is good for company, but not sure about share price, as it is clear acknowledgement that share price is overvalued. They don't need the money, but would be crazy not cash in while they can.
Tesla Dec 08, 2020 14:13
Go back 18 months when it was fundamentally the same company and valued at about $40 (post share split) and they would have received about $300m for same share issue. Ponzi springs to mind.
Tesla Dec 08, 2020 13:39
This share sale is actually a massively good thing for Tesla. They will be receiving $5bn for share of company with real value of probably $1bn, so a $4bn gift to the company. If anyone is stupid enough to buy, that will mitigate the inevitable crash in share price.
Fevertree Drinks PLC Dec 01, 2020 8:16
let's ignore the fact xmas parties are cancelled and pubs are shut
Tesla Nov 27, 2020 17:28
Of course. Like any bubble trying to predict when to get out is impossible, but it will burst and investors will get hurt.
Tesla Nov 27, 2020 13:53
He probably means that this share keeps going up on absolutely no change in fundamentals. If you are invested and that doesn't worry you, then perhaps it should.
Boohoo Group Nov 26, 2020 16:40
why do you think this is good news. You do realise their whole business model relates on unethical practices and these non-execs will not allow that anymore.
Fevertree Drinks PLC Nov 11, 2020 11:46
how can this share price be materially higher than it was at beginning of year pre-civil, when half its sale channel has been closed for a year and it is going to miss Christmas going out this year. The markets are crazy.
iQIYI Nov 04, 2020 16:27
are results out - due yesterday according to this app
Lloyds Banking Oct 29, 2020 8:17
honest to God don't know why I hold into results when market is so slow to react to good news. Might as well wait and buy after you have seen tesults
Synairgen Sep 29, 2020 16:40
the problem I have with this share is what happens if Covid vaccine get approval before this does
Tesla Sep 23, 2020 16:36
the only thing keeping it up was the fantasy of some amazing battery day announcement. Not sure what is going to justify that price now.
Competition watchdog blocks Lloyds' unfair treatment of COVID-19-hit firms Sep 08, 2020 11:12
They are a business not a charity
Tesla Sep 04, 2020 8:23
This was 320 when split was announced. The increase from there was irrational, so expect it to drop to there. Beyond that will depend on news.
Tesla Sep 02, 2020 16:41
it may not be this time, but it will happen eventually. Everything goes back to its true value in the end.