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Matt Chadwick

Joined: 15/08/19

Comments by Matt Chadwick
GameStop Corp Nov 02, 2021 19:32
natural* natural*
GameStop Corp Nov 02, 2021 19:31
This is what you call nature movement, in the correct direction
GameStop Corp Sep 09, 2021 15:55
Same as always, just buy and hold. Its literally the easiest investment possible
GameStop Corp Aug 03, 2021 17:17
GME enters the S&p400 tomorrow, onward and upward.
GameStop Corp Jun 10, 2021 17:51
Welcome to gme, crush earnings drop 25%, every single time. Discount is on.
GameStop Corp May 27, 2021 15:53
Its not today, its the day before the shareholders meeting i believe, which is 9th June
GameStop Corp May 13, 2021 15:51
The bot is talking to itself...
GameStop Corp May 03, 2021 17:28
Short medium and long term this is a good price so its buy and hold, soon the manipulation might start coming to an end and we might see the true value this should be
GameStop Corp Apr 30, 2021 17:38
shorts trying so hard to keep it below 180, hit 180 and been dropped like 10 times this week
GameStop Corp Apr 28, 2021 15:07
Plan for today is the same as the plan for the past couple months: hold 🤷‍♂️
GameStop Corp Apr 20, 2021 14:14
if everyone thinks it is, then it won't be. Sit back and hodl, costs nothing to hold
GameStop Corp Apr 16, 2021 9:14
I wonder when the DOGE shills will arrive and tell us to move to DOGE?
GameStop Corp Apr 08, 2021 18:02
Its also the final day to recall shares for voting at gme shareholders meeting. So make sure you all call your brokers and recall them prior to 4/20
GameStop Corp Mar 16, 2021 11:13
Of course it is, the short positions are still massive, yesterday all ETFs that include GME were shorted by almost all available shares hence the drop in GME price, this is just the usual tactics to scare people into selling
GameStop Corp Mar 10, 2021 17:33
Nothing about this is "profit taking" its a short attack using millions of shares to rapidly hit all buy orders and plummet the price, been happening since Jan, nothing has changed. Shorts are still short, we hold
GameStop Corp Feb 26, 2021 17:46
this is just the normal battle of HF's trying to keep the price down, plan hasn't changed, buy and hold, finishing above 60 today is a big win
Palantir Feb 16, 2021 9:05
Careful with this one short-term, the WSB page looks very similar right now to how it did last week with SNDL, APHA, TLRY, could quite easily be another short term pump and dump using new found media hype.
GameStop Corp Feb 03, 2021 8:22
Gme is now on the SSR list so could well start to rise again today with the buying power far outwaying the selling, especially if more brokers open back up
GameStop Corp Feb 02, 2021 14:24
Capital requirements on UK brokers for GME and AMC is now 250% as per Freetrade blog hence the removal of all buy options. This is usually 2% for other normal shares. Ask yourself why are they doing this if the squeeze is over?
GameStop Corp Feb 01, 2021 17:12
they are trying but that doesn't mean they will, tthe little guy holds so much power currently, but its a waiting game and we have to stick together
GameStop Corp Jan 29, 2021 19:27
S3 partners has been accurately predicting SI for a long time, they estimate 112% short
GameStop Corp Jan 29, 2021 18:52
This short attack was expected today, dont panic, its all part of the game plan. Keep holding.
GameStop Corp Jan 29, 2021 18:38
and all the calls
GameStop Corp Jan 29, 2021 18:36
well they held off the attack all day
GameStop Corp Jan 29, 2021 16:51
 when it squeezes well past 500 how is he going to lose money? when it squeezes well past 500 how is he going to lose money?