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Comments by Neo Kong
Nio A ADR Dec 30, 2021 19:15
not sure if you guys have noticed anything rather strange today----' quietness' when China shares soared today, not many main news outlet saying ANYTHING... is it because all Bloomberg fake news linked shorters have been burnt today with surprises 🤣🤣
Alibaba ADR Dec 06, 2021 18:27 official truth not Bloomberg fake news
Nio A ADR Dec 06, 2021 15:31
get in before it's too late, that's the whole plan for Bloomberg to spread all the fake news for the last few weeks to hammer the price down
Alibaba ADR Dec 06, 2021 4:21
China has denied anything Bloomberg has reported on the delisting policy, a disgrace for Bloomberg to like the ********of a few financial groups so that they can ********shares like Alibaba and Baidu in a such cheap way then pump them up in a speed that other retail investors won't have a chance to react. Do your own research and you will know the plan that Bloomberg was involved
Alibaba ADR Dec 06, 2021 4:18
Alibaba ADR Dec 06, 2021 4:17
fake news by Bloomberg is not anything new, trust only the OFFICIAL NEWS: China Official News Outlet
Nio A ADR Oct 21, 2021 20:44
by Nio day in Dec by Nio day in Dec
Tesla Oct 20, 2021 9:38
seems like a rocket crushing haha seems like a rocket crushing haha
Nio A ADR Oct 19, 2021 16:10
48-54 48-54
Nio A ADR Sep 27, 2021 20:24
just wait after 7th OCT, this is caused by political reason in China
Rolls-Royce Holdings Jul 21, 2021 16:59
thanks for correcting me, you are right, we will just have to live through it. I've been through SARS and I know how this will play out at the end. investing now can't be any better than any other time in the last decade, just no brain return will occur. Tons of money are reversing from shorting to longing, and that will divert the market trend instantly
Rolls-Royce Holdings Jul 20, 2021 22:23
no one even has the guts to say that Pandemic would actually going to be finished any minute as the death rate is just very low now... do the maths and you'll know when to invest for market rebounds
Rolls-Royce Holdings Jul 12, 2021 23:36
means this is gonna be a bottom to bounce back according to Elliot
Didi Global Jul 07, 2021 13:44
oh, btw, Alibaba and Tencent are also main Investors of Didi, but SoftBank appears to the main shareholders of these firms too so you math okay?
Didi Global Jul 07, 2021 13:41
haha don't be too naive... Chinese Gov will only support anything that's good for its country, but Didi's main Investors unfortunately are not state owned or Chinese people. this decision is to have a leverage towards SoftBank, who's the biggest investor for Didi also who's the main investor to Alibaba too. SoftBank's ARM wouldn't open trade with Huawei so this is what SoftBank has to face. I'm not saying Didi won't go to $50 but only when Huawei can be unblocked by US government and SoftBank. look behind the story and you'll know more about your investment.
Didi Global Jul 04, 2021 18:54
big news for Didi , banned by government due to security concerns, share will plunge for sure, but shall settle around $10-12
Nio A ADR Jul 02, 2021 18:36
haha shorting??? better prepared to loose all your investment
Bitcoin May 19, 2021 12:41
mate, wake up... all the hype was preparing for the war and money laundering from US government to Israel, now the war has started and money was consumed... you better wake up before it got smashed to below 10K mark lol
Rolls-Royce Holdings Oct 30, 2020 17:58
mark my words, it will touch 50p and lower in 10 days, particularly on 12th Nov or 13th it could touch 40p or even lower , good luck all
Rolls-Royce Holdings Oct 28, 2020 18:48
please come to this page to report your issues please come to this page to report your issues
Rolls-Royce Holdings Oct 28, 2020 18:47
GraniteShares 3x Short Rolls-Royce Daily Oct 28, 2020 18:47
GraniteShares 3x Short Rolls-Royce Daily Oct 28, 2020 18:46
Rolls-Royce Holdings Oct 28, 2020 18:09
exactly I have reached Granite Shares and request a full statement in writing to explain their adjustment during the day. on the phone they explained it's their own adjustment machnism called intraday stock lose protection adjustment which I never heard of this. and it happened around 3:30pm which RR price was stable so there must be some major issue going through their system and we must demand full compensation. if you are interested please share contact and we can file the complaints together. there are posts on trading 212 community and you can check the posts over there too.
GraniteShares 3x Short Rolls-Royce Daily Oct 28, 2020 18:03
obviously you don't know how this product works lol it tracks RR live price not how many people sell this ETP lol