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Iain Westman

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Steppe Cement Dec 08, 2022 9:28
You bought at 33 means you got a 15% return if you held on, price is now about 44 which is only 10% down from your selling price. If the divi goes to 6p next June/July you would have received an 18% ROI next year. If you but back in now that yield will be 13.6% it is not always worth selling at higher prices, especially if you managed to buy so low, but of course that depends on whether you are looking for Cap growth or income, I get that. Either way, good luck!
Polymetal Nov 17, 2022 12:47
Polymetal Nov 17, 2022 8:59
Great article on POLY posted on "Seeking Alpha" cannot post the link but go find it, definitely worth a read.
Polymetal Nov 16, 2022 16:48
Maybe Ian, but if you bought low and are holding out for divs, so be it.
Polymetal Nov 16, 2022 16:03
Things to look forward to:1. Peace in Ukraine2. Increase in gold price + revenues3. Recommencement of dividends4. Re-domiciling the Company5. Splitting of assets (Rus and Kaz)6. Restarting trading in US ADRs7 Increase in $:Rub fx back to $70If, and boy that is a huge if ay or all of these happen, the share price will improve, the more that happen, the higher they price will go.GL to all.
Polymetal Nov 16, 2022 9:13
There are a few I think. Firstly Gold has gone up to about 1760-1780 this is predominantly because inflation may be starting to abate in the US, the implication of this is that interest rate increases will be less severe from here on in which makes gold a more attractive hedge than cash. I read somehwhere that if gold can close Nov above 1735 it will turn bullish and as POLY's share price is so closely correlated to the gold price, this can only be great news. The collapse of FTX and subsequent turmoil in the crypto currecy world has also made gold a more attractive hedge. Finally, although there are more reasons to be honest, the latest company update from Vitaly Nesis stated that net debt will be down substantially by yr end, the company will be FCF positive and this should be sustainable and debt is expected to drop below 2bn in the 1st quater of 2023 at which point serious discussions about returning to dividend payments can be had, fingers crossed for that in Q2 2023 Hope all this helps
Steppe Cement Nov 14, 2022 10:08
Which is all good news of you bought at 30 GBPX and hold long term for dividends
Polymetal Nov 13, 2022 9:01
I am not sure I understand your question. There is no ban on US or UK shareholders receiving dividends. The ban is on Euroclear (Who POLY use to pay dividends) dealing with the NSD in Russia. Even if shreholders cannot trade such as in the US with ADRs, they are still shareholders and still have the same rights to receive dividends and vote as shareholders.
Ferrexpo Nov 10, 2022 15:29
Hi Nick, been a while. How are you? Now that the Ukraine are going to take Kherson, will be interesting to se whether it reaches, 200. I think it has a chance
Polymetal Nov 02, 2022 13:49
If anyone else listened to the 3rd quarter update from Vitaly Nesis today, you have got to be impressed. Net debt to be reduced below 2bn by end of 1st quarter next year this is the trigger point at which serious discussions around resuming dividend payments can start, traditionally these discussions are held in March. The company remains committed to reducing net debt so that dividend payments can be made as the preferable way to return value to shareholders. If dividends are deemed appropriate, it was suggested that dividend payments would be made even if there are still shareholders holding shares on the NSD who will not receive them because of Euro Clear's ban of dealing with the NSD. ...... this is HUGE news.
Polymetal Oct 04, 2022 8:20
Of course the NSD issue needs to be sorted prior to any dividend. Half the NSD held shares will be sorted if the proposal to exchange them for newly registered wholly owned shares is accepted. The Company will then look at solutions to sort out the other half of NSD shares held. After listening to the presentation I get the feeling that the underlying mood is one of "We will survive and we are getting there" far more positive than even just 3 or 4 months ago.
Polymetal Oct 03, 2022 13:46
Highlights from today's presentation from the CFO:Q4 will be FCF positive and that should be sustainableAt least $500m should come off the Net Debt following the sale of the stockpiled product, hopefully by the year end.Dividend may become payable again once the Net Debt / EBITDA Ratio drops below 2 and it is envisaged that this will be some time on 2023Reintroduction of dividend payments is a priority for the company as they see this as the best way to return value to shareholders after the share price collapse.
ITM Power Sep 08, 2022 5:36
The next COP starts in 2 months, maybe that will boost the price, time will tell
Polymetal Aug 12, 2022 8:53
I hope this means they see value in the POLY shares
Polymetal Aug 12, 2022 8:52
Issuer: Metafina GmbH / Key word(s): Acquisition/Corporate Action 09.08.2022 / 13:22 The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. German Metafina GmbH issued a purchase offer for shares of Polymetal International plc. Trading in shares of Polymetal International plc is currently suspended at German stock exchanges. German owners of shares who wish, but are not able to sell their shares, may sell their shares to Metafina GmbH. This offer is especially addressing German share owners not being able to sell their shares through exchanges. This is not a mandatory offer. Owners do not have to sell their shares, but may opt to do so, for example due to liquidity demands.
Polymetal Jul 19, 2022 16:26
300 was the downgraded UBS price target for just the Kaz assets back on 26/03/2022, lets see if it gets there
Polymetal Jul 19, 2022 16:25
Ferrexpo Jun 01, 2022 13:58
I think you are right, I agree that it can go all the way to 250+ with some kind of ceasefire, maybe wothout, who knows? I shall stay with it to 300then sell out half to recoup my initial investment, until then I hope to enjoy more dividends!
Ferrexpo Jun 01, 2022 13:16
What were you in at Nick?
Ferrexpo Jun 01, 2022 13:16
Yeah, I got in at 151 so a 20% gain plus a 10% ROI for dividend yield, I'll have a slice of that thank you
Polymetal Apr 30, 2022 10:05
Apologies Hamish, that did read as sarcastic, didn't mean it to be. just asking for the logic behind your comment is all.
Ferrexpo Apr 29, 2022 14:16
Feckin bot traders, I hate them...grrrrrr
Polymetal Apr 28, 2022 8:52
Bound to go up and down Hamish, it's very volatile atm, but please when, by how mucg, on what logic or is this your gut feeling?
Polymetal Apr 25, 2022 12:51
If they get a new auditor that will reduce greatly the risk of delisting from the LSE. They have no interest in volutarily delisting.
Polymetal Apr 25, 2022 11:48
They are not doing any business with any sanctioned bank and they are diversified with their banking relationships and are therefore better positioned to managed the financing of the business.