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Peter Cowen

Joined: 10/09/18

Comments by Peter Cowen
BTC/USD Jun 27, 2019 21:38
agree the blockchain will change commerce but that doesn't mean BTC value. I could split and split and split and meanwhile any upstart like libra could capture the market
BTC/USD Jun 27, 2019 19:56
crypto has no intrinsic value and no regulation. It can and will go anywhere. Good for organised crime ransomware and tax avoidance etc. Retail store of value and a currency hahaha
Centrica Jun 27, 2019 9:26
value at 86p with a 50% dividend cut
FTSE 100 May 31, 2019 10:59
maybe not today but defo in my opinion. selling only just starting. bigger question over the summer will it hold 52 week low 6530...
FTSE 100 May 31, 2019 8:18
too early to buy. blood on the streets etc maybe SandP500 below 2400
FTSE 100 May 23, 2019 20:06
Dec lows retest. nothing to do with Theresa neverendingbrexit. more to do with US bubblemania
FTSE 100 May 09, 2019 13:53
bank to test Dec18 lows
Nasdaq 100 Apr 25, 2019 15:32
little gamble with QQQS hoping for an end of month top
FTSE 100 Apr 04, 2019 23:42
potentially up then potentially down, or vice versa unless that's wrong and it's just up or down and then further down
US Coffee C Apr 03, 2019 5:26
I'm in as well but only with 1x etf COFF. Arabica coffee futures fell to the lowest level since Dec05 as the approaching harvest in top grower Brazil looms over an already oversupplied market.
FTSE 100 Mar 21, 2019 20:59
buy on any dips, liquidity is here to stay and the wall of worry continues. 8000 bring it on
FTSE 100 Mar 19, 2019 8:34
all time highs this year
S&P 500 Mar 15, 2019 17:56
I meant short S&P500 I have used XSPS
S&P 500 Mar 14, 2019 15:42
is there an ETF short I can trade UK time 8am to 4.30?
How Theresa May Still Might Pull It Off: This Is the New Brexit Math Mar 01, 2019 21:26
Who's they? I'm scottish unionist and brexiteer.
GBP/USD Feb 14, 2019 16:19
PUS3 for me
Royal Mail Jan 29, 2019 16:17
hot knife thru butter
Bitcoin Jan 28, 2019 15:04
120 months away
GBP/USD Jan 27, 2019 22:26
Good for who? punters lose 80%I use ETFs like triple short USD long £ PUS3
GBP/USD Jan 25, 2019 19:59
shorts getting burnt
GBP/USD Jan 25, 2019 15:27
I've bought PUS3 triple short USD long sterling. total gamble but hoping 1.33+ early next week
GBP/USD Jan 25, 2019 15:21
could explode higher... 1.38
GBP/USD Jan 25, 2019 13:39
gov shutdown no data
FTSE 100 Jan 24, 2019 15:06
As if Elliot was the only game in town everyone would use so there'd be no market as we'd all sit on our hands waiting on an impulsive move