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Peter Fenny

Joined: 07/08/18

Comments by Peter Fenny
FTSE 250 Mar 20, 2020 15:10
still way to go i think reckon its going to hit 10500 in next 2-3weeks then will see a recovery due to people thinking its hit bottom then back down until this virus is dealt with which nobody knows rumours and news saying between 3-18months stay well clear of buying on a waterfall drop wait until you get more info on the virus
Aurora Cannabis Jan 10, 2020 18:40
What i also wanted to say is i believe that if a company like coca cola decides to buy into a company and i do truely believe this will be aurora for the reach and facilites it has as it is one of the only massive companys left who has not partnered up so even on speculation and you dont want to wait longterm could be a very interesting gambling if you are inclined into that sort of stockpicking want to wish everyone all the best with there trading and for full disclosure on this stock i am currently averaging down into this stock for longterm all the best
Aurora Cannabis Jan 10, 2020 18:32
Just wanted to drop a message in and dont blame anyone who doesnt pay any attention but have had reliable info on other stocks most famous was about thomas cook months before that collapsed telling people to get out. I dont believe that is the case for aurora looking into it i believe the factors contributing to the downtrend is publicity factor such as bad press and panic selling and although that the finances could look a ********of a lot better than they do the assets and brand of aurora is not something that will collaspe as it is in a growth industry unlike thomas cook that didnt change as the times did. I just wanted to say if anyone can invest for i would recommend for more than 3 years i fully expect this stock to hit 15 to 18 dollars as for people looking for a quick buck this stock is not for you but longterm could see a increase of 600% increase if you buy and hold. That said i dont blame anyone who doesnt take my advice but was right about thomas cook telling people to sell
Aurora Cannabis Dec 19, 2019 14:50
Thinking now might be a good time to buy if your looking for longterm cant see it getting lower pretty sure this is bottom next selling opportunity will be january then will imagine will start to climb again april onwards once chicago is legalised and more states are legalised next year hopefully 2021 its legalised in uk for more sales can only see this going up in longterm my advice buy now while you can get it at this price and hold for longterm gains
Aurora Cannabis Nov 22, 2019 19:28
Hope people took my advice and sold up before the sell off today good luck with your trades
Aurora Cannabis Nov 21, 2019 17:06
Thinking a massive selloff tomorrow or before markets close tonight so people who bought in can walkaway with upto 21% increase safely in there bank accounts lol not a bad days work at all
Sirius Minerals Sep 19, 2019 14:50
Hopefully government will step in personally think everyone should be tweeting boris to back up his words and back this northern company glad i didnt have a lot in this feel for the people who lost thousands if boris doesnt step in
Centrica Jul 30, 2019 13:36
I have stock in centrica but geniunely not too worried the lower it gets the cheaper il be able to buy more a company as big as centrica will only get stronger in the long term the dividend cut *****but will help reduce debt within the company now all they need is the board to stop taking excessive bonuses and things will improve i see it as a long term stock if buying in id buy and hold for 5years plus and you will see the huge gains not one for short term
Thomas Cook Jun 20, 2019 15:14
id stay away from it if i was you mate i can potentially seeing it go up if a takeover happens but with the current situation i would expect it to go no higher that 18p but would be unlikely to stay there for long potential to make some money in the volatility if you want my advice buy at around 12p sell at 16p
Saga Jun 03, 2019 14:22
whats your opinion on the bottom on this one do you think its a finished stock cheers
Vodafone Group PLC Jun 03, 2019 14:21
Surprised at the lack of overreaction to the dividend cut but glad as im in and holding think its a matter of time and from a business point of view reducing the dividend is a wise move to reduce the debt it has long term i think this will be really strong once debt is reduced if i already wasnt in i would wait for it to hit below 120p before going in big
Centrica Jun 03, 2019 14:17
A lot of competition from smaller energy companys is driving this down but these smaller companys are closing as fast as they are opening im personally in on this one british gas has been around and is the market leader would take something colossel to bring it lower that 90 barrier personally think its just a waiting game before it gets back 150-180 levels
Saga Apr 04, 2019 13:34
cant see it hitting 35p-45p maybe 60p will be bottom
Thomas Cook Feb 05, 2019 13:51
Just wanted to post and say i told you so to the person who thumbs downed my comment i was genuinely trying to warn you to get out while it was up i can see this dropping to about 18p by beginning of april hopefully anyone still in gets out before that all the best
Thomas Cook Jan 22, 2019 17:43
news now saying that airlines who dont have a majority EU ownership will not be able to fly into europe airspace as preferrence for EU flights from EU companys will be more important after brexit dont say i didnt warn people this goes for all airlines not just thomas cook all the best hope everyone gets out while there up.
Thomas Cook Jan 21, 2019 14:17
Id sell before brexit if anyone has a large amount in thomas cook 3rd profit warning will happen most likely get out while it on the up