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Bogdan Matis

Joined: 20/02/18

Comments by Bogdan Matis
Centrica Apr 26, 2019 10:18
This is a massively good long buy opportunity. I'm surprised it isn't jumped on already. I would assume in the next following weeks
AMG Apr 16, 2019 9:40
Their lithium concentrate (spudomene) operation in Brazil certainly has the potential to bring good fortunes to the company, even this year when lithium production is at all time highs and demand is out-stripping supply for this critical material. The share is undervalued thanks to historically low lithium prices, so anyone looking for a solid long term investment can feel free to buy into this company
Saga Apr 15, 2019 17:31
I would say most of its decline is down to the Brexit debacle. I would see an increase in business and rebound for this summer, since holiday planning season is just starting and people will probably take advantage of a stronger pound and better holiday deals. I say 50 will bottom out and a rebound to 70-80 quite possible in the future quarter
Chart Of The Day: Why Bitcoin Is About To Fall...Again Feb 20, 2018 15:17
it's pretty obvious that Bitcoin traders are only interested in making the quick buck and we are probably having allot of amateur investors who make their buy/sell decisions based on news, rumours and speculation. There is nothing sustainable or foreseeable about this whole Bitcoin debacle rather than the fact that traders will buy it when they feel that the price is right for money be made and will sell it either to secure a profit or minimise a loss. Bitcoin is a tradeable asset lacking all the necessary qualities of a stock and the essential attributes of a currency and that's what makes it so volatile. We will perhaps see the 8k-20k trend moving up and down for a while now, perhaps even years, until this piece of code finally crashes, becomes obsolete and fades into the software landfill of history