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Tudor Cirstea

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Comments by Tudor Cirstea
Hungary's PM Orban blames EU climate change actions for energy price surge Oct 08, 2021 9:45
he is right. everyone knows this
Singapore reviewing complex COVID-19 protocols Oct 02, 2021 12:32
what this article doesn's say is that covid deaths have skyrocketed in singapore, with 82% population vaccinated. the vax is working
French trade minister declines to meet with Australian counterpart Sep 25, 2021 5:51
Australia will not be getting any trade deal with the EU it seems.
Britain has 10 days to save Christmas, retail sector says Sep 25, 2021 5:29
the effect of lockdowns
Don't panic buy, Britain tells consumers as BP shuts gas stations Sep 23, 2021 18:21
gas shortages are good, they save the planet, you polute to much (especially in the uk)! you should be happy about it. even better would be no gas at all, the environment would love it.
China Slowdown, Evergrande Default, Europe Energy Prices - What's Moving Markets Sep 15, 2021 12:43
The US is just virtue-signaling on Equality while its rich become obscenelly rich. At the same time China is actually cracking down on inequality. who would have thought...
Guinea military consolidates takeover, opposition leader signals openness to transition Sep 07, 2021 16:26
so that Conde guy altered the constitution to rule forever...and the international community says that the junta are the bad it
Analysis-Afghan central bank's $10 billion stash mostly out of Taliban's reach Aug 18, 2021 16:43
lol. china will give them many times that amount for a few rare metal mines
Ignoring WHO call, major nations stick to vaccine booster plans Aug 06, 2021 5:40
so they will push a third dose of a vaccine that is proven to be highly ineffective against delta (which was actually selected as the main variant because of mass-vaccination). yep, makes total sense.
Oil falls in biggest weekly decline in months on demand worries Aug 06, 2021 5:35
delta variant prevalence is what you get when you mass-vaccinate populations with a so-called vaccine that is non-sterilizing/doesn't stop transmission. instead of science, the world has followed political propaganda.
UK reports 36,389 more COVID-19 cases Jul 23, 2021 16:41
they are only now reasearching its use, after other countries like india already prooved it's excellent against covid...but the problem is it is to cheap to make a profit
Spacing Pfizer COVID shots boosts antibody levels in long-term study Jul 23, 2021 16:35
don't you want to tell us about the latest data from israel that puts pfizers effectiveness at only 39%...basically junk
UK reports another 6-month high in daily COVID cases Jul 18, 2021 8:21
how come one of the highest vaccinated countries in the world sees such an explosion in cases and countries that have very low vaccination rates see almost no more cases?
French protests call for 'freedom' amid government vaccine push Jul 17, 2021 18:52
what is the logic for mass vaccination if in 6-12 months the vaccine wears off and covid is endemic. none.
France opens doors to vaccinated travellers, restricts others Jul 17, 2021 18:47
please explain how vaccinating the entire population will stop the virus if the vaccine lasts for 6-9-12 months max
Pfizer, BioNTech to seek authorization for COVID booster shot as Delta variant spreads Jul 09, 2021 4:34
so it has been now proved that the vaccine effect lasts just 6 months (as "conspiracy" theorist were saying from the beginning). It has also been proven from UK oficial data that the fully vaccinated are 8 times more likely to die compared to unvaccinared from Delta. why are governments still pushing the vaccine?
Australian officials report biggest daily COVID-19 caseload for 2021 Jul 03, 2021 14:36
how come Australia's case count rises after millions have been vaccinated, but before the vaccination campaign, covid was contained
Britain's 'freedom day' will come on July 19, says government Jun 28, 2021 16:13
how's the "vaccine" working out fot you?
Anything you can do: G7 rivals China with grand infrastructure plan Jun 12, 2021 18:22
so the west will counter china's infrastructure projects across the world with gender equality :))))
British PM hails Biden as 'a big breath of fresh air' Jun 10, 2021 7:02
Medling in the affairs of other countries
UK reports 4,330 more COVID-19 cases, 12 further deaths Jun 03, 2021 4:06
we will only know when the next variant comes along and compare mortality of vaccinated vs unvaccinated. at this point what you are saying is just speculation that is not backed ul by data
UK health minister confirms talks with AstraZeneca over new variant vaccines Jun 03, 2021 4:01
really...we all die? or maybe just 0.3% of the population, the ones with commorbidities mainly?
Want To Invest In Gaming? Consider A ‘Poor Person’s Covered Call’ On Roblox Jun 03, 2021 3:58
it's called a poor man's covered call not a poor person's covered call