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Danish Taj

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Comments by Danish Taj
USD/PKR Jul 20, 2022 7:04
He said he’s ready, the market isnt though, much more to come with the way things are going and will go, a population fed on bulldoodoo with egos sky high where they feel their culture, race, religion is superior to others, but are unable to produce even the basics within their borders, use kafir technology only to call them kafir the hypocrisy is immaculate.
USD/PKR Jul 20, 2022 7:00
Lmao, the country doesnt need any one individual to break it, with such a polarized population in terms of religion, languages, castes etc, its already broken, you cabt get 3 people to agree over anything, yet every single individual knows how to fix every issue facing the country, which is extremely hilarious because they cant even do the simple task of keeping their surroundings or street or immediate fronts clean, mind boggling stuff,
USD/PKR Jul 18, 2022 13:10
Inshallah is a useless term used by those who are unable to get anything done. 190ka how? Do the underying notions mean anything to people in pakistan?
Terra Classic Jun 29, 2022 12:24
Basic math would disagree.
USD/PKR Jun 20, 2022 11:18
Probbably best for this debt ridden nation with inept, intolerant citizens that maybe actually going through some hard times will give them some humility, defaulteing might actually make them get off their behinds and make something within their country for a change,
Bitcoin Jun 14, 2022 9:58
Yes, most exchanges allow that,
Bitcoin Jun 14, 2022 7:35
It’ll never hit zero, even if it falls 99% everyday for the rest if eternity, because simple math.
Ethereum Jun 13, 2022 9:53
Fun fact, it can keep falling indefinitely 99% every single day and still never hit 0, because math.
Terra Classic May 27, 2022 13:09
Yes, so is another 99% drop
Terra Classic May 24, 2022 16:54
All i have to say to that is, humans best fool themselves.
Terra Classic May 18, 2022 8:17
Oh thats unless you bought the 681,000 at current prices which would be roughly $50,
Terra Classic May 18, 2022 8:15
Ah yes, holding the classic bag of doggie doodoo, just realise your losses and move on, “long term investor” sounds nice but if the “investor” did not sell around $ 50 +, he is a bag holder and not an investor.
Terra Classic May 18, 2022 8:10
Technically its not zero,
LUNAt/USD May 18, 2022 8:08
The only good news here is that someone filed a police report against the guy in singapore and he is to be question by south korean authorities, still beleiving in a guy that did a rug pull, its incredible to see the naiveness and the ineptness of the individual crypto investor.
Shiba Inu May 18, 2022 8:03
Aaah yes, digging the old grave for yourself,
USD/PKR May 18, 2022 7:58
theres lying to youreself and then theres being delusional. theres lying to youreself and then theres being delusional.
USD/PKR May 18, 2022 7:57
Super power? After 75 years of independence the country can barely provide basic utilities to its people, corrupt people and government, only surprise is it didn’t happen sooner, the country has had 22 IMF programmes and is no better off, the army is one of the richest, the politicians one of the richest too, the nukes well, theyre to flex to india only because the country cant even fulfill its energy needs and i hope the people realise soon that nukes cannot be eaten,
Terra Classic May 14, 2022 15:18
Well yeah, a normal stock has something backing it, most of not all coins have nothing backing them. They can fall 99% daily, indefinitely, and still never hit zero.
Shiba Inu May 14, 2022 15:10
At 1 dollar it would need to have a market cap at $550 trillion plus, theres lying to yourself abd then there being delusional. FYI the world gdp is under $ 90 trillion, how some of you come to certain conclusions is mind boggling.
Terra Classic May 12, 2022 6:47
Because theyre digital tokens, and when inflation kicks in and costs rise, people realise that theyre well, digital tokens that have little to no acceptability as of yet,
Terra Classic May 11, 2022 14:47
No usd backing it now, has been depegged
Shiba Inu May 11, 2022 14:34
Because its a joke coin riding the wave of another joke coin, with the invidiual investor in it so spectacularly inept that they beleive this will hit 1 cent some day. Some basic financial education would help, available for free online, if it can go up 20% in a day it can fall 20% in a day.
Terra Classic May 11, 2022 14:21
Terra has been depegged against the usd, hence the big red day today, also fun fact, something can fall 99% daily indefinitely and still never hit zero, because math.
Shiba Inu May 06, 2022 6:31
And what are these wild delusions based on? Care to share some math?
USD/PKR Apr 20, 2022 7:28
it came to him in a dreamit came to him in a dream