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Wiktor Jespersen

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World Bank won't abandon top credit rating to boost climate lending -Malpass Jan 12, 2023 19:39
super you will be paying 7% for it goodluck with that.
Scholz: Germany can overcome energy crisis Sep 22, 2022 19:09
lets see if he isnt a lair. he also promised gas contracts with quatar...
EU eyes oil price cap, more high-tech export curbs in new Russia sanctions -sources Sep 22, 2022 19:06
who is navalny? isnt he the corrupt politition who is paid by the west? i dont think russians are interested in western tyrannies as we have seen them during the rollout of the ******pfizer jabs.
UK's first CO2 storage round attracts bids from 19 companies Sep 22, 2022 19:02
so lets get this right. you will ******c02 whoch plants need to grow and store it underground? how will the plants grow?
God does not back war, pope says in apparent criticism of Russian patriarch Sep 14, 2022 18:49
below need to state neo n azi and ki ll I ng
God does not back war, pope says in apparent criticism of Russian patriarch Sep 14, 2022 18:47
where was the pope when the neo ********Ukraine's were ********Russians in Donnas? that was okay? I am Catholic and this guy is not my pope!
Oil prices slump again, hit by demand concerns Aug 31, 2022 18:48
to me looks like but the dip. Russia will stop exports to g7 soon and USA oil reserves down to early 1980 lvl.
German manufacturers increasingly short of skilled workers - Ifo Aug 16, 2022 22:30
not to worry Germany will we deindustrialize soon due to lack of energy.
Scholz wants quick workaround with EU on German gas levy tax Aug 16, 2022 22:28
so stealing gas from hungry and Poland will be germanies new thing. This eu needs to breakup.
Bill Gates' Gain Is This Legendary Hedge Fund's Loss: This Stock Has Doubled Since Gates Got In Aug 16, 2022 22:25
This is bad after Bill gates Ted talk he is behind the fake covid clot shot to depopulate the world.
Record power prices spur Uniper to run reserve oil-fired plant in Sweden Aug 16, 2022 22:17
so it comes from the moon? or from India which buys it from Russia.
Games-Birmingham's raging bull to stay after public campaign Aug 06, 2022 7:49
so let's get this straight UK will take down historical statues, but leaves this satanical statue? You all in UK need new leadership across the board.
Polymetal Aug 05, 2022 16:29
I don't understand how a company can have huge gold inv in a country that buys up gold.
Germany wants clearer EU debt rules to rein in spending - govt sources Aug 05, 2022 16:04
Germany should look into how much their central bank has lend out in target 2 system. Then we wouldn't be seeing this article.
Russia bans Western investors from selling banking, key energy stakes Aug 05, 2022 16:01
Schwab and his purchased eu leaders wouldn't get a reset then. They have failed in death shot covid passports so now they attack food and energy in the West.
GameStop Corp Feb 09, 2021 17:59
i find it funny the same main stream media which lies for a living reminding us each day that this is over. if this goes like wv squeeze we will see 800 soon.
GameStop Corp Feb 09, 2021 17:51
robots taking it down. look at the vol. i am holding shorts havent covered.
EUR/USD Jul 21, 2020 21:28
i think its devaluing. we could be entering reflation fase. dollar down metals + comodities up.
EU's Vestager says German bailouts can be locomotive for Europe May 04, 2020 19:40
keep hoping. Nothing better to get economic information from a eu politition. Perhaps if th eu polititions get a hair cut in pay they might actually get something done.
JPMorgan Sees Room for Short-Covering to ‘Propel’ Risky Assets May 04, 2020 19:37
All privat investors go all in. anyone? we will see. i have exited after a nice reversal. waiting for the new low.
Silver Apr 23, 2020 20:46
so many negative articles on silver. heads up its time to buy. when i see bullish articles its time to sell.
Silver Apr 02, 2020 21:26
looks like we are back in gold and buck raise together. look at eurusd lol. fed programs useless
World Bank announces up to $12 billion in immediate funds for coronavirus Mar 03, 2020 22:21
money wont help you world bank. you made this situation. years in the making with globalist policies. hope you get this virus.
Google cancels annual developer conference amid coronavirus concerns Mar 03, 2020 22:19
can someone demonetize this. coronavirus in heading. hope this hits google hard for preventing the truth.
Gold Tumbles 3%+; Safe Haven Not so Safe Feb 29, 2020 8:40
gold has done exactly what you wanted it to go. hedge agianst stocks. the selloff is due to a marlet selloff and margin call protection. time to load the truck with gold soon. looking 1290 or low 1300.