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Comments by Zen Cat
US Wheat Nov 01, 2021 13:35
900, here we come
G20 offers little new on climate, leaving uphill task for COP26 Oct 31, 2021 17:04
Their houses arent under water yet nor has anyone close to them have drowned from floods die to climate change. Why would they give a ####
BTC/USD Oct 29, 2021 20:30
should rally into the end of the year
BTC/USD Oct 29, 2021 20:27
monthly close is above the ckose if the march candle. Bulls have won and nothing stands in the way except for higher areas of profit taking
ETH/USD Oct 29, 2021 20:25
patience padawan, things do not happen overnight.
Alibaba ADR Oct 29, 2021 20:23
looks like the bull shake out is coming to a close. Price may be headed back for 170 in coming few sessions.
Alibaba founder Jack Ma smells the orchids on Dutch horticulture tour Oct 27, 2021 6:55
The Party have people everywhere.
Copper Oct 26, 2021 14:13
looks like its trying to hammer out a base around 4.5
Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou returns to work in Shenzhen, after extradition drama - Global Times Oct 26, 2021 0:29
Probably legit that she authorized sanction violations though. Theres always a paper trail when transactions run through banks thats objectively irrefutable.
Amazon signs deal with British spy agencies to boost use of AI for espionage -FT Oct 26, 2021 0:17
Now that James Bond is dead, they probably need to have other whacky means to defend the country.
TikTok to be in congressional hotseat over school-trashing content Oct 25, 2021 23:32
They got complete reigns over the next generation. Horrifying.
Alibaba ADR Oct 25, 2021 20:38
this has 85% bullish sentiment. It may try to shake some bulls out before advancing toward 200
Copper Oct 21, 2021 0:37
Did a chart in 2020 projecting a rise into 5.3 dollar region. We're almost there. It could even go slightly higher than that before retreating back down.
Alibaba ADR Oct 16, 2021 14:32
bears had 6 days to break 160 while price mingled with the resistance at the overhead MA's. Looks like some willing buyers taking the available sell orders in the 160~170 region
Oil prices rise to three-year high on back of supply deficit forecasts Oct 16, 2021 10:30
Funny how this is rising toward 90 but just a few months ago those who were making calls for even higher prices were being ridiculed. Made big bucks thanks to their shorts. TY :)
Evergrande's $1.7 billion Hong Kong headquarters sale flops as buyer withdraws -sources Oct 16, 2021 10:27
Heres where the central government supposedly requested businesses entites to mobilize efforts and make 'contributions' for the country.
US Wheat Oct 16, 2021 7:55
The weekly and monthly suggests the uptrend is still intact. Fundamentally we have a strong case for this pushing beyond 800+. However the 740 to 770 zone is a HTF resistance zone, so there will need to be some bull purging before this advances. When volatility expands, the big boys may flush this down to 700~670 zone to shake out the bulls before rising in earnest. If this hits the 50 weekly MA, it will be a good place to long. Gool luck.
ETH/USD Oct 16, 2021 7:50
Bitcoin is headed for 100k+. This, being the queen of cryptos should follow in tandem. sit tight.
Billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma reappears in Hong Kong - sources Oct 12, 2021 20:05
If he is down in HK it probably means he has some things to discuss with regard to IPOs. In other words he may still be attempting to go ahead with Ant financial. If he is contemplating Ants IPO it means Xi has lifted his foot off of Ma's neck. BABA is a BUY.
Nikkei 225 Futures Oct 08, 2021 0:58
What a fantastic trading vehicle !
British wholesale gas exceeds 3 pounds/therm for first time Oct 06, 2021 18:01
Good thing I have a bucket of lighters from the days I was still smoking. I can cook food by lighting a bunch of them under my pan, not that gas isnt going to be affordable any more.
Gas price explosion jolts UK bond market Oct 06, 2021 17:58
The other British Bond who will have trouble in future goes by the name James. He's out of a job bcz some lady took his spot.
Treasury Seen Out of Cash as Late as Nov. 2: Debt-Limit Update Oct 06, 2021 17:52
This is why budgeting and financial competence should be compulsory in the educational curriculum. It might also help if they would stop showering other countries and institutions with billions, needlessly.
Exclusive-Apple to face EU antitrust charge over NFC chip - sources Oct 06, 2021 17:48
Every time I see the bitten apple I'm reminded of Ricky Gervais roasting Tim Cook and Apple inc at the Golden Globe awards. {{e:f09f9882}}