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Hüseyin Akgün

Joined: 07/08/16

Comments by Hüseyin Akgün
Crude Oil WTI Oct 02, 2020 8:43
It will be 28 soon.
BIST 100 Aug 20, 2020 1:18
Ne midesiz ne kaypak adamsınız siz ya
USD/TRY Aug 20, 2020 1:16
I don't believe our government let currency goes down even if big gas resources has found. Because priority is not cheap excahge rate, is having local industries which will produce and export
USD/TRY Aug 20, 2020 1:13
According to my previous comments I have to say I was wrong for short-term but may be I will be right about our currency in long term.
USD/TRY Aug 20, 2020 1:12
Hahahaha you have to wait for a long time Hahahaha you have to wait for a long time
USD/TRY Jul 29, 2020 17:10
Where were you planning to put your population grows by 23 million in 18 years? Logistics and infrastructure investments are so important for a country. Turkey's problem is not lack of industrialization. Turkey's problem is not producing creative minds who thinks for his/her country. Adoring the European countries not makes your country better. We need to create our own brands, design our own products not factories just able to assemble semi products.
USD/TRY Jun 16, 2020 14:58
There is no rationality at this rate. People will regret regarding to didn't passed to TRY when rates was high. Petroleum arrangements will be done with Libya soon. Turkey is the biggest and most probable alternative to production. We have enormous amount of educated young labor. We have fertile soils. I am expecting tremendous amount of foreign funds entrance to Turkey.
Crude Oil WTI Apr 20, 2020 19:39
How was the least price of Crude today?
USD/TRY Apr 15, 2020 22:15
There is no rational point of that rate. This stupidity will end dramatically after Coronavirus. You won't be able to see and sell at those rates.
USD/TRY Apr 15, 2020 22:14
Do you think that you are financial genius? The world is going to stupidest point that it ever gone. This balloon will explode and we will see that after Coronavirus
USD/TRY Apr 03, 2020 17:35
Dollar baloon will explode and you will never find those rates.
USD/TRY Dec 18, 2019 0:33
Ne şerefsiz bir orospu çocuğusun sen
USD/RUB Nov 04, 2019 1:14
Ruble will increase that means I am expecting to se 60.500
Top 5 Things to Know in the Market on Friday Oct 18, 2019 12:15
Turkey is not attacking Kurdish fighters, they are not Kurdish. They are terrorists. We love our Kurdish brothers and sisters. We are living together. We don't like terrorists whatever their religion or whatever their race
USD/TRY Oct 18, 2019 11:12
Hahaha my government manipulates dolar? Trump has confessed that they manipulated our economy. But still not enough for haters like you. If you count exchange rates with inflation ratios you will see the real rate must be in market.
USD/TRY Oct 18, 2019 0:24
What happened Musti. Downing just started. I wrote it down there.
USD/TRY Oct 15, 2019 22:09
I not pal of the people like you.
USD/TRY Oct 09, 2019 15:30
It's temporary increase, it will be 5.40 in 3 months
USD/TRY Oct 09, 2019 15:26
Reality of your US violence our economy
USD/TRY Apr 26, 2019 5:44
It's almost May and still 5.9 what happened you crisis master.