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Kathy Lien

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Kathy Lien's Comment & Analysis
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Here's my outlook for US Non-Farm Payrolls and tips on How to Trade itStronger NFP should be: USD up US yields up Stocks down Gold down Weaker NFP should be: Gold up Mildly +Stocks up Dollar down US...
US Stocks indices are down sharply today as US 10-year yields hit 4-month highs.But, could stocks & other assets still hit new highs this month? In this video I discuss What's behind the Massive...
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USD/JPY experienced its biggest one-day drop in 2024 yesterday.In this video, I talk about the 6 reasons why it saw such a big move and what next for the Yen.
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Here's Your Daily 60 Second Trading Tip:What does Price Action Trading mean? Here are tips for day traders, forex gold traders, and more.