Dow Jones Futures - Jun 22

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    31,474.00 - 32,651.00

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  • Hi, A friendly tip: do not be (over) self conceit, leave room for your errors! After 3 weeks ( as I saw, God knows how much was before) of huge mistakes ( while the market gave at least 1500 pips profits), one day your call might come. Do not make the trade a personal affair. As I saw during last one month, when you call opposite approach (bull/bear) silly, A.., As.., devil, or so on, not only prevent them to share the idea freely but also you are damaging account and forums.
    • I'm trying to understand why the misunderstanding. maybe you think that when ppl were joking about the devil whispering they were referring to the actually ppl posting bullish comments. but thats not the case. what was used is just a figure if speech and I think there was a lost in translation situation here:)
    • ready message carefully, it is not about Lab just. It is about all. But I said it is not acceptable from exprienced traders.
    • Yes. Could be.