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  • Hoping green day. Any views welcome
    • GBP might have put a top on it and expecting oil correction when Texas weather gets back to normal. So I'm torn. I was expecting a new high last week but not sure atm. Seems to be setting up for downside to me. Exited leveraged positions which was about 25% of my long position. Holding about 35% long at around a 6600 average (as my buying at lower positions was in LUK2) and looking for points to add along the way.
    •  sounds sensible David. I think theres a chance we might see a bit of consolidation again around the 6400 level (dependent how far the sell off in on S&P goes) if not we could settle around 6500 area again before the next leg up. But i could be completely wrong of course!!
    •  Yeah I'm not sure about that low unless US fully gets going. I think it's looking for more personally. I'm marking this peak down as a bit of an anomoly due to exceptionally strong GBP. I have a feeling when oil goes so will GBP. In this case because of supply issues in the states I think the two are linked. So it may keep us flat. But it's all hinging now on what the US wants to do and when. The longer it goes on the more hesitant the markets will become but over the course of the pandemic we've seen analyst after analyst call a top. So far they've all been wrong.