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1 1 0 1 E O Y
1840+ closing
1708 closing
1,800 soon
it will down 1622
Every buying failed as big players taking out their investment. disinvestment started on big scale. crash like 2008 or earlier is behind the curtain.
bottom reversal and overall sentiments are bullish so big buying can come with a bull run
Keep adding, we have reached the bottom
We’ve reach the top for the year guys! Enjoy the shorts!
1,800 soon sell it!!!!
Still 6-7 percent upside possible
ng strong buy target 2.53-2.58+
natgas strong buy with hold good profit possible
your prediction worked sir
sell down today chart bearish 1,690 soon
copper strong buy bullish
1790 target tonight
1,847 soon All are buying mode no one selling
1695 to night
The most manupilated index avoid
technically chart pattern are very bullish 1,820 points we can see today buy only don't sale.
1,860 today chart today very bullish
1,680 soon big fall soon see