Nikkei 225 Futures - Dec 23

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Nikkei 225 Futures Discussions

poor and bearish chart pattern it's directly indicate downside only with 180 points down don't buy please 🙏
Buy in USDINR 81.800 ce target 82.600 soon a huge profit will give
buy from 25,900 level good place to move upside from current place it risky to buy
bearish chart pattern 25,780 soon
recovery in Nekkei
Looking good for upside next target will be 26,430 let's go
technical indicators indicate badly down 25,800 level
Downtrend re test done by nekkie now it's become stronger buy from 26,150 target 🎯 upside 26,194/ 26,280
buy nekkie from 25,860 level for upside where it's moving it's risky to buy from there.
it's time for bounch back of from 26,200 to 26,400 quickly buy now
nekkie such a looser please 🙏 stop trading
buy stock in Tesla good opportunity money making
good news came about Russia and Ukraine war stops soon rate hike will be decrease
If today it will not closing in green then tomorrow us will take out all the investment from Nekkie
Nekkie will cover all today loose which was done before closing and it will be close in positive
common nekkie you can do it come to 26,350 before closing
I think all index are taking its position for great green upside movement today and it's will be sustainable there
over sold market in Nekkie 225 good time to buying opportunity and hold it buy ce 26250 stop of 26,200.40 target for upside 26,350.59/26,490.59/26.560.70
ok sir 👍
yes sir you always give right direction thanks you Andy trader sir
now buyers are entered suddenly and quickly it will go upside
JP225 is not weak soon it will come in green 🟢
buy as brave 😎 starts buying journey for up only
Japan is poor country beggar
stop selling only buying from down
it's will trap pe holders don't sell it's will be re bound soon upside