Nikkei 225 Futures - Dec 23

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keep on increasing ..
Buy this friends
Buy now and hold
Sell 30400 coming
Sell now
I think we can expect at any time short sell
can anyone tell me why it's going up
Coz warren is buying stocks in japnese market and people are rushing to buy along with boj usual qe
It is running faster
this is running like a clock without stopping
insane market to trade..Stay away
This can break 39k very soon
Dont trade this junk…
Balance of trade result tomorrow highly negative side
You can't imagine after sometimes what's will be selling pressure nothing is good news for JP225 is running upsides technically it should downside today scams is going on
30,350 Sl target downside 30,200 and 30,100 today highly overbrough index dam selling today
30,200 soon big selling will come soon
29,990 then 30,010 charts turns again bullish
Dont trade junk…
today sell JP225 chart are bearish 29,400 soon
copper strong buy bullish
The hightest is 39k in 1989
Insanely high. When is it going to correct itself?
!!! 29,300!!!
sell 100 points downside for perfect correct
Today JP225 chart are very favourable for bullish trend a few mins it will cross 29,000 points