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Germany - ETFs

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Source MSCI World UCITSSMSWLD78.17-0.51%13.17K02/12 
 Source STOXX 600 Optimised TechnologyX8PS105.20-0.34%12.81K02/12 
 Source STOXX Europe 600 UCITSSDJ600102.20-0.08%8.98K02/12 
 Source JPX-Nikkei 400 EUR HedgedNS4E19.17-0.98%5.82K02/12 
 Source MSCI USA UCITSSMSUSA107.92-0.66%5.13K02/12 
 Source Physical Markets PLC ZT Gold 30.12.21008PSG164.94-0.43%4.87K02/12 
 Source STOXX 600 Optimised Industrial Goods & ServXNPS304.70+0.21%2.23K02/12 
 Source Euro Stoxx 50 TR A UCITSSDJE5093.39-0.24%1.88K02/12 
 Source STOXX 600 Optimised InsuranceXIPS133.42-0.30%1.35K02/12 
 Source STOXX 600 Optimised Travel & LeisureXTPS196.18-0.36%0.75K02/12 
 Source STOXX 600 Optimised ChemicalsX4PS572.40+0.60%0.72K02/12 
 Source S&P 500 UCITSP500738.26-0.54%0.67K02/12 
 Source STOXX 600 Optimised Automobiles & PartsXAPS438.10-0.57%0.16K02/12 
 Source STOXX 600 Optimised Construction & MaterialXOPS432.65-0.02%0.06K02/12 
 Source STOXX 600 Optimised Basic ResourcesXPPS605.70+0.08%0.06K02/12 
 Source MSCI Europe ValueEMSV248.10-0.12%0.05K02/12 
 Source STOXX Europe 600 Optimised Banks UCITSX7PS67.30+0.18%0.05K02/12 
 Source EURO STOXX 50 B Total ReturnSDJE5D39.20-0.22%0.04K02/12 
 Source Russell 2000 UCITSSR200088.28-0.27%0.04K02/12 
 Source MSCI Japan UCITSSMSJPN60.21-0.66%0.03K02/12 

Italy - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Source Bloomberg CommodityCMOD23.300-1.17%24.69K02/12 
 Source MSCI World UCITSSMSWLD78.00-0.57%3.78K02/12 
 Source Euro Stoxx 50 TR A UCITSSDJE5092.63-0.78%3.67K02/12 
 Source Energy S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLES550.79-0.80%3.36K02/12 
 Health Care S&P US Sector SourceXLVS626.00+0.01%1.09K02/12 
 Source STOXX Europe 600 UCITSSDJ600102.26+0.08%0.50K02/12 
 Source Financials S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLFS255.42-0.53%0.28K02/12 
 Source S&P 500 UCITSSPXS738.04-0.48%0.25K02/12 
 Source Utilities S&P US Select Sector UCITSXLUS447.67-0.97%0.10K02/12 
 Invesco Consumer Discretionary S&P US Select SectoXLYS470.04-0.92%0.04K02/12 
 Source Russell 2000 UCITSSR200087.16-1.47%0.01K02/12 
 Source MSCI EuropeSMSEUR277.85+0.09%0.00K02/12 
 Ind. S&P US Sel Sector SourceXLIS513.00+0.14%0.00K02/12 
 Source STOXX Europe Mid 200 UCITSPSSMID96.01+0.00%030/11 

Switzerland - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Source Energy S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLES572.10-1.94%2.21K02/12 
 Health Care S&P US Sector SourceXLVS657.90+0.18%0.42K02/12 
 Source Utilities S&P US Select Sector UCITSXLUS469.90-0.85%0.21K02/12 
 Source Euro Stoxx 50 TR A UCITSSX5E93.05-0.23%0.10K02/12 
 Source Materials S&P US Select SectorXLBS480.20+0.15%0.00K02/12 
 Source Consumer Staples S&P US Select SectorXLPS577.20+0.00%015/11 
 Invesco NASDAQ BiotechSBIO44.76+0.00%001/12 
 Source MSCI World UCITSMXWO82.50+0.00%001/12 
 Source Financials S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLFS268.200.00%028/11 
 Ind. S&P US Sel Sector SourceXLIS536.20+0.00%001/12 
 Invesco Consumer Discretionary S&P US Select SectoXLYS483.05+0.00%018/11 
 Source MSCI EuropeMXEU273.25+0.00%022/11 

United Kingdom - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Source Bloomberg CommodityCMOD24.45-1.24%31.13K02/12 
 Invesco NASDAQ BiotechSBIO44.83-0.28%30.86K02/12 
 Source Bloomberg CommodityCMOP1,996.00-1.15%18.74K02/12 
 Source MSCI USA UCITSMXUS113.33-0.39%9.16K02/12 
 Source Physical SilverSSLV22.06+1.45%6.72K02/12 
 Source Energy S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLES577.53-0.85%3.78K02/12 
 Source S&P 500 UCITSSPXS774.97-0.86%2.23K02/12 
 Source Euro Stoxx 50 TR A UCITSSX5S7,992.0+0.09%2.13K02/12 
 Source FTSE 250 UCITSS25015,347.0+0.26%1.79K02/12 
 Source Real Estate S&P US Select SectorXRES21.24-1.49%1.64K02/12 
 Source Financials S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLFS267.11-1.03%1.34K02/12 
 Source Physical Platinum PSPPT97.46-0.18%1.28K02/12 
 Ind. S&P US Sel Sector SourceXLIS539.98+0.48%0.96K02/12 
 Health Care S&P US Sector SourceXLVS656.32-0.21%0.70K02/12 
 Source Utilities S&P US Select Sector UCITSXLUS469.13-1.24%0.55K02/12 
 Source KBW NASDAQ Fintech UCITSSOFTEK34.78-2.06%0.27K02/12 
 Source Physical Palladium PSPAL180.96-0.74%0.22K02/12 
 Source MSCI World UCITSMXWO82.07+0.08%0.18K02/12 
 Source Russell 2000 UCITSRTYS92.62-1.88%0.02K02/12 
 Source LGIM Commodity CompositeLGCF80.81-0.48%0.01K02/12 
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