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France - ETFs

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 GraniteShares 3x Short Facebook Daily ETP3SFB3.61+9.52%2.24K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Tesla Daily ETP3STS35.50+1.40%0.39K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Facebook Daily ETP3LFB59.10-4.82%0.18K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Microsoft Daily ETP3LMS25.73-7.81%0.04K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Apple Daily ETP3SAP29.34+2.37%0.00K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Alphabet Daily ETP3LAL39.140.00%009/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long NVIDIA Daily ETP3LNV144.880.00%018/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Uber Daily ETP3LUB50.930.00%017/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Tesla Daily ETP3LTS2.590.00%016/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short NVIDIA Daily ETP3SNV0.160.00%011/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Microsoft Daily ETP3SMS22.890.00%019/01 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Netflix Daily ETP3SNF5.600.00%005/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Netflix Daily ETP3LNF123.700.00%018/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Alphabet Daily ETP3SAL14.650.00%010/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Apple Daily ETP3LAP18.100.00%017/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Amazon Daily ETP3SZN9.520.00%015/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Amazon Daily ETP3LZN62.160.00%015/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Uber Daily ETP3SUB1.820.00%009/04 

Italy - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 GraniteShares 3x Short MicroStrategy Daily3SMI0.00-20.00%14.39M18/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short NVIDIA Daily ETP3SNV0.19+12.82%1.31M19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Alibaba Daily3LAA0.08-1.72%197.80K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short UniCredit Daily3SCR0.03-3.33%128.24K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Tesla Daily ETP3LTS2.03-3.22%31.10K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Facebook Daily ETP3SFB3.70+12.16%25.63K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long UniCredit Daily3LCR22.85+2.60%2.93K19/04 
 GraniteShares 5x Short FTSE MIB Daily ETP5SIT5.93+0.85%2.40K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Tesla Daily ETP3STS35.80+2.73%1.87K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Intesa Sanpaolo Daily3LSP5.98+1.93%1.67K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Facebook Daily ETP3LFB53.8200-12.76%1.59K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Coinbase Daily3LCO39.01+1.35%1.18K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long MicroStrategy Daily3LMI148.50-15.59%1.12K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Intesa Sanpaolo Daily3SSP0.44-3.23%1.10K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long NVIDIA Daily ETP3LNV125.56-12.99%1.01K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Netflix Daily ETP3SNF7.65+29.57%0.90K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Spotify Daily3LPO1.8482-3.89%0.85K18/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Amazon Daily ETP3SZN11.5240+10.77%0.71K19/04 
 GraniteShares 5x Long FTSE MIB Daily ETP5MIB47.36+4.34%0.59K17/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Amazon Daily ETP3LZN51.4600-8.98%0.49K19/04 

United Kingdom - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 GraniteShares 3x Short MicroStrategy DailySMI30.40+17.65%20.41M19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short MicroStrategy DailyGR3SMI0.0121.43%4.82M19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short NVIDIA Daily ETP3SNV0.21+14.13%1.25M19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Tesla Daily ETP3LTS2.18-3.96%174.38K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Tesla Daily ETP3STS37.89000+1.61%53.20K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short NVIDIA Daily ETP3SVP16.55+14.14%30.80K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Alibaba DailyLAA36.83-2.29%22.79K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short NVIDIA Daily ETP3SVE0.19+13.57%13.36K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Facebook Daily ETP3SFB4.041+14.80%9.47K19/04 
 GraniteShares 2x Long Zoom DailyLZM223.50-2.29%8.27K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Netflix Daily ETP3SNF8.19+30.34%7.52K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Facebook Daily ETP3SFP324.95+15.09%6.23K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Tesla Daily ETP3LTE2.04-1.78%5.91K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long NVIDIA Daily ETP3LNV134.23-12.96%5.75K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Microsoft Daily ETP3LMS27.67-6.82%4.82K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Facebook Daily ETP3SFE3.79+14.74%4.31K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Tesla Daily ETP3STE35.5100+1.60%3.88K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Tesla Daily ETP3STP3,051.00+2.01%3.54K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Apple Daily ETP3LAP17.65-5.49%3.46K19/04 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Netflix Daily ETP3SNP660.25+30.58%3.20K19/04 
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