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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 iShares MSCI China A UCITS USDCNYA5.60+1.34%1.01M27/06 
 UBS MSCI Switzerland A-dis CHFSWICHA19.84+0.94%304.96K27/06 
 21Shares Avalanche ETPAVAXUSD3.94+3.64%300.00K27/06 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond UCITS CHF Hedged AcISAGGS4.68-0.53%183.10K27/06 
 21Shares Bitcoin ETPABTC7.26-1.75%169.11K27/06 
 iShares Global Clean Energy UCITSINRG11.37+3.21%153.25K27/06 
 Lyxor Daily Double Short SMI CLYSSL2.90-1.76%151.82K27/06 
 21Shares Short BitcoinSBTC1.70+1.33%146.53K27/06 
 iShares S&P 500 USD EnergyISIUES6.90+2.45%141.66K27/06 
 iShares MSCI World CHF Hedged CHFIWDC56.40+1.08%127.05K27/06 
 UBS SXI Real Estate A-dis CHFSRECHA8.74+1.17%124.93K27/06 
 iShares MSCI China UCITS ETF USD AccICHN5.15+0.96%122.27K27/06 
 iShares € High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF CHF HedgeHIHC4.64-0.30%113.48K27/06 
 UBS Bloomberg Barclays TIPS 1-10 A-accTIP1A14.42+0.29%113.20K27/06 
 SPDR Barclays U.S. TIPSISTIPS31.96-0.17%109.32K27/06 
 UBS Bloomberg Barclays TIPS 1-10 hedged A-acc EURTIP1E11.55+0.31%100.38K27/06 
 UBS ETF - Bloomberg Barclays TIPS 1-10 UCITS ETF (TIP1D12.72+0.64%100.00K27/06 
 iShares $ Corp Bond USDLQDE104.02-0.54%96.96K27/06 
 HSBC MSCI China UCITSHMCH7.56+1.29%86.71K27/06 
 21Shares EthereumAETH13.15-1.47%76.56K27/06 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS USDAUEM4.83+1.25%72.73K27/06 
 UBS ETF (CH) - MSCI Switzerland IMI Socially RespoCHSRI16.17+0.66%68.75K27/06 
 iShares Core CHF Corp Bond CHFCHCORP90.03-0.54%68.48K27/06 
 UBS MSCI UK A-accUKGBPB26.08+1.05%65.51K27/06 
 Lyxor UCITS Daily ShortDAX x2 C-EURLYDSD1.785-2.29%62.00K27/06 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Info TechIUIT16.68+0.74%59.06K27/06 
 UBS ETF - MSCI Switzerland 20/35 UCITS ETF (hedgedCHEUR13.73+1.00%57.97K27/06 
 UBS SMI CHF A-disSMICHA112.28+0.83%53.86K27/06 
 UBS MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS USD A-accEMMUSC10.18+1.01%44.08K27/06 
 iShares USD Treasury Bond 7-10yr UCITS CHF Hedged IDTC4.51-0.65%44.00K27/06 
 UBS Irl ETF plc - MSCI ACWI Socially Responsible UAWSRIS11.40+0.88%41.67K27/06 
 UBS ETF Sustainable Dev Bnk Bs UCI (EUR hdg) A-accMDBE9.75-0.80%39.05K27/06 
 iShares Core MSCI EMU UCITS ETF EURCSEMU127.84+0.39%37.82K27/06 
 iShares SMICSSMI113.52+0.71%37.71K27/06 
 iShares USD Treasury Bond 20+Yr DEIDTL4.15-0.71%37.17K27/06 
 UBS ETF - MSCI EMU Socially Responsible UCITS ETF EMUSRI21.48+0.99%35.45K27/06 
 UBS ETF - MSCI Switzerland 20/35 UCITS CHF A-accSW2CHB24.61+1.07%34.58K27/06 
 UBS Gold hedged CHFAUCHAH71.60-0.42%34.08K27/06 
 iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF GBP (Dist)ISF8.33+0.70%34.05K27/06 
 UBS Bloomberg Barclays TIPS 1-10 hedged A-acc CHFTIP1S12.36+0.18%33.05K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS DistIEEM39.71+1.16%32.25K27/06 
 UBS MSCI ACWI ESG Universal UCITS Hedged A Acc CHFAWESGS12.95+2.07%31.00K27/06 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Energy Select SectorSXLE26.18+1.47%30.99K27/06 
 UBS MSCI EMU A-accEMUAA22.15+0.41%30.69K27/06 
 UBS MSCI EM Socially Responsible A-disMSRUSA13.13+0.29%29.87K27/06 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI USA A-accUSAUSW21.86+2.37%29.20K27/06 
 iShares Electric Vehicles and Driving Technology UECAR6.31+2.48%27.51K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI China UCITS DR 1CXMCH16.26+0.69%26.24K27/06 
 UBS MSCI ACWI ESG Universal UCITS Hedged A Acc USDAWESGW16.00+2.21%25.89K27/06 
 Vanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS (USD) DistributiV3AL4.26+1.01%24.73K27/06 
 iShares Swiss Dividend CHFCHDVD142.68+1.23%24.50K27/06 
 iShares MSCI USA ESG Screened UCITS AccSASU7.54+1.32%24.22K27/06 
 iShares S&P 500 UCITS DistIUSA38.98+0.97%23.19K27/06 
 iShares Glb High Yld Corp Bd UCITS CHF Hdg AccHYLC4.84-0.31%22.61K27/06 
 UBS ETF (CH) MSCI Switzerland IMI Socially ResponsCHSRIA17.33+0.14%22.23K27/06 
 iShares China CNY Bond UCITS USD DistCNYB5.32-0.47%21.40K27/06 
 Lyxor UCITS Stoxx Europe 600 BanksLYBNK18.53+2.42%21.37K27/06 
 iShares Core S&P 500 UCITSCSSPX402.15+0.81%20.77K27/06 
 UBS Sustainable Dev Bank Bds UCITS (USD)AacMDBUA11.11+0.43%20.69K27/06 
 iShares Sust MSCI USA SRISUAS11.37+0.39%20.17K27/06 
 UBS plc Bloomberg Commodity SF A-acc CHFDCCHAS58.00-1.38%19.05K27/06 
 UBS Gold hedged EURAUEUAH51.93-0.36%19.03K27/06 
 iShares JP Morgan USD EM Bond UCITSEMBC3.23+0.40%18.71K27/06 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Minimum Volatility ESG UCIMVEC5.25+1.41%18.68K27/06 
 iShares MSCI South Africa UCITSSRSA32.35+2.63%18.28K27/06 
 iShares J.P. Morgan ESG $ EM Bond UCITS CHF HedgedCMES4.02-0.78%18.13K27/06 
 UBS Global Gender Equality UCITS Hedged A Acc CHFGENDES14.97+1.15%17.90K27/06 
 UBS MSCI Hong Kong UCITSHKDU18.02+3.83%17.80K27/06 
 UBS SPI CHF A-disSPICHA73.09+0.67%17.33K27/06 
 UBS MSCI ACWI ESG Universal UCITS Hedged A Acc EURAWESGE13.90+0.56%16.34K27/06 
 UBS Global Gender Equality UCITS Hedged A Acc EURGENDEE17.47+0.36%15.83K27/06 
 UBS ETF - Sustainable Development Bank Bonds UCITSMDBU10.67-0.23%14.66K27/06 
 Lyxor Bund Future Daily (-1x) Inverse UCITSCBBUNDS59.11+1.25%14.33K27/06 
 21Shares Crypto Basket IndexHODL6.11-1.88%14.33K27/06 
 iShares Core MSCI World UCITSSWDA73.40+0.84%13.58K27/06 
 UBS Gold USDAUUSI58.81-0.19%13.49K27/06 
 iShares USD Corp Bond UCITS CHF Hedged AccLQCE4.54-0.06%13.30K27/06 
 UBS ETF - Bloomberg Barclays MSCI US Liquid CorporCBSUS15.28-0.51%12.54K27/06 
 21Shares Bitcoin SuisseABBA9.11+0.86%12.42K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - MSCI Australia UCITS (AUD) A-disAUSAUY30.89+1.01%11.96K27/06 
 WisdomTree BitcoinBTCW5.18+1.23%11.35K27/06 
 iShares Core MSCI Japan IMI UCITS ETF USDSJPA5,612.0+0.83%11.23K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI Japan UCITS JPY A-disJPNJPA5,804.0+0.02%11.23K27/06 
 Invesco S&P 500 UCITS ETF B DisSPXD36.47+1.97%10.92K27/06 
 iShares Automation & Robotics UCITS USD (Acc)RBOT9.500.04%10.76K27/06 
 iShares European Property Yield UCITSIPRP31.43-0.16%10.69K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - S&P 500 UCITS (hedged to CHF) A-acSP500S19.86+1.13%10.41K27/06 
 UBS Irl plc - Global Gender Equality UCITS A AccGENDER15.38+0.92%10.28K27/06 
 x-trackers Swiss Large DR 1DXSMI115.60+0.89%10.09K27/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI United Kingdom UCITSUKUKD12.12+1.58%10.08K27/06 
 iShares MSCI World ESG Screened UCITS ETF USD (AccSAWD6.76+0.60%9.86K27/06 
 ZKB Silver AA CHFZSIL59.60+0.25%9.57K27/06 
 iShares Listed Private Equity UCITSIPRV24.31+1.40%9.52K27/06 
 iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITSEIMI29.92+0.86%9.47K27/06 
 UBS ETF - Sustainable Development Bank Bonds UCITSMDBC9.74-0.99%9.33K27/06 
 iShares Core SPI CHFCHSPI134.76+0.81%9.28K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI Canada UCITS CAD A-disCANCDA48.67+1.51%9.22K27/06 
 iShares Core Corp Bond UCITS CHF Hdg AccIECH4.38-0.42%9.04K27/06 
 UBS CMCI Oil SF USDOILUSA51.96+0.54%8.86K27/06 
 UBS plc CMCI Composite SF USDCCUSAS102.48+0.12%8.81K27/06 
 UBS CH SXI Real Estate A-disSRFCHA32.04+0.58%8.71K27/06 
 iShares EURO Dividend UCITSIDVY17.24+0.09%8.61K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI Nordic DR 1DXDN043.46+2.51%8.52K27/06 
 21Shares SolanaASOL23.76-3.92%8.50K27/06 
 L&G Hydrogen Economy UCITSHTWO5.47+1.33%8.49K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Europe ESG Enhanced UCITS ETF EUR AccEDM65.86+0.69%8.30K27/06 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Minimum Volatility UCITS CMVSH6.08+1.28%8.27K27/06 
 iShares SLI CHFCSSLI178.40+0.73%8.23K27/06 
 iShares Swiss Domestic Govt Bond 3-7 CHFCSBGC776.49-0.11%8.13K27/06 
 Amun RippleAXRP10.46-5.22%7.77K27/06 
 UBS MSCI ACWI Socially Responsible UCITS Hedged A AWSRIE12.22+0.88%7.67K27/06 
 UBS MSCI Switzerland 20/35 A-disSW2CHA20.90+0.19%7.64K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI World DR 1DXDWL67.46+1.43%7.54K27/06 
 Lyxor Green Bond DR C-EURCLIM47.28+0.04%7.53K27/06 
 iShares S&P 500 EUR Hedged UCITSISIUSE84.93+3.01%7.46K27/06 
 iShares MSCI EMU ESG Screened UCITS ETF EUR (Acc)SLMA5.96+1.48%7.23K27/06 
 iShares Emerging Markets Dividend UCITSIEDY13.90+0.14%7.14K27/06 
 iShares STOXX Europe 600 UCITSSXPIEX41.24+0.41%6.96K27/06 
 UBS plc MSCI USA hedged A-acc CHFUSCHWH31.17+0.97%6.76K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI ACWI Socially ResponsibleAWSRIA15.36+1.83%6.67K27/06 
 iShares MSCI EMU USD HdgEMUU7.12+0.94%6.42K27/06 
 Xtrackers MSCI USA UCITS ETF 1CXD9U109.86+0.44%6.34K27/06 
 UBS SMIM CHF A-disSMMCHA270.50+0.37%6.27K27/06 
 Lyxor 1 EURO STOXX 50 UCITSCB1E5037.51+1.30%6.25K27/06 
 iShares S&P 500 USD FinancialsIUFS9.01+2.49%6.20K27/06 
 UBS plc CMCI Composite SF CHFCCCHAS79.15-0.81%6.14K27/06 
 VanEck Vectors Gold Miners UKGDX30.31+1.22%6.08K27/06 
 iShares China Large Cap UCITSFXC98.27+2.70%5.93K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Brazil UCITS DistIBZL22.38+2.64%5.88K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS DistIJPN1,845.60+0.14%5.86K27/06 
 Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS USD IncVUSA70.91+1.17%5.77K27/06 
 Lyxor UCITS Stoxx Europe 600 Oil & GasLYOIL48.81+2.18%5.68K27/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI Japan Socially RespoJPSRA1,673.20-0.21%5.64K27/06 
 iShares MSCI EM IMI ESG Screened UCITS ETF USD (AcSAEM5.77+0.73%5.57K27/06 
 21Shares CardanoAADA9.88-1.48%5.52K27/06 
 UBS (CH) - SPI® ESG (CHF) A-accSPISI13.90-0.27%5.52K27/06 
 iShares MSCI World Value Factor UCITSIWVL33.77+1.99%5.48K27/06 
 iShares MSCI World Energy Sector UCITS ETF USD IncWENS5.88+2.65%5.48K27/06 
 iShares $ TIPS UCITS ETF USDITPS236.35-0.13%5.47K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc – DJ Global Select Dividend UCITGLDVD9.64+0.93%5.43K27/06 
 Source MSCI World UCITSMXWO78.30+0.45%5.26K27/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI United Kingdom UCITSUKCHF12.92+2.30%5.23K27/06 
 CMCI Composite SF UCITS (hedged to EUR) A-accCCEUAS81.59+0.09%5.16K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI Japan UCITS 1C DRXMJP8,144.0+0.10%5.00K27/06 
 UBS ETF - MSCI USA Socially Responsible UCITS ETF USSRF19.99+1.29%5.00K27/06 
 WisdomTree Ethereum CryptocurrencyETHW11.69-2.83%4.94K27/06 
 Vanguard FTSE Japan USDVJPN27.15-0.28%4.91K27/06 
 iShares Global Corp Bond UCITS CHF Hdg AccCORC4.60-0.87%4.87K27/06 
 MSCI Japan UCITS(JPY)A-accJPNA2,377.50+0.55%4.83K27/06 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS USD IncVWRL96.58+0.86%4.80K27/06 
 iShares EUR Corp Bond SRI UCITSSUOE4.59-0.38%4.76K27/06 
 iShares Ageing Population AccAGED6.20+1.01%4.58K27/06 
 iShares SMIM CHFCSSMIM278.40+0.34%4.57K27/06 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed EuropeVEUR32.43+0.76%4.57K27/06 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe UCITS EUR AccVWCG34.85+1.87%4.57K27/06 
 iShares MSCI EMU UCITSEMUC5.87+1.03%4.50K27/06 
 ZKB Gold AA CHFZGLD523.40-0.49%4.49K27/06 
 iShares Sust MSCI EM SRISUSM7.34+1.23%4.49K27/06 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia PacifVAPX23.55+1.40%4.44K27/06 
 Lyxor MSCI India UCITS SGLYINR23.04+0.07%4.36K27/06 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSAMAEEM4.57+1.94%4.30K27/06 
 UBS - MSCI Singapore UCITSSGPDU14.58+0.87%4.27K27/06 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World High Div YldVHYL54.83+0.61%4.21K27/06 
 iShares $ Corp Bond ESG UCITS ETF USD IncSUOU4.320.15%4.14K27/06 
 iShares S&P 500 CHF HedgedISIUSC65.62+1.03%4.12K27/06 
 UBS Gold USDAUUSIC.56.06-0.23%4.01K27/06 
 db x-trackers STOXX Global Select Dividend 100 UCIXGSD28.18+1.24%4.00K27/06 
 Franklin Liberty Euro Short Maturity UCITS ETF EURFLESEUR25.05-0.06%4.00K27/06 
 iShares Edge MSCI World MF GBpIFSW8.20+1.12%4.00K27/06 
 Lyxor UCITS Stoxx 50 Daily LeverageLYLVE27.86+4.36%3.93K27/06 
 iShares Swiss Domestic Govt Bond 7-15 CHFCSBGC098.04-1.05%3.93K27/06 
 UBS SLI CHF A-disSLICHA175.42+0.55%3.91K27/06 
 UBS - EURO STOXX 50 UCITS ETF (EUR) A-disE50CHA36.77+0.30%3.91K27/06 
 UBS (IRL) Plc – MSCI ACWI ESG Universal Low CarbonAWESG12.69+2.04%3.89K27/06 
 iShares Gold Hedged CHFCSGLDC138.40-0.27%3.89K27/06 
 iShares Developed Markets Property Yield UCITSIWDP24.70+1.23%3.86K27/06 
 Invesco EQQQ NASDAQ-100 UCITSEQQQ295.15+1.01%3.73K27/06 
 iShares Gold USDCSGOLD175.64-0.20%3.72K27/06 
 Xtrackers DAX Income UCITS 4C CHF HedgedXDCH15.77+0.41%3.65K27/06 
 ComStage Commerzbank Commodity ex-Agriculture EW TCBCOMM.167.08+0.40%3.62K27/06 
 Xtrackers S&P 500 Equal Weight UCITS ETF 1CXDEW72.47+0.61%3.58K27/06 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor Stoxx Europe 600 Oil & GaOILGA75.91+0.82%3.56K27/06 
 db x-trackers Swiss Large Cap Index DR 1CXSMC131.28+0.71%3.51K27/06 
 iShares Bric 50 UCITSBRIC24.10+2.08%3.50K27/06 
 Xtrackers Euro Stoxx 50 UCITS ETF 1DXESX38.48+2.11%3.43K27/06 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 3-7yr UCITS ETF USDCSBGU7127.85-0.29%3.35K27/06 
 Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 Automobiles & Parts UCITS DAUTD91.78+1.67%3.22K27/06 
 JPMorgan ETFs (Ireland) ICAV - Global Research EnhJREG33.83+0.82%3.18K27/06 
 UBS plc Bloomberg Commodity SF A-acc EURDCEUAS59.88+0.44%3.08K27/06 
 UBS MSCI ACWI Socially Responsible UCITS Hedged A AWSRIW13.65+2.54%3.07K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI World Socially Responsible UCITS USD WSRCHA112.32+2.58%3.05K27/06 
 iShares JP Morgan ESG EM Bond UCITS USD AccEMSA4.75-1.34%3.04K27/06 
 Xtrackers USD High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSXUHY12.260.02%3.01K27/06 
 iShares MSCI World SRI UCITS ETF EUR (Acc)ISSUSW8.47+1.15%2.99K27/06 
 iShares Global Infrastructure UCITSINFR31.76+1.05%2.93K27/06 
 iShares Gold EUR Hedged EURCSGLDE100.08-0.18%2.83K27/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI United Kingdom UCITSUKUSD17.88+0.91%2.76K27/06 
 UBS Silver USD A-disSVUSA201.35+1.18%2.74K27/06 
 UBS ETF - Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Euro Area LiquidCBSEUA13.19+0.12%2.72K27/06 
 Invesco Physical Gold ETCSGLD176.34-0.18%2.71K27/06 
 HSBC MSCI Taiwan UCITS CappedHTWN58.02+0.80%2.68K27/06 
 L&G Longer Dated All Commodities UCITSCOMF22.61-0.81%2.65K27/06 
 Sygnum Platform Winners Index ETPMOON7.82-2.93%2.54K27/06 
 21Shares PolkadotADOT4.20-2.18%2.51K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI EMU UCITS EUR A-disEMUEUA127.64+1.03%2.51K27/06 
 UBS - MSCI EMU Socially Responsible (EUR) A-disESREUA97.74+2.46%2.49K27/06 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid CorporatesCBUS513.65-0.26%2.48K27/06 
 ZKB Gold AAH EURZGLDHE1,000.80-0.22%2.40K27/06 
 iShares Asia Property Yield UCITSIASP23.50+0.64%2.38K27/06 
 HSBC MSCI AC Far East ex JapanHMAF48.05+1.69%2.36K27/06 
 UBS MSCI UK A-disUKGBPA18.75+2.27%2.33K27/06 
 Lyxor Euro Stoxx 50 DR Daily Hedged C-CHFMSEC115.76+2.15%2.31K27/06 
 Xtrackers Artificial Intelligence and Big Data UCIXAIX74.93+0.48%2.29K27/06 
 iShares MSCI EMU Mid Cap UCITSEMUM43.12+1.52%2.25K27/06 
 iShares MSCI EM UCITS ETF USD (Acc)SEMA34.97+0.62%2.18K27/06 
 HSBC EURO STOXX 50 UCITSH50EE37.94+0.24%2.11K27/06 
 VanEck Global Mining UCITS AGDIG27.31+2.25%2.10K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Asia UCITSCSEMAS159.24+0.56%2.08K27/06 
 Lyxor UCITS Stoxx Europe 600 Health CareLYHLT128.14+0.38%2.06K27/06 
 UBS MSCI Emerging MarketsEMMUSA102.42+1.23%2.04K27/06 
 iShares Nasdaq 100 UCITSCSNDX683.80+1.00%2.03K27/06 
 HSBC MSCI World UCITSHMWO26.30+0.27%2.02K27/06 
 db x-trackers II iBoxx Global Hedged CHFXG7G103.31-1.31%2.01K27/06 
 ZKB Gold AAH CHFZGLDHC449.40-0.18%2.00K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI EM DR 1C UnhedgedXMME48.42+1.36%1.98K27/06 
 Julius Baer Physical Silver USDJBSIUA19.42+2.65%1.98K27/06 
 Tabula US Enhanced Infla UCITS CHF HTINCH105.33+0.24%1.96K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI Japan UCITS JPY A-disJPNCHA41.17+0.59%1.96K27/06 
 WisdomTree Ethereum CryptocurrencyETHWEUR11.05-2.70%1.93K27/06 
 Xtrackers ShortDAX Daily Swap UCITS ETF 1CXSDX15.78-0.14%1.91K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI Brazil UCITS DR 1CXMBR39.04+1.80%1.91K27/06 
 UBS - MSCI EMU Socially Responsible (EUR) A-disESRCHA98.85+1.10%1.90K27/06 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 7-10yr UCITS ETF USDIBTM183.60-0.90%1.89K27/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI Europe UCITS(hedged EURCHA13.46+0.49%1.85K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc – MSCI World Socially Responsible UCWSRIA15.09+1.99%1.85K27/06 
 db x-trackers II Barclays Global 2C USDXBAU51.86-0.23%1.85K27/06 
 VanEck Junior Gold MinersGDXJ28.91+1.44%1.81K27/06 
 iShares MSCI World EUR Hedged UCITSIWDE64.92+0.57%1.76K27/06 
 iShares MSCI USA Dividend IQQDIV40.09+2.32%1.75K27/06 
 21Shares Binance BNBABNB16.87-4.32%1.74K27/06 
 Invesco AT1 Capital Bond EUR Hdg DistXAT117.68+1.37%1.70K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc – MSCI USA 100% hedged to EUR UCUSEUWH30.95+0.62%1.68K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI Europe Technology UCITSSTKX91.92+0.40%1.67K27/06 
 21Shares Bitwise Select 10 Large Cap Crypto Index KEYSA8.80-1.38%1.66K27/06 
 iShares MSCI World UCITS DistIWRD55.87+0.63%1.65K27/06 
 iShares Core EURO STOXX 50 ETF EURCSSX5E123.02+0.29%1.65K27/06 
 db x-trackers II Global Sovereign 4C hedged CHFX03H160.74-0.92%1.64K27/06 
 db x-trackers Euro Stoxx 50 (DR) 1CXESC56.72+0.30%1.63K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSXMEM46.46+1.59%1.62K27/06 
 ZKB Platinum AA CHFZPLA259.70-0.67%1.60K27/06 
 HSBC S&P 500 UCITSHSPX39.60+1.06%1.60K27/06 
 iShares Euro Corp Bnd Sustain Screen 0-3ySUSE4.83-0.18%1.59K27/06 
 21Shares PolygonPOLYE6.64-9.15%1.57K27/06 
 Lyxor FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global DM DLYMWO18.68+1.71%1.56K27/06 
 UBS ETFs plc - MSCI ACWI SF UCITS ETF (USD) A-accACWIA133.94+1.16%1.56K27/06 
 Lyxor DAX (DR) UCITS - AccLYDAX123.44+1.16%1.51K27/06 
 iShares MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan UCITSIFFF53.56+1.55%1.51K27/06 
 iShares € Corp Bond ESG UCITS CHF Hedged (Acc)SUOC4.36-0.29%1.50K27/06 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI Australia A-acc CHFAUSAUW35.50+0.69%1.49K27/06 
 iShares Global Inflation Linked Government Bond UCIGIL160.64-0.93%1.41K27/06 
 HSBC Developed World Sustainable EquityHSWD17.54+0.69%1.37K27/06 
 iShares Swiss Domestic Govt Bond 1-3 CHFCSBGC367.15-0.09%1.37K27/06 
 SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Bond UCITGLAC28.16-0.26%1.36K27/06 
 MULTI-UNITS LUXEMBOURG - Lyxor FTSE 100 UCITS ETF 100D130.30+0.74%1.34K27/06 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Health Care Select SectorSXLV38.32+1.42%1.33K27/06 
 UBS CMCI Oil SF CHFOILCHA45.09-1.68%1.31K27/06 
 iShares Asia Pacific Dividend UCITSIAPD20.88+0.82%1.29K27/06 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 7-10Yr UCITS AccCSBGU0143.68-0.31%1.26K27/06 
 iShares US Property Yield UCITSIUSP29.61+0.56%1.25K27/06 
 UBS MSCI Switzerland hedged A-dis USDSWUSAH23.14+0.11%1.24K27/06 
 UBS plc MSCI ACWI SF hedged EUR A-accACWIE152.90+0.72%1.21K27/06 
 Julius Baer Physical Gold CHFJBGOCA1,506.00-0.12%1.18K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI AC World UCITS DRXMAW29.25+1.97%1.18K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI World Materials UCITS ETF USD AccSPDWMAT51.29+1.24%1.15K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI World Energy UCITSSPWNRG39.70+2.24%1.14K27/06 
 iShares Global High Yield Corp Bond CHF HedgedGHYC73.35+0.59%1.11K27/06 
 HSBC Europe Sustainable EquityHSEU12.212.57%1.10K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI Europe Energy UCITSSTNX160.90+2.17%1.10K27/06 
 SPDR S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats UCITSGLDV31.51+1.22%1.09K27/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Eastern Europe ex Russia UCITSLYCEC15.58+0.78%1.07K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Japan Hedged CHFIJPC60.25+0.94%1.07K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - Factor MSCI USA Prime Value UCUPVLE23.92+1.06%1.04K27/06 
 UBS ETFs plc - MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan SF UCITS USD AJEUAS155.48+0.49%1.04K27/06 
 UBS plc MSCI ACWI SF hedged CHF A-accACWIS147.66+1.86%1.03K27/06 
 Market Access Rogers International Commodity IndexMRIC33.05+0.44%1.02K27/06 
 iShares FTSE 100 UCITS AccCSUKX129.08+0.66%1.01K27/06 
 Lyxor iBoxx $ Liquid EM Sovereigns Monthly Hedged LYEMBH69.24-0.27%1.00K27/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Semiconductors ESG Filtered UCITS - DisSEMDM35.22+3.00%1.00K27/06 
 Vanguard EUR Eurozone Government Bond UCITS ETF EUVETA23.51-0.17%1.00K27/06 
 db x-trackers LevDAX Daily UCITS 1CXLDX104.78+2.16%1.00K27/06 
 Lyxor Core Global Inflation-Linked 1-10Y Bond (DR)GIST10.22+0.37%1.00K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI EMU Value UCITS EUR AdisEMVEUA35.87+2.74%0.95K27/06 
 Lyxor UCITS Commodities Thomson Reuters/CorecommodLYCRN26.18+0.46%0.95K27/06 
 ZKB Silver AA USDZSILUS195.48+0.84%0.95K27/06 
 UBS plc S&P 500 SF A-accS5USAS73.25+0.95%0.94K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan UCITSXAXD47.71+0.95%0.93K27/06 
 Invesco EQQQ NASDAQ-100 UCITS ETF (CHF Hdg)EQCH222.70+0.23%0.91K27/06 
 ZKB Gold AA USDZGLDUS1,726.80-0.18%0.91K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI Europe UCITS EUR A-disEUREUA69.05+1.11%0.91K27/06 
 UBS SPI Mid CHF A-disSPMCHA107.90+0.37%0.90K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI EMU UCITSEURO55.34+0.22%0.88K27/06 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3Yr UCITS AccCSBGE3108.20-0.14%0.84K27/06 
 Global X Cybersecurity UCITS USD AccBUGU11.01+0.60%0.80K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI USA Value UCITS USD A-disUSVUSY90.34+0.53%0.80K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI Pacific Socially Responsible UCITS USPSRCHA64.62+0.11%0.79K27/06 
 ZKB Silver AA EURZSILEU186.38+0.96%0.79K27/06 
 iShares MSCI EM ESG Enhanced UCITS ETF USD AccEDM25.31+1.17%0.78K27/06 
 Credit Suisse Index Fund (IE) ETF ICAV - CSIF (IE)GREIT117.94+0.56%0.78K27/06 
 Credit Suisse Index Fund (IE) ETF ICAV - CSIF (IE)WDESG144.50+0.19%0.77K27/06 
 Amundi Japan Topix Daily HedgedTPHU77.31+0.74%0.76K27/06 
 iShares Dow Jones Industrial Average UCITSCSINDU364.95+0.80%0.71K27/06 
 Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets UCITS USD IncVFEM54.50+1.06%0.71K27/06 
 iShares Global Timber & Forestry UCITSWOOD27.25+3.71%0.70K27/06 
 Xtrackers ESG MSCI World UCITS ETF 1CXZW029.14+0.80%0.70K27/06 
 Franklin FTSE India UCITSFLXIG30.41-0.47%0.70K27/06 
 Lyxor EuroMTS Highest Rated Macro-Weight Govt BondLYMAA128.72-0.57%0.69K27/06 
 Lyxor MSCI World Financials TR CLYFINW212.85+1.24%0.68K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI World Index DR 1CXDWD80.09+0.64%0.68K27/06 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3Yr UCITSIBTS128.50-0.05%0.68K27/06 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed World UCITS ETF USDVEVE72.85+0.84%0.68K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI Europe UCITSXEOU12.50+0.58%0.68K27/06 
 BTCetc - Bitcoin Exchange Traded CryptoBTCEUSD20.02-1.86%0.67K27/06 
 db x-trackers SLI UCITSXSLI176.02+0.63%0.66K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI World UCITS USD A-disWRDUSA264.80+0.86%0.64K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI World UCITS USD A-disWRDUSY66.42+2.29%0.63K27/06 
 UBS ETF - MSCI Japan UCITS ETF (hedged to CHF) A-aJPNCHF17.81+0.96%0.61K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Europe SRI UCITS ETF EURIESE54.14+1.82%0.61K27/06 
 Global X Telemedicine & Digital Health AEDOC9.43+3.57%0.61K27/06 
 iShares MSCI World SRI UCITS CHF Hedged (Dist)SCWS5.38+2.19%0.59K27/06 
 Lyxor Japan TOPIX DR DLYJPN18,106.0-0.24%0.59K27/06 
 Vanguard USD Treasury BdVUTY21.960.01%0.58K27/06 
 HSBC MSCI Pacific ex Japan UCITSHMXJ13.18+2.57%0.57K27/06 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 3-7Yr UCITS AccCSBGE7126.20-0.38%0.57K27/06 
 JB Precious Metals Physical Gold USDJBGOUA1,716.40-0.46%0.57K27/06 
 Amundi MSCI Switzerland CHFCSWCHF384.20+1.86%0.56K27/06 
 UBS Palladium USD A-disPLUSA182.36+1.55%0.56K27/06 
 iShares UK Dividend UCITSIUKD8.50+0.67%0.56K27/06 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Industrials Select SectorSXLI37.01+1.48%0.54K27/06 
 SPDR S&P US Communication Services Select SectorSXLC24.39-0.14%0.54K27/06 
 HSBC Emerging Market Sustainable Equity UCITSHSEM13.31+1.29%0.53K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - MSCI United Kingdom IMI Socially RUKSRE18.18+2.68%0.53K27/06 
 ZKB Silver AAH CHFZSILHC44.95+1.01%0.53K27/06 
 iShares MSCI ACWI UCITSSSAC62.35+2.25%0.51K27/06 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI Australia hedged USD A-accAUHUSA18.80+0.34%0.50K27/06 
 WisdomTree BitcoinBTCWEUR4.91+1.44%0.50K27/06 
 CoinShares Physical Ethereum (ETH)ETHEUSD34.88-2.08%0.49K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) Fund Solutions plc - Bloomberg CommodityBCCMG14.44-1.23%0.48K27/06 
 iShares J.P. Morgan $ Emerging Markets Bond UCITSIEMB85.29-0.89%0.48K27/06 
 iShares Global Water UCITSIH2O53.10+1.51%0.48K27/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – Bloomberg US 1-3 Year TreUT1US13.34-0.19%0.47K27/06 
 UBS plc MSCI USA Select Factor Mix hedged to EUR AUSMUFE19.21+2.99%0.45K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI EMU Small Cap UCITS EUR A-disESCEUA110.04+1.38%0.44K27/06 
 21Shares Crypto Basket IndexHODLEUR5.95+0.88%0.43K27/06 
 Source Energy S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLES458.40+2.96%0.43K27/06 
 BNP Paribas Easy Stoxx Europe 600ETZ12.20+0.10%0.43K27/06 
 Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility UCITSHDLV33.42+0.09%0.42K27/06 
 UBS MSCI Canada UCITS EURCAHEUA20.63+0.32%0.41K27/06 
 Vanguard USD Corp BdVUCP45.98-0.31%0.39K27/06 
 db x-trackers II Barclays Global 4C CHFXBAC15.93-0.26%0.39K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) Fund Solutions plc - CMCI Ex-AgricultureCCXAS170.90+1.35%0.39K27/06 
 Source Consumer Staples S&P US Select SectorXLPS565.90+1.20%0.38K27/06 
 iShares STOXX Global Select Dividend 100 UCITSSDGPEX28.18+1.31%0.38K27/06 
 Julius Baer Physical Silver CHFJBSICX15.07+1.22%0.38K27/06 
 WisdomTree Crypto AltcoinsWALT1.83+0.63%0.38K27/06 
 iShares MSCI USA UCITSCSUS387.70+2.58%0.38K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Australia UCITSSAUS58.99+0.65%0.37K27/06 
 UBS - FTSE 100 UCITS GBP A-dis100GBA68.27+2.92%0.37K27/06 
 Bloomberg Commodity Index SF UCITSDCUSAS72.52+0.08%0.36K27/06 
 UBS MSCI USA Socially ResponsibleASRUSA156.38+0.21%0.36K27/06 
 SSgA SPDR MSCI ACWIACWI158.06+2.19%0.36K27/06 
 BNP Paribas Easy Energy & Metals Enhanced Roll UCIGSCU14.56-0.22%0.35K27/06 
 iShares MSCI EMU Small Cap UCITSCSEMUS236.65+1.11%0.35K27/06 
 Invesco EURO STOXX Optimised Banks UCITSS7XE54.97+0.71%0.35K27/06 
 Vanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS (USD) AccumulatiV3AA4.35+1.06%0.34K27/06 
 Invesco MSCI Europe ESG Universal Screened UCITSESGEE47.70+0.16%0.34K27/06 
 UBS ETFs plc - MSCI Emerging Markets SF UCITS USD EGUSAS47.38+0.32%0.33K27/06 
 Source Euro Stoxx 50 TR A UCITSSX5E83.21+1.99%0.33K27/06 
 Xtrackers MSCI Europe UCITS ETF 1CXMEU68.48+1.14%0.32K27/06 
 UBS - EURO STOXX 50 UCITS ETF (EUR) A-disE50EUA36.40+0.17%0.32K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI World Socially Responsible UCITS USD WSRUSA116.98+2.56%0.31K27/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Pacific UCITSCBMINA.58.03+1.42%0.30K27/06 
 UBS Irl ETF plc - MSCI USA UCITS USD A-disUSAUSY95.15+1.01%0.30K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - S&P 500 UCITS USD A-disSP5USY63.00+0.98%0.30K27/06 
 UBS MSCI Canada UCITS USDCAHUSA26.50+0.26%0.30K27/06 
 UBS MSCI USA Socially Responsible hedgedA-accUSSRS20.70+1.45%0.30K27/06 
 BTCetc - Bitcoin Exchange Traded CryptoBTCEGBP16.30-1.01%0.30K27/06 
 Solactive China Technology UCITS (USD) A-accCQQQ7.95+2.50%0.29K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI USA UCITS 1CXMUS111.02+1.09%0.29K27/06 
 Credit Suisse Index Fund (IE) ETF ICAV - CSIF (IE)USESG150.06+1.21%0.29K27/06 
 db x-trackers II Barclays Global Aggregate Bond UCXBAG40.37-0.06%0.28K27/06 
 Invesco Technology S&P US Select SectorXLKS327.70+1.16%0.28K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI JapanJPJY6,053.00+1.22%0.28K27/06 
 Lyxor SDAX (DR) UCITSCBSDAX.105.54+1.11%0.28K27/06 
 Xtrackers NASDAQ 100 UCITS 1CXNAS26.60+2.45%0.28K27/06 
 Amundi S&P 500 UCITS ETF C USD500USD74.51+2.07%0.27K27/06 
 VanEck Vectors Semiconductor UCITSSMHV19.76+1.33%0.27K27/06 
 Invesco FTSE Emerging Markets High Dividend Low VoEMHD22.89+1.40%0.27K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Canada ETF USDCSCA211.30+1.64%0.26K27/06 
 ZKB Gold AA EURZGLDEU1,629.00-0.57%0.26K27/06 
 Vanguard USD Treasury Bond UCITS USD AccumulationVUTATR24.120.00%0.24K27/06 
 iShares MSCI EM ex China UCITS USD AccEXCH4.19+0.99%0.24K27/06 
 Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain UCITS AccBCHE69.53+2.33%0.24K27/06 
 BTCetc - Bitcoin Exchange Traded CryptoBTCECHF19.18-0.65%0.24K27/06 
 Raiffeisen Solid Gold Ounces A CHFRGLDO1,664.40-0.20%0.23K27/06 
 Amundi MSCI Europe UCITS EURCEU260.30+0.66%0.22K27/06 
 CSIF (IE) MSCI World ESG Leaders Blue UCITSBH CHFWDESGC142.40+1.89%0.22K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI World Small CapWOSC81.44+1.19%0.22K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Japan EUR Hedged UCITSIJPE57.20+0.37%0.21K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI World TechnologySPWTEC93.81+1.20%0.21K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI Europe Value UCITS ETF EUR AccEVAL39.80+0.89%0.20K27/06 
 db x-trackers FTSE China 50 UCITS DRXXXI33.33+2.27%0.20K27/06 
 iShares S&P SmallCap 600 UCITSIDP676.84+0.41%0.20K27/06 
 L&G Clean WaterGLUG12.63+1.81%0.20K27/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Water ESG Filtered (DR)LYWAT49.27+1.90%0.18K27/06 
 Invesco Euro Corporate Bond UCITSPSFE18.10-0.14%0.17K27/06 
 UBS Global Gender Equality UCITS Hedged A Acc USDGENDEW18.18+1.94%0.17K27/06 
 iShares Euro Corp Bnd FinancialsIECF97.97+0.29%0.17K27/06 
 Lyxor Core DAX (DR) UCITSCBGDAX.111.16+0.60%0.16K27/06 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor MSCI Digital Economy ESG EBUY10.76+3.34%0.16K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI World Financials UCITSWFIN46.70+0.51%0.15K27/06 
 iShares MSCI North America UCITSINAA72.75+1.73%0.15K27/06 
 iShares MSCI World Health Care Sector UCITS ETF USWHCS6.66+1.12%0.15K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - S&P 500 ESG ELITE UCITS (hedged to5ESGES10.50+1.65%0.15K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS AccCSJP20,465.0+2.42%0.15K27/06 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI AC Asia-Pacific Ex Japan C-ELYAEJ65.15+2.00%0.15K27/06 
 Vanguard USD EM Government BondVDETCHF39.53+0.16%0.14K27/06 
 Franklin LibertyQ Global Dividend UCITSFLXX29.59+1.37%0.14K27/06 
 ZKB Palladium AA CHFZPAL540.80+0.43%0.14K27/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI EMU Socially ResponsEUSRT17.46+2.92%0.13K27/06 
 UBS plc MSCI ACWI SF hedged A-UkdisACCUKD131.00+0.14%0.13K27/06 
 iShares FTSE MIB GBPCSMIB91.45-0.35%0.13K27/06 
 iShares Core Euro Corporate Bond UCITSIEAC118.58+0.06%0.13K27/06 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Technology Select SectorSXLK68.41+0.29%0.13K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI World Mom Factor DR 1CXDEM44.05+1.26%0.13K27/06 
 Vanguard USD Corporate Bond UCITS ETF USD AccumulaVCPA49.46-0.04%0.12K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Europe UCITS AccIMEA61.01+2.14%0.11K27/06 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3Yr UCITS AccCSBGU3110.09-0.04%0.11K27/06 
 Ossiam Shiller Barclays Cape® US Sector Value TR HCAPH786.60+1.09%0.11K27/06 
 Lyxor MSCI World (LUX) UCITSCBMINWO71.95+3.01%0.10K27/06 
 Lyxor Nasdaq-100 Ucits DisNADQ121.34+1.69%0.10K27/06 
 iShares MSCI World Momentum Factor UCITSIWMO52.53+1.39%0.10K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI Europe Small Cap UCITSSMCX267.85+1.77%0.10K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI World UCITS 1CXMWO78.60+0.36%0.10K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - Global Gender Equality UCITS HedgeGENDEG16.55+2.67%0.10K27/06 
 iShares Core € Govt Bond UCITS CHF Hedged AccIEGC4.36-0.30%0.09K27/06 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Health CareIUHC9.93+1.07%0.09K27/06 
 Lyxor Msci Em Climate Change Ucits ETF USD AccCLEM22.93+1.19%0.09K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI World UCITS USD A-disWRDCHY63.55+1.32%0.09K27/06 
 iShares Core MSCI Pac ex-Jpn ETF USDCSPXJ158.34+1.10%0.09K27/06 
 UBS ETF - Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Euro Area LiquidCBSEUS12.42-1.08%0.09K27/06 
 UBS plc MSCI ACWI SF hedged USD A-accACWIU171.70+2.13%0.08K27/06 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor MSCI Disruptive TechnologQBITT11.06+3.52%0.08K27/06 
 iShares MSCI World Quality Factor UCITSIWQU47.20+1.82%0.08K27/06 
 L&G Gold Mining UCITSAUCO26.83-0.41%0.08K27/06 
 UBS MSCI EMU UCITS hedged A-accEUGBPA11.68+0.27%0.07K27/06 
 HSBC MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSHMEF10.38+0.95%0.07K27/06 
 iShares Core GBP Corporate Bond UCITSSLXX128.06+0.05%0.06K27/06 
 iShares Euro Ultrashort Bond UCITSERNE100.72+0.68%0.06K27/06 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor MSCI Smart Cities ESG FilIQCT11.49+1.63%0.06K27/06 
 Lyxor New Energy UCITS ETF DistLYNRJ37.81+1.30%0.05K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - Factor MSCI USA Quality UCITS UQLTD33.94+1.40%0.05K27/06 
 iShares GBP Corporate Bond 1-5Yr UCITSIS1599.20-0.38%0.05K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI Europe Consumer Discretionary UCITSSTRX135.32+1.77%0.05K27/06 
 iShares EUR Corp Bond ex-Financials GBPIEXF106.33+0.11%0.05K27/06 
 Lyxor Nikkei 225 UCITSCBN22520.96+0.24%0.05K27/06 
 HSBC MSCI EUROPE UCITSHMEUS14.43+0.25%0.05K27/06 
 SPDR S&P Euro Dividend AristocratsEUDV20.30+2.22%0.05K27/06 
 iShares $ High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSIHYU86.07-0.23%0.04K27/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – Bloomberg USD Emerging MaSBEMA11.67+0.58%0.04K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI Europe Health Care UCITSSTWX191.02+0.73%0.04K27/06 
 iShares Core UK Gilts UCITSIGLT11.83-0.42%0.04K27/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI Canada UCITS 1CXCAN65.10+1.20%0.04K27/06 
 iShares Edge S&P 500 Min VolISSPLV71.85+2.44%0.04K27/06 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Min VolMVOL52.37+1.30%0.04K27/06 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Multifactor Hedged AccDMFC6.04+1.79%0.04K27/06 
 Xtrackers MSCI Japan UCITS 7C CHF HedgedXMCJ17.33+1.01%0.03K27/06 
 SPDR MSCI Europe Industrials UCITSSTQX206.65+1.65%0.03K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI World UCITS USD A-disWRDCHA254.40+2.48%0.03K27/06 
 Lyxor UCITS LevDAXLYLVD95.63+6.79%0.03K27/06 
 Julius Baer Platinum CHF AJBPLCA668.40+0.29%0.03K27/06 
 UBS Platinum A-disPTUSA87.30+0.02%0.03K27/06 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI UK IMI Socially Responsible hedgeUKSRT9.81+2.11%0.03K27/06 
 iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSHYLD77.37+0.61%0.03K27/06 
 ComStage Commerzbank Commodity ex-Agriculture EW TCBCOMMO160.00+1.09%0.03K27/06 
 iShares MSCI USA Small Cap UCITSCSUSS409.75+1.17%0.03K27/06 
 UBS - FTSE 100 UCITS GBP A-dis100CHA80.00+1.60%0.03K27/06 
 iShares Emerging Markets Local Government Bond UCIIEML41.91+0.31%0.02K27/06 
 PowerShares EURO STOXX High Dividend Low VolatilitEUHD22.70+0.84%0.02K27/06 
 UBS - MSCI World Socially Responsible UCITSWSRUS22.66+1.18%0.02K27/06 
 Invesco NASDAQ BiotechSBIO39.45+1.47%0.02K27/06 
 ZKB Silver AAH EURZSILHE118.32+1.16%0.02K27/06 
 Julius Baer Physical Gold GBPJBGOGA978.50+1.02%0.02K27/06 
 iShares MSCI EM Minimum VolatilityEMLV29.12+1.45%0.02K27/06 
 Raiffeisen Solid Gold Ounces A Inc USDRGLDOU1,772.60+0.23%0.02K27/06 
 HSBC MSCI Canada UCITSHCANCAD26.55+1.05%0.01K27/06 
 SPDR Barclays Capital Euro High Yield BondJNKE49.72+0.27%0.01K27/06 
 VanEck Video Gaming and eSports UCITSESPO30.51+0.84%0.01K27/06 
 HSBC MSCI Korea UCITSHKOR47.80+1.81%0.01K27/06 
 UBS (Irl) Fund Solutions plc - MSCI ACWI SF UCITS ACWUKD117.56+2.73%0.01K27/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Japan ESG Leaders Extra (DR) UCITS - DaJPXC111.06-0.34%0.01K27/06 
 Lyxor MSCI World IT TRLYTNOW480.00+0.98%0.01K27/06 
 iShares MSCI Mexico Capped USDCSMXCP121.76+2.70%0.01K27/06 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor MSCI Future Mobility ESG ELCR17.91+2.33%0.01K27/06 
 Amundi ETF MSCI World Ex Europe UCITSCE8E418.65+0.44%0.01K27/06 
 Julius Baer Silver CHF AJBSICA14.67+2.59%0.01K27/06 
 Amundi MSCI World UCITSCW8E382.75+1.70%0.01K27/06 
 UBS MSCI EMU Socially Responsible hedged A-accEUSRS20.50+1.76%0.01K27/06 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI UK IMI Socially Resp A-disUKSR15.38+0.48%0.01K27/06 
 Amundi ETF Euro Stoxx 50 UCITSC5085.10+1.53%0.01K27/06 
 Market Access NYSE Arca Gold BUGSMAGB96.59+3.16%0.01K27/06 
 JB Precious Metals Physical Gold GBPJBGOGX977.00-0.27%0.01K27/06 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 20+yr UCITS CHF Hedged (DiDTLC3.97-0.59%0.01K27/06 
 SSgA SPDR S&P US Dividend AristocratsUSDV64.17+2.39%0.00K27/06 
 UBS MSCI Emerging MarketsEMMCHA98.38+2.05%0.00K27/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI USA UCITS USD A-disUSACHA363.50+2.83%0.00K27/06 
 Julius Baer Physical Gold EURJBGOEA1,129.60+0.44%0.00K27/06 
 Julius Baer Physical Palladium USDJBPAUA1,733.2+0.66%0.00K27/06 
 Source Financials S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLFS239.70-0.25%0.00K27/06 
 Julius Baer Gold USD AXJBGOUX1,740.00+0.59%0.00K27/06 
 Xtrackers DAX UCITS ETF 1CXDAX128.06+2.51%0.00K27/06 
 iShares $ Corp Bond ESG UCITS ETF USD AccSUOA4.50-0.09%0.00K27/06 
 iShares Digital Security UCITS AccLOCK6.23+2.15%0.00K27/06 
 Raiffeisen Solid Gold Responsibly Sourced & TraceaRGRTH534.00+0.28%0.00K27/06 
 iShares S&P 500 Swap UCITS USD (Acc)I5006.19+0.76%0.00K27/06 
 iShares $ High Yield Corp Bond ESG UCITS USD (Acc)DHYE4.93-0.13%0.00K27/06 
 Vanguard FTSE North AmericaVNRT91.95+2.90%0.00K27/06 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI Europe D-EURLYMEUC.144.74+1.40%0.00K27/06 
 Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility UCITSHDCH28.48+1.28%0.00K27/06 
 Lyxor Nikkei 225 UCITSCBN225.2,963.50-0.24%0.00K27/06 
 Credit Suisse Index Fund (IE) ETF ICAV - CSIF (IE)WDESGE143.18+0.69%0.00K27/06 
 UBS Platinum A-disPTCHA81.96-1.83%0.00K27/06 
 iShares MDAX UCITS DEMDAXEX229.20+1.60%0.00K27/06 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI Emerging Markets C-EURLEMC11.57+1.63%0.00K27/06 
 iShares SLI UCITS DESSMIEX115.12+0.65%0.00K27/06 
 db x-trackers S&P Global Infrastructure UCITS 1CXSGI49.63+1.46%0.00K27/06 
 Lyxor UCITS S&P 500 D-USDLYSP538.800.00%023/06 
 iShares EURO STOXX Small UCITSDJSC40.000.00%023/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Europe Mid Cap UCITSCBMINE.107.040.00%016/06 
 Amundi ETF MSCI China UCITSCC1USD289.100.00%023/06 
 Lyxor MSCI USA (LUX) UCITSCBMINU.100.76+0.00%015/06 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Latin America UCITSALAU13.20+0.00%020/06 
 Ossiam US Minimum Variance NR UCITS 1CSPMV254.40+0.00%024/06 
 iShares Global Government Bond UCITSIGLO90.800.00%024/06 
 Global X Copper Miners UCITS USD AccCOPX20.980.00%024/06 
 iShares EURO STOXX Mid UCITSDJMC58.120.00%023/06 
 Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi Japan Topix UCITS-TPHC65.820.00%016/06 
 Vanguard Germany All Cap UCITSVGER22.900.00%016/06 
 iShares EUR Govt Bond 5-7 EURIEGY148.120.00%024/06 
 Franklin FTSE Korea UCITSFLXKE28.99+0.00%024/06 
 UBS (Irl) Fund Solutions plc - MSCI ACWI SF UCITS ACEUKD144.22+0.00%021/06 
 Xtrackers ESG MSCI Europe UCITS 1CXZEU22.830.00%017/06 
 Xtrackers EUR Corporate Green Bond UCITS 1CXGBE24.890.00%016/06 
 Lyxor MSCI USA CLUSAC362.550.00%023/06 
 BNP Paribas Easy FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed EuropeEEEH8.630.00%013/06 
 iShares Global Corp Bond UCITS USD Hedged (Acc)CRPU5.23+0.00%024/06 
 HAN-GINS Cloud Technology UCITS ETF - AccumulatingSKYY8.64+0.00%023/06 
 VanEck Vectors Sustainable World Equal WeightTSWE25.530.00%023/06 
 VanEck Vectors European Equal WeightTEET58.000.00%023/06 
 JPMorgan ETFs (Ireland) ICAV Global High Yield CorJGHY93.290.00%023/06 
 iShares FTSE 250 UCITSBRMIDD21.000.00%020/06 
 UBS (Irl) Fund Solutions Plc - CMCI Commodity CarrCOSIC99.500.00%017/06 
 iShares MSCI World SRI UCITS USD Hedged (Dist)SUWU5.320.00%022/06 
 Invesco FTSE RAFI All World 3000 UCITSPSRW22.21+0.00%024/06 
 Fidelity Sustainable Research Enhanced Europe EquiFEUR6.97+0.00%015/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - S&P 500 ESG UCITS ETF Hedged t5ESGE22.20+0.00%024/06 
 WisdomTree Europe Equity Income UCITSWTEEI12.260.00%013/06 
 Global X Clean Water UCITS USD AccAQWA20.39+0.00%003/06 
 iShares MSCI UK Small Cap UCITSCSUKS198.320.00%016/06 
 iShares EURO STOXX 50 UCITSSTOXX5.35.000.00%023/06 
 iShares TecDAX UCITSTDXPEX26.13+0.00%024/06 
 SPDR S&P Pan Asia Dividend Aristocrats UCITSPADV39.83+0.00%023/06 
 iShares MSCI Pacific ex-Japan UCITS DistSPXJ45.740.00%031/05 
 Lyxor Stoxx Europe 600 Telecommunications UCITSLYTEL36.940.00%008/06 
 Lyxor US TIPS DR Monthly Hedged D-GBPLYUSG108.130.00%024/06 
 Franklin FTSE Brazil UCITSFLXBE19.620.00%024/06 
 L&G Artificial Intelligence UCITSAIAIR11.84+0.00%024/06 
 iShares US Aggregate Bond AccIUAA4.96+0.00%022/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI World UCITS ETF (USD) A-aWRDUSW22.55+0.00%024/06 
 Invesco US High Yield Fallen Angels UCITSHYFA21.290.00%022/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Europe ESG Leaders (DR) UCITS Acc CESGL28.09+0.00%001/06 
 Ind. S&P US Sel Sector SourceXLIS457.050.00%023/06 
 WisdomTree Global Quality Dividend Growth UCITS ETGGRA28.980.00%022/06 
 Invesco NASDAQ Next Generation 100 UCITS AccEQQJ27.60+0.00%021/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - S&P 500 ESG UCITS USD A DisSP5CH24.49+0.00%021/06 
 iShares MSCI Eastern Europe Capped UCITSIEER8.790.00%007/03 
 Health Care S&P US Sector SourceXLVS571.30+0.00%022/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - S&P 500 ESG UCITS USD A DisSPESG25.500.00%023/06 
 Invesco Consumer Discretionary S&P US Select SectoXLYS472.45+0.00%024/06 
 Vanguard Global Aggregate Bond UCITS CHF Hedged AcVAGX21.80+0.00%023/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - MSCI ACWI Socially Responsible UCIAWSRIU.14.29+0.00%021/06 
 iShares $ Corp Bond 0-3yr ESG UCITS CHF Hedged AccIU0C4.760.00%017/06 
 UBS (Irl) Fund Solutions plc - MSCI ACWI SF UCITS ACWISD117.36+0.00%023/06 
 iShares MSCI Europe UCITS DistIMEU25.77+0.00%024/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - MSCI ACWI Socially Responsible UCIAWSRI14.14+0.00%024/06 
 iShares Nikkei 225 UCITSCSNKY25,795.0+0.00%024/06 
 iShares Core € Govt Bond UCITS ETF EURIEGA113.83+0.00%024/06 
 L&G India INR Government Bond UCITS USD DistributiTIGR8.950.00%031/05 
 Xtrackers DAX Income UCITS 2C USD HedgedXDUD21.90+0.00%021/06 
 WisdomTree Cybersecurity UCITS USDWCBR17.240.00%022/06 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap UCITSIEMS72.30+0.00%021/06 
 Lyxor UCITS Japan (Topix) D-EURJPNC134.30+0.00%015/06 
 FMQQ Next Frontier Internet & Ecommerce ESG-S UCITFMQQ4.82+0.00%008/06 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corp UKSTYC125.22+0.00%024/06 
 UBS ETF - J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets IG ESG ESGEMD11.98+0.00%022/06 
 Lyxor 1 STOXX Europe 600 UCITSCB1EU647.08+0.00%001/06 
 Global X CleanTech UCITS USD AccCLTEK8.78+0.00%017/06 
 iShares MSCI World Paris-Aligned Climate UCITS USDWPAB4.360.00%023/06 
 Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi Smart Factory UCITSFTRY61.520.00%023/06 
 iShares STOXX Europe 50 UCITSEUN36.300.00%016/06 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond Large Cap UCITSIBCX122.10+0.00%023/06 
 iShares MSCI Europe Quality DEIEQU7.930.00%022/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI Emerging Markets UCIEMMUKD14.05+0.00%023/06 
 SPDR MSCI EM Asia UCITSSSGEMAS66.14+0.00%024/06 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond Interest Rate Hedged UIRCP91.120.00%023/06 
 Amundi CAC 40 UCITSC4092.85+0.00%021/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - MSCI World Climate Paris Aligned UWOPA13.620.00%013/06 
 iShares S&P 500 Paris-Aligned Climate UCITS USD AcUPAB4.44+0.00%015/06 
 FTSE EPRA EuroZone THEAM Easy UCITS Classic DistriEEE7.320.00%023/06 
 BNP Paribas Easy FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Eurozone Capped EEA8.71+0.00%024/06 
 iShares MSCI Taiwan UCITSITWN67.92+0.00%024/06 
 Xtrackers ESG MSCI Japan UCITS 1C EURXZMJ17.30+0.00%024/06 
 iShares Global Corporate Bond UCITSCORP87.07+0.00%024/06 
 Lyxor China Enterprise UCITS SGLYASC10.39+0.00%020/06 
 UBS ETF - Bloomberg Barclays Euro Inflation LinkedINFL1018.360.00%021/06 
 SSgA SPDR S&P 400 US Mid CapSPY463.920.00%022/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - S&P 500 UCITS ETF (hedged to ESP500E18.47+0.00%021/06 
 Lyxor DivDAX (DR) UCITSCBGSUL.28.930.00%016/06 
 iShares € Corp Bond 0-3yr ESG UCITS CHF Hedged (AcIE0C4.990.00%022/06 
 JPM BetaBuilders US Treasury Bond 0-1 yr UCITS AccBBIL101.58+0.00%017/06 
 HSBC MSCI Japan UCITSHMJP31.020.00%015/06 
 iShares S&P 500 Communication Sector USD AccIUCM6.03+0.00%022/06 
 SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Dividend AristocratsEMDV13.400.00%014/06 
 db x-trackers FTSE Vietnam UCITS 1CXFVT32.080.00%024/06 
 UBS US Liquid Corps hedged CHFCBUSS15.26+0.00%021/06 
 Fidelity US Quality Income IncFIFUSD7.740.00%023/06 
 UBS ETF - MSCI EMU Select Factor Mix UCITS ETF (EUEUFM10.220.00%023/06 
 SPDR BofA Merrill Lynch 0-5 EM Govt BondEMH525.480.00%030/05 
 iShares MSCI Japan Hedged UCITSIJPD43.830.00%022/06 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3 AccIBTA4.980.00%024/06 
 iShares EURO STOXX 50 UCITS DistEUE36.73+0.00%024/06 
 iShares $ High Yield Corp Bond Acc Share ClassIHYA5.530.00%016/06 
 Vanguard EUR Corporate BondVECP47.72+0.00%021/06 
 iShares MSCI UK UCITSCSUK117.000.00%022/06 
 PIMCO Low Duration US Corp Bond Source IncLDCU97.000.00%015/06 
 Lyxor MSCI EM Latin America CLYLTM127.30+0.00%017/06 
 iShares Core DAX UCITSDAXEX110.000.00%023/06 
 Xtrackers MSCI USA UCITS 3C - CHF HedgedXD9C93.55+0.00%021/06 
 VanEck Vectors Rare Earth and Strategic Metals UCIREMX15.390.00%024/06 
 Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets UCITS ETF USD AccumVFEA51.55+0.00%023/06 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI World Health Care TR C-USDLYHLTW440.95+0.00%023/06 
 Lyxor NYSE Arca Gold BUGS (DR) UCITSCBHUI22.680.00%024/06 
 PIMCO Low Duration US Corporate Bond Source Ucits LDCC96.320.00%014/06 
 db x-trackers Nifty 50XNIF194.94+0.00%024/06 
 iShares MSCI Russia Adr/Gdr UCITSCSRU20.050.00%008/03 
 Lyxor 1 DAX50 ESG UCITS ETF IE90932.860.00%022/06 
 L&G ESG USD Corporate Bond UCITSUSDC8.440.00%014/06 
 Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 Food & Beverage UCITS ETF DFOODB140.340.00%014/06 
 Lyxor FTSE China A50 UCITSCBCHNU.162.66+0.00%002/06 
 PIMCO Low Duration Euro Corporate Bond Source IncoLDCE96.580.00%015/06 
 Invesco FTSE RAFI US 1000 UCITSPFT23.780.00%017/06 
 Invesco Goldman Sachs Equity Factor Index EmergingEFIM41.58+0.00%002/06 
 WisdomTree Emerging Markets SmallCap Dividend UCITWTDGSE16.680.00%022/06 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor Robotics & AI UCITSROAI25.61+0.00%024/06 
 db x-trackers Russell 2000 UCITS GBXRS2248.40+0.00%024/06 
 Invesco AT1 Capital Bond UCITS DistAT1D19.07+0.00%021/06 
 Amundi Stoxx Global Artificial IntelligenceGOAI73.590.00%023/06 
 SPDR FTSE EPRA Europe ex UK Real EstateEURE26.83+0.00%020/06 
 iShares S&P 500 Industrials Sector AccIUIS6.880.00%022/06 
 Lyxor SPI UCITSCBSPI110.060.00%017/06 
 iShares MSCI Europe Value FactorIEVL6.660.00%024/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI USA Select Factor Mix UCIUSFMA25.340.00%017/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI Pacific Ex Japan UCITS 1C DRXPXD69.450.00%002/06 
 JPM BetaBuilders US Treasury Bond 1-3 yr - USDJU13103.52+0.00%024/06 
 iShares Italy Government Bond UCITSIITB147.630.00%024/06 
 db x-trackers S&P 500 UCITS 1CXSPX69.670.00%023/06 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI UK IMI Socially Resp A-disUKSRCHF17.640.00%023/06 
 UBS ETF - Bloomberg Barclays US 1-3 Year Treasury UST1F10.560.00%010/06 
 PIMCO US Dollar Short Maturity Source UCITSMINT98.800.00%014/06 
 Lyxor Dow Jones Industrial Average (LUX) UCITSCBDJI343.900.00%022/06 
 Lyxor MSCI USA (LUX) UCITSCBMINUS95.840.00%022/06 
 UBS MSCI Canada CHCAHCHA23.60+0.00%024/06 
 WisdomTree Global Quality Dividend Growth UCITS - GGRW26.050.00%022/06 
 SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate UCITS ETF USD CaGLRA17.730.00%015/06 
 UBS - Factor MSCI EMU Low Vol (EUR) A-disELOVD14.59+0.00%024/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI World Min Vol DR 1CXDEB36.12+0.00%024/06 
 Lyxor DivDAX (DR) UCITSCBDDAX29.270.00%022/06 
 iShares MSCI EM Latin America UCITS ETF USDLTAM13.810.00%020/06 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor ESG USD High Yield (DR) UUSHYC8.80+0.00%014/06 
 Ossiam Shiller Barclays Cape UKCAPE430.15+0.00%021/06 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corp Bond Source UCITSSTEA97.150.00%014/06 
 iShares US Aggregate Bond UCITSIUAG95.51+0.00%020/06 
 Lyxor Smart Cash - UCITS C-GBPLYSMG1,038.00+0.00%008/06 
 iShares UK Property UCITSIUKP6.530.00%023/06 
 Lyxor EUR 2-10 Inflation Expectations C-EURINFL108.920.00%022/06 
 BetaBuilders US Equity UCITS USD AccBBUS33.380.00%016/06 
 iShares MSCI Korea UCITS AccCSKR147.640.00%022/06 
 BNP Paribas Easy EURO STOXX 50 DETBB9.11+0.00%023/05 
 SPDR MSCI USA Value UCITSUVAL46.33+0.00%022/06 
 Invesco EQQQ NASDAQ-100 UCITS (GBP Hdg)EQGB227.00+0.00%023/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI USA Socially Responsible USSRID12.250.00%014/06 
 iShares MSCI World SRI UCITS EUR Hedged (Dist)SESW5.450.00%010/06 
 Invesco MSCI Saudi Arabia UCITSMSAU30.04+0.00%021/06 
 Fidelity US Quality Income AccFUSC8.330.00%016/06 
 Fidelity US Quality Income AccFUSA8.71+0.00%023/06 
 Xtrackers MSCI World Quality UCITS ETF 1CXDEQ46.55+0.00%024/06 
 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Banks UCITSSX7PEX12.900.00%024/06 
 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Telecommunications UCITSSXKPEX21.45+0.00%023/06 
 iShares DivDAX UCITS DEEXSB18.110.00%016/06 
 JPMorgan Ireland ICAV - USD Ultra-Short Income UCIJPST99.80+0.00%022/06 
 iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap UCITS DistISJP4,676.5+0.00%024/06 
 Lyxor MDAX (DR) UCITSCBMDAX.24.570.00%014/06 
 SPDR MSCI Europe Utilities UCITSSTUX143.82+0.00%024/06 
 iShares MSCI Korea UCITS DistIKOR40.85+0.00%024/06 
 Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi MSCI World Ex EuroCE8USD435.50+0.00%024/06 
 iShares $ Emerging Markets Corporate Bond UCITSEMCR81.960.00%024/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc – MSCI World Socially Responsible UCWSRIC10.01+0.00%024/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI EMU UCITS(hedged USDEMUSD11.840.00%023/06 
 Invesco MSCI Emerging Markets ESG Universal ScreenESEM31.63+0.00%025/05 
 BNP Paribas Easy Equity Dividend Europe UCITS ETF EDEU107.040.00%003/06 
 SPDR S&P 500 UCITSSPY5364.90+0.00%024/06 
 iShares Euro Inflation Linked Government Bond UCITIBCI227.19+0.00%024/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - Factor MSCI USA Quality UCITS (hedUQLTH19.11+0.00%023/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc MSCI EMU ESG Universal Low Carbon SeEUESGU13.96+0.00%024/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – Factor MSCI EMU Quality UEQLTS18.28+0.00%021/06 
 Lyxor NYSE Arca Gold BUGS (DR) UCITSCBHUIUS24.27+0.00%021/06 
 WisdomTree US Quality Dividend Growth UCITS - USDDGRW29.13+0.00%024/06 
 iShares High Yield Corp Bond ESG UCITS EUR (Acc)EHYA4.550.00%024/06 
 UBS (Lux) Fund Solutions - Bloomberg MSCI US LiquiCBSU511.42+0.00%027/05 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI World Industrials TR C-USDLYINDW380.150.00%023/06 
 HSBC MSCI Mexico Capped UCITSHMEX35.400.00%024/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI Japan Socially RespoJPSRU14.860.00%016/06 
 Invesco Markets II plc - Invesco MSCI Japan ESG UnESGJ36.140.00%024/05 
 Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity - AccDIGICHF7.270.00%016/06 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor Stoxx Europe 600 UtilitieUTIT109.120.00%010/06 
 UBS Irl Factor MSCI USA Quality UCITS (hedged to EUQLTE29.00+0.00%027/05 
 iShares Euro High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSIHYG89.29+0.00%024/06 
 Invesco Global Buyback Achievers UCITSBUYB39.690.00%016/06 
 iShares $ Development Bank Bonds UCITS CHF Hedged IDBB4.480.00%015/06 
 PIMCO Euro Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond UCEUHA9.660.00%017/06 
 iShares J.P. Morgan $ EM Bond AccJPEA4.610.00%024/06 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe MF GBpIFSE6.92+0.00%022/06 
 Lyxor S&P SmallCap 600 UCITSCBMINU.52.930.00%022/06 
 Amundi ETF Japan Topix EUR Hedged Daily UCITSTPXH244.850.00%023/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI EMU UCITS EUR A-disEMUCHA132.120.00%015/06 
 Lyxor MSCI World (LUX) UCITSCBMINW.74.15+0.00%024/06 
 SPDR MSCI World Consumer Staples UCITSWCOS41.22+0.00%023/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Pacific UCITSCBMINAP54.570.00%020/06 
 iShares $ Corp Bond Interest Rate Hedged UCITS USDLQDH93.190.00%015/06 
 HSBC MSCI Canada UCITSHCAN20.160.00%020/06 
 ETFS US Energy Infrastructure MLP GOMLPI5.160.00%003/06 
 PIMCO EM Advantage Local Bond EUREMLI61.25+0.00%001/06 
 Invesco AT1 Capital Bond UCITSIAT124.290.00%009/06 
 UBS ETF - Bloomberg Barclays MSCI US Liquid CorporCBSUSH9.290.00%024/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI ACWI Socially ResponsibleAWSRIH11.62+0.00%021/06 
 ROBO-STOX Global RoboticsROBO17.370.00%023/06 
 Julius Baer Palladium CHF AJBPACA1,344.60+0.00%020/06 
 Julius Baer Platinum USD AJBPLUA856.100.00%023/06 
 VanEck Morningstar US Sustainable Wide Moat UCITSMOAT42.31+0.00%021/06 
 Xtrackers II US Treasuries 1DXUTD202.54+0.00%023/06 
 Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 UCITSCBSTOX.87.47+0.00%021/06 
 Julius Baer Platinum EUR AJBPLEA482.350.00%014/06 
 Amun Bitcoin CashABCH5.33+0.00%024/06 
 Julius Baer Silver USD AXJBSIUX19.67+0.00%015/06 
 Lyxor UCITS Brazil (Ibovespa) C-EURLYRIO116.910.00%024/06 
 iShares USD Treasury Bond 1-3yr UCITS CHF Hedged (IBTC4.760.00%024/06 
 Lyxor UCITS China Enterprise (HSCEI) C-EURLYASI109.86+0.00%021/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Russia UCITS AccLYRUS18.900.00%007/03 
 Lyxor UCITS Hong Kong (HSI) D-EURLYHSI26.250.00%010/06 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI USA D-EURLYUSA359.750.00%023/06 
 Raiffeisen Solid Gold A USDRGLDS5,628.00.00%021/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Europe Small Cap UCITSCBMINE.45.81+0.00%024/06 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond UCITS DistAGGG4.410.00%017/06 
 iShares USD Ultrashort Bond UCITSERND95.370.00%020/06 
 Raiffeisen Solid Gold CHF HedgedRGLDSH4,118.50.00%024/06 
 15 FiCAS Active CryptoBTCA81.68+0.00%024/06 
 Source MSCI USA UCITSMXUS106.440.00%013/06 
 UBS (Irl) Fund Solutions plc € Euro Equity DefensiE50CC107.460.00%020/06 
 iShares Emerging Asia Local Government Bond UCITSIGEA81.570.00%023/06 
 UBS (Irl) Fund Solutions plc € US Equity DefensiveSPXCC118.660.00%020/06 
 UBS (Irl) Fund Solutions plc € US Equity DefensiveSPXPW117.02+0.00%024/06 
 Julius Baer Physical Gold EUR AXJBGOEX1,144.200.00%017/06 
 21Shares StellarAXLM5.86+0.00%023/06 
 Julius Baer Physical Silver EURJBSIEA10.540.00%022/06 
 UBS Barclays EUR Treasury 1-10 EURSS1EUA11.66+0.00%022/06 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3Yr UCITSIBGS141.34+0.00%024/06 
 21Shares TezosAXTZ8.35+0.00%024/06 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond Source STHY92.700.00%009/06 
 Amundi ETF Global Emerging Bond Markit iBoxx UCITSAGEB121.81+0.00%024/06 
 UBS ETF Barclays US Liquid Corporates UCITS hedgedCBUSE16.42+0.00%023/06 
 SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Emerging Markets Local BonEMDL53.93+0.00%017/06 
 HSBC MSCI Brazil UCITSHBRL14.130.00%024/06 
 SPDR Barclays Cap US Treasury BondTRSY96.460.00%024/06 
 L&G Clean Energy UCITS ETF USD AccRENW10.40+0.00%024/06 
 SPDR Barclays Capital 1-3 Yr Euro Govt BondSYB350.860.00%024/06 
 UBS ETF Barclays Capital US 1-3Y Treasury Bond USDUT1USA24.380.00%024/06 
 UBS ETF Barclays Capital US 7-10Y Treasury Bond USUT7USA39.340.00%021/06 
 Amundi ETF US Treasury 7-10 UCITSUS7254.76+0.00%020/06 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Treasuries 1-3Y DRLYUS1396.88+0.00%020/06 
 UBS ETF Barclays Euro Area Liquid Corporates 1-5 YCBEU512.68+0.00%024/06 
 Credit Suisse Index Fund (IE) ETF ICAV - CSIF (IE)WDMVO102.180.00%016/06 
 WisdomTree Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF - USDWTAI43.810.00%022/06 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond Source STHE74.85+0.00%024/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI EM Asia UCITS 1CXMAI52.640.00%023/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI Pacific ex Japan UCITS USD A-disPACUSA40.91+0.00%024/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions € MSCI EMU UCITS(hedged USDEMUUSD12.24+0.00%024/06 
 UBS MSCI Japan A-UKdisJPNUKD2,089.50+0.00%027/05 
 db x-trackers MSCI EMU DR 3CXDUE15.980.00%024/06 
 UBS Bloomberg Barclays MSCI US Liquid Corporates SCBSUST12.31+0.00%021/06 
 UBS MSCI Switzerland 20/35 hedged A-accS2HGBA20.670.00%016/06 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI USA hedged A-disUSEUYH27.74+0.00%024/06 
 UBS plc MSCI ACWI SF hedged USD A-UkdisACUUKD162.320.00%023/06 
 UBS plc MSCI ACWI SF hedged GBP A-UkdisACGUKD155.54+0.00%024/06 
 UBS Irl plc Solactive Global Pure Gold Miners A-diGGMUSY12.930.00%024/06 
 UBS Irl plc Solactive Global Pure Gold Miners A-diGGMCHY12.240.00%024/06 
 Lyxor UCITS Stoxx 50 D-EURMSE35.36+0.00%023/06 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI Australia hedged CHF A-accAUHCHA20.70+0.00%024/06 
 UBS MSCI EMU A-UKdisEMUUKD19.06+0.00%015/06 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond Source STHC104.20+0.00%021/06 
 UBS plc MSCI ACWI SF hedged to JPY A-accACWIJ1,568.000.00%016/06 
 UBS MSCI Japan Socially Responsible hedged A-AccJPSRE14.660.00%023/06 
 UBS MSCI Switzerland 20/35 A-UKdisSW2UKD16.97+0.00%021/06 
 iShares MSCI Europe ex-UK UCITSIEUX34.340.00%023/06 
 HSBC MSCI Indonesia UCITSHIDR80.00+0.00%023/06 
 UBS plc MSCI USA SF A-accMUUSAS106.62+0.00%024/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Emerging Markets SGLYLEM11.750.00%022/06 
 iShares MSCI World Size Factor UCITSIWSZ36.06+0.00%024/06 
 Lyxor FTSE China A50 UCITSCBCHNC.166.50+0.00%023/06 
 Invesco Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MLP UMLPS85.810.00%013/06 
 Xtrackers MSCI Taiwan UCITS ETF 1CXMTW47.390.00%017/06 
 SPDR Euro Stoxx Low Volatility UCITSELOW40.850.00%022/06 
 Lyxor Core DAX (DR) UCITSCBGDAXI113.820.00%016/06 
 Invesco Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MLP UMLPD37.200.00%022/06 
 Source Utilities S&P US Select Sector UCITSXLUS443.65+0.00%023/06 
 UBS MSCI Japan Socially Responsible hedged A-disJPSRT20.450.00%023/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Emerging Markets (LUX) UCITSCBMEMU.45.22+0.00%024/06 
 UBS MSCI Switzerland hedged A-dis EURSWEUAH24.67+0.00%024/06 
 UBS Irl plc - Global Gender Equality Hedged CHF AdGENDET12.890.00%022/06 
 Xtrackers Future Mobility UCITSXMOV61.560.00%023/06 
 ZKB Gold AA GBPZGLDGB1,420.600.00%021/06 
 JPM EUR Ultra Short Income UCITSJEST98.72+0.00%021/06 
 Invesco FTSE RAFI Emerging Markets UCITSPSDE7.78+0.00%020/06 
 HSBC FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed UCITSHPRD22.13+0.00%024/06 
 ZKB Gold AAH GBPZGLDHG998.800.00%024/06 
 Source MSCI EuropeMXEU272.000.00%002/05 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI Korea C-EURLYKRWU.70.380.00%001/06 
 Amundi MSCI World Financials ETF-C USDCWFUSD201.100.00%016/06 
 HSBC MSCI Russia CappedHRUB1.000.00%008/03 
 Ossiam Stoxx Europe 600 Equal Weight NR UCITS 1CS6EW98.000.00%023/06 
 Lyxor MSCI World Consumer Discretionary TR CLYCODW398.55+0.00%022/06 
 Lyxor MSCI World Consumer Staples TR CLYCOSW405.80+0.00%024/06 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI Australia A-acc CHFAUSCHW23.11+0.00%024/06 
 Lyxor MSCI World Materials TR CLYMATW464.40+0.00%024/06 
 Invesco MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSMXFS45.26+0.00%017/06 
 Lyxor MSCI World Telecom TR CLYTELW144.92+0.00%024/06 
 Lyxor MSCI World Utilities TR CLYUTLW283.60+0.00%022/06 
 UBS Irl ETF plc - MSCI ACWI ESG Universal UCITS ETAWESGT11.640.00%022/06 
 Ossiam EM Minimum Variance NR 1CDEMV112.880.00%025/05 
 Source Materials S&P US Select SectorXLBS430.70+0.00%023/06 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI ACWI Socially ResponsibleAWSRIT10.340.00%022/06 
 UBS JPMorgan USD EM Diversified Bond 1-5 A-disSHEMB10.49+0.00%022/06 
 UBS plc MSCI USA Select Factor Mix hedged to CHF AUSMUFS18.12+0.00%024/06 
 Lyxor MSCI Emerging Markets (LUX) UCITSCBMEMC.42.920.00%022/06 
 UBS MSCI USA ETF hedged A-accUSGBPA15.030.00%016/06 
 HSBC MSCI EM Latin America UCITSHMLA21.570.00%013/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions € MSCI Japan UCITS(hedged UJPUSD16.15+0.00%024/06 
 UBS (Irl) Fund Solutions plc € Euro Equity DefensiE50PW115.96+0.00%024/06 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid Corp USDCBUS15.330.00%007/06 
 Vanguard Funds PLC - Vanguard ESG Global CorporateV3GX4.39+0.00%024/06 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe Min VolMVEU48.950.00%016/06 
 iShares Global Corp Bnd EUR HdgCRPH88.76+0.00%022/06 
 iShares MSCI World Islamic UCITSISWD38.61+1.83%027/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI Canada UCITS(CAD)A-UCANUKD19.28+0.00%001/06 
 iShares $ Corp Bond SRI 0-3yr UCITS ETF EUR HedgedIU0E4.94+0.00%021/06 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Eastern Europe Ex Russia UCITSCE9USD233.40+0.00%024/06 
 Invesco AT1 Capital Bond GBP Hedged DistAT1S35.620.00%014/06 
 Global X Data Center REITS & Digital InfrastructurVPNU12.18+0.00%021/06 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions - Bloomberg MSCI Global LiqCORPSC10.67+0.00%024/06 
 JPMorgan ETFs (Ireland) ICAV BetaBuilders US TreasBBTR100.140.00%024/06 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 Retail URTAD54.950.00%024/06 
 SPDR MSCI World Industrials UCITS USDWIND45.10+0.00%024/06 
 iShares $ Short Duration Corp Bond UCITS ETF USDSDIG93.65+0.00%023/06 
 iShares Global AAA-AA Govt BndIAAA78.920.00%022/06 
 WisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend UCITS ETF - AcDFEA17.120.00%014/06 
 iShares MSCI World Information Technology Sector UWITS7.46+0.00%024/06 
 Amundi Japan TopixTPXE80.290.00%017/06 
 Credit Suisse Index Fund (IE) ICAV - CSIF (IE) DAXDXESG9.360.00%007/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI USA Financials DRXUFN22.420.00%023/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI USA UCITS USD A-disUSAUSA368.00+0.00%024/06 
 WisdomTree Emerging Markets ex-State-Owned EnterprXSOE21.320.00%004/03 
 UBS (Irl) plc - S&P 500 UCITS (hedged to GBP) A-diSP500H19.38+0.00%023/06 
 UBS (IRL) Plc – MSCI ACWI ESG Universal Low CarbonAWESGJ1,480.000.00%014/06 
 Saturna Al-Kawthar Global Focused Equity UCITSAMALCHF6.73+0.00%003/06 
 iShares JPM EM Bond EUR HedgedEMBE68.27+0.00%023/06 
 Source KBW NASDAQ Fintech UCITSFTEK36.94+0.00%003/06 
 HSBC Asia Pacific Ex Japan Sustainable Equity UCITHSXD14.50+0.00%015/06 
 Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi Japan Topix UCITS TPXY11,726.000.00%013/06 
 Amundi ETF Stoxx Europe 600 UCITSC6E95.36+0.00%021/06 
 iShares EURO STOXX Banks 30-15 UCITSSX7EEX8.420.00%024/06 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 ConstrucCSTD112.38+0.00%008/06 
 Lyxor F.A.Z. 100 Index (DR) UCITSCBFAZE.28.25+0.00%030/05 
 Lyxor F.A.Z. 100 Index (DR) UCITSCBFAZ1.28.750.00%031/05 
 UBS(Lux)Fund Solutions – MSCI EMU Socially ResponsEUSRU19.19+0.00%021/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI EMU UCITS DRXD5E42.23+0.00%015/06 
 iShares S&P Gold Producers UCITSIAUP11.900.00%024/06 
 iShares MSCI EMU Large Cap UCITSEMUL40.49+0.00%021/06 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond Hedged AccAGGH4.74+0.00%024/06 
 iShares $ Short Duration High Yield Corp Bond UCITSDHY79.420.00%023/06 
 iShares $ Development Bank Bonds UCITS (Acc)DDBB4.88+0.00%023/06 
 iShares Global High Yield Corp Bond AccHYLA4.99+0.00%024/06 
 HSBC MSCI Japan UCITSHMJPJPY4,349.50.00%003/06 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe Momentum EURIEMO8.14+0.00%020/06 
 SPDR MSCI World Utilities UCITS USD AccWUTI43.84+0.00%022/06 
 Amundi DAX 50 ESG UCITS DR - EUR (C)DESG48.600.00%016/06 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 0-1yr UCITS AccIB01102.060.00%003/06 
 HSBC Japan Sustainable EquityHSJD13.63+0.00%023/05 
 Lyxor MSCI China UCITS ETF - AccLCCN17.83+0.00%024/06 
 WisdomTree Japan Equity UCITS - EUR Hedged AccDXJF19.08+0.00%021/06 
 iShares EUR Govt Bond 20 Target DurationE20Y4.160.00%016/06 
 Xtrackers MSCI USA Consumer Discretionary UCITS ETXUCD55.12+0.00%024/06 
 HSBC Multi Factor Worldwide EquityHWWD21.95+0.00%021/06 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Asia UCITSAASU35.24+0.00%024/06 
 Xtrackers iBoxx USD Corporate Bond Yield Plus UCITXYLD17.670.00%024/06 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Nordic UCITSCN1492.250.00%016/06 
 UBS (Irl) plc - MSCI Japan Climate Paris Aligned UJAPA1,578.00+0.00%020/06 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid Corp 1-5 hedged CHFCBUS5S12.930.00%023/06 
 HSBC MSCI China A Inclusion UCITSHMCT12.38+0.00%024/06 
 UBS ETF MSCI Pacific Socially Responsible UCITS USPSRUSA68.31+0.00%024/06 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Europe Ex Switzerland UCITSCS9236.200.00%016/06 
 CoinShares Physical Ethereum (ETH)ETHECHF33.95+0.00%024/06 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid Corp hedged GBPCBUSH14.52+0.00%024/06 
 21Shares AlgorandALGOEUR2.960.00%015/06 
 21Shares AlgorandALGOCHF3.50+0.00%021/06 
 VanEck Vectors Crypto Leaders AVTOPCHF3.45+0.00%023/06 
 VanEck Vectors Crypto Leaders AVTOP3.470.00%017/06 
 21Shares Terra ETP USD AccLUNA0.010.00%013/05 
 SPDR S&P UK Dividend AristocratsUKDV12.010.00%020/06 
 Julius Baer Physical Gold CHF AXJBGOCX1,531.000.00%021/06 
 WisdomTree SolanaSOLW4.120.00%022/06 
 SPDR S&P 500 Low Volatility UCITSLOWV66.290.00%031/05 
 WisdomTree Crypto Mega Cap Equal WeightMEGAEUR4.42+0.00%008/06 
 WisdomTree Crypto Mega Cap Equal WeightMEGACHF4.420.00%003/06 
 WisdomTree Crypto Mega Cap Equal WeightMEGA4.86+0.00%030/05 
 WisdomTree Crypto AltcoinsWALTEUR1.68+0.00%024/06 
 WisdomTree Crypto AltcoinsWALTCHF1.70+0.00%016/06 
 Raiffeisen Solid Gold Ounces H CHFRGLDOH1,299.800.00%020/06 
 WisdomTree Crypto MarketBLOCEUR3.64+0.00%023/05 
 WisdomTree Crypto MarketBLOCCHF2.360.00%022/06 
 WisdomTree Crypto MarketBLOC2.390.00%022/06 
 Lyxor Core Global Inflation-Linked 1-10Y Bond (DR)GISE10.50+0.00%023/06 
 21Shares Crypto Basket IndexHODLGBP5.03+0.00%024/06 
 WisdomTree CardanoADAW5.780.00%022/06 
 CoinShares Physical Ethereum (ETH)ETHEEUR33.55+0.00%024/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI Mexico UCITS DR 1CXMEX4.840.00%013/06 
 Helveteq Bitcoin ZeroBTCO220.390.00%023/06 
 iShares US Medical Devices UCITS USD (Acc)UMDV5.13+0.00%023/06 
 iShares US Mortgage Backed SecIMBS4.21+0.00%022/06 
 Lyxor MSCI World Energy TR UCITS - C-USDLYNRGW358.45+0.00%024/06 
 Amundi MSCI EM Latin America UCITSALAT12.330.00%022/06 
 iShares DAX® ESG UCITS (DE)EXIA4.22+0.00%024/06 
 Fidelity Global Quality Income UCITS CHF Hedged InFGQC5.85+0.00%024/06 
 HANetf - U.S. Global Jets UCITS AccJETS5.060.00%016/06 
 Xtrackers MSCI USA ESG UCITS ETF 1CXZMU40.52+0.00%024/06 
 WisdomTree PolkadotDOTWCHF4.310.00%022/06 
 WisdomTree PolkadotDOTW4.290.00%022/06 
 Helveteq Ether ZeroETH2O11.100.00%015/06 
 SPDR Barclays Cap Euro Government BondGOVY58.140.00%024/06 
 Invesco Physical BitcoinBTIC29.670.00%018/05 
 WisdomTree SolanaSOLWCHF4.87+0.00%009/06 
 WisdomTree CardanoADAWCHF7.300.00%001/06 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid Corp 1-5 hedged GBPCBUS5H12.890.00%004/05 
 UBS MSCI ACWI Socially Responsible UCITS Hedged A AWSRIW.% 
 Invesco US Treasury Bond UCITS GBP Hdg DistTRGB% 
 Fidelity Sustainable Research Enhanced Emerging MaFEMRCHF% 
 Fidelity Sustainable Research Enhanced Emerging MaFEMR% 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor MSCI World Catholic PrincCATHP% 
 UBS - Factor MSCI EMU Low Vol (EUR) A-disELOVDF% 
 UBS (Irl) plc MSCI Europe ESG Universal Low CarbonEESGA% 
 Lyxor MSCI Pacific Ex Japan UCITSPAXJ% 
 BNP Paribas Easy Equity Low Vol Europe UCITS ETF CEVOE% 
 WisdomTree US Quality Dividend Growth UCITS ETF - DGRA% 
 UBS ETF - J.P. Morgan USD EM IG ESG Diversified BoESGEME% 
 BNP Paribas Easy Equity Low Vol Europe UCITS ETF DVLED% 
 Franklin LibertyQ European Eq UCITS AccFLEQ% 
 Rize Environmental Impact 100 UCITSENVR% 
 Amundi MSCI USA 2CU2USD% 
 UBS (Irl) plc MSCI USA ESG Universal Low Carbon SeUSESGA% 
 VanEck Vectors Emerging Markets High Yield Bond UCHYEM% 
 UBS (Irl) plc - MSCI ACWI Socially Responsible UCIAWSRIJ% 
 UBS Irl Factor MSCI USA Low Volatility UCITS (hedgULOVE% 
 iClima Distributed Renewable EnergyDGEN% 
 WisdomTree US Equity Income UCITS - GBP Hedged AccDHSG% 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Minimum Volatility Hedged SXR0% 
 Lyxor MSCI Semiconductors ESG Filtered UCITS - AccCHIPY% 
 UBS (Irl) plc - MSCI Europe Climate Paris Aligned EURPA% 
 PowerShares Preferred Shares UCITSPRFD% 
 WisdomTree EUR Aggregate Bond Enhanced Yield UCITSEYLDW% 
 WisdomTree Europe Equity UCITS - USD Hedged AccHEDK% 
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