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i want to learn hw to invest in diz currency
Buy now
If the price of wholesale gas has been falling since August, why are our electricity and gas bills still so expensive?
so it z better now to invest in gas and electricity industry am i wrong
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This link is about NGSP not Crypto
Natural Gas is exploding 💥 yet again.....all futures are up....
Thoughts guys.....americans are now enjoying cheap gas compared to europe.....
jitendra Yadav
NGAS has dropped massively since 2008.  It was 2.5 in 2008 and now is only 0.0366.  But gas prices have rocketed over the last year.   Do you know why NGAS is so much lower (between 2008 and now)?
Why is gas up today? No news
I want to buy natural gas ETF.kindly guide me how to buy.
Find a broker. Something like IG or Oanda.
Ig is good platfroom but i think its not goid time to buy gas it hits high price alrady