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2.5 today this is guna rally
Here we goooooooo
Just bought in guys!
Y in now ?
You got a good price! I had to average down from 2.8 lol but fortunately I'm now at 2.43. I had hope this will double in the next few months.
me too
Pr has started 1.80 gap met. was wrong about 2.20 but if pr continues theres a good chance the climb is now.
up .28 since post this time i dont think im wrong
Here we go 🚀🚀
What's the reason for the yo-yo, any material information that would cause this thing to move in one way or the other?
none what so ever people are scared because of the EV bubble
Can rhey acrually generate growing revenues over time?Or is this just a lucking quarter?
Great buy at 2.20 to 2.40. There was no bad news today its just down from profit taking and lack of pr. I would personally Average down instead of selling if youre at a loss. I personally dont think it will go down lower than 2.20 again and wont be in the red tomorrow unless theres some horrible news. do your DD.
lack of pr is ***this company's stock. Big speculations of important news but no one know anything.
any stock recommendations these days?
Any Stock recommendations these days?
Is this the dip we were supposed to buy or the one at $3.15 ? Sorry to anyone who listened to "no names mentioned" and paid an absolute premium.
cry face Look at all ev companies. they all crashing. read the news.
please read the news before biting my leg
you haven't posted for so long any stocks coming up on horizon?
what you guys think of POWER METAL RESOURSES. 2.20p per share.
guys do research on COCRYSTAL PHARMA. This stock got my attention I am going in profit bought some shares on Tuesday
It might dip down a bit. if you want to hold it for few months you can buy it below $2. I loaded more shares at $1.9
thanks bro. will wait for dip down
interesting, but alredy expensive, i think
I mentioned PIC on Monday when it was under $12. its gone up to $14.40 I took my profit.
Going on profit since 11.8
I jumped in again at $14 will hold till it hit $20
sold PIC today
Best time to buy for long term investers. do your own research before jumping in. I just loaded more shares
GraniteShares 3X Long Rolls-Royce. . its under 2 cents stock can give good return in few years.
You can long hold GEVO but take your profit on IDEX onec it hit $6
gevo alredy have its big order in compared to idex, no doubt idex is also a good potential stock to move faster than gevo.
gevo alredy have its big order in compared to idex, no doubt idex is also a good potential stock to move faster than gevo.
Gevo havent had its run up yet..u may consider investing into it
CHIL GUYS. HOLD IT WILL BE AT $5 2 weeks max. buy as long its between $2.5 to $3.
So you are now saying " aslong as it stays between 2.5 and 3 " These are the comments you should be putting not comments like " Buy the dip now! " or "$5 in 2 weeks! " These can be miss-leading to new investors who will put their hard earned money into things that are cleary you're own speculation and not based on any facts or hard research
my buy the dip now comment was for those who were asking if its too late to buy when it was nearly $4. when it came down to $3 I respond those people who wanted to jump in. Scroll down I have already mentioned not to invest your capital and buy with caution at your own risk.
Just to recap @ShootingStars deleted comment  "Buy the dip now" @ over $3 per share
I did buy the dip twice. *****me -D
lol how many dips are you going to tell people to buy? Until it dips back below $1?
No not that dip the other dip 😂
 Couldn't of put it better myself
Is buying at this price on this stock a good one, where it can arrive within a week, for example?
$5 within 2 weeks
i seriously doubt that
Adomani $1 soon
Reasoning ?
Raise your hands who listed to my advice on Friday to double or triple your money buy IDEX and GEVO . they both were under $1.5.. let me know if you guys interested to buy under 2 cents stock for 2 to 5 year hold and make fortune
6 months ago when Nio was under $9 I was yelling it would hit $50 within a year and people like you used to make fun of me. Yes I am seeing SOLO and Ayro hitting $15 within 3 months from now. take a screen shot. Although These stocks are not safe for long term like NIO EXPENG. but they will pump for a while.
BTW solo ready hit $13 last Friday
I just bought neaely 900 shares with $100. thumbs up if anyone interested. but this can take upto 6 months to make huge profit
wait for the dip. I will not buy once it hit $15 within 6 months
concider ADOMANI. it can shoot up in near future its still under $1
you on Twitter?
anyone wanna make upto $3000 in 6 months with only $120 ? my focus is to help low investers to make good money 😎
I have made couple hundreds too. since last Friday thank you bro
Buy ADOMANI I hope it can shoot up in near future
playing surge holding now
$3 within a week
so like im kinda a god for calling this at 80 lmao pure luck
look at the volume
 they have been described as a pick and axe company. this is where a company does not follow the boom but it supplies it. such as in the gold and silver boom where people would move west to dig gold. some does not fine any and some gets plenty but, the once who truly benefited are the ones selling picks and axes as they took no risk. In this scenarios idex supplies electric vehicles it does not matter which of NIo, Tesla, Xpeng or other manufacturers are successful as IDEX will benifit all the same making them a safe stock. p.s do your dd
thank you! thats a good explanation. I'll look more into pick and axe companies :)
picking up some speed, let's have it