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This should be over 50 by now
Good result 👏 , what next
Why the sharp fall?
That's coz of the regualators ain't satisfied with WF regarding the payments..
Banking crisis in The US
Why the sharp fall?
what to expect from wells fargo.. seems like $50 price is the correct place to sell..have to hold..
what to expect from wells fargo.. seems like $50 price is the correct place to sell..have to hold..
well done WFC move forward bullish. thanks you management services
sell to take profit now before regret
BUY, target 48. Don't worry about dirty money, the whole world is corrupt, enjoy the show.
watching Wells Fargo fake account scandal on Netflix, glad this stock has crashing
now how you are feeling ,WFC will cross 55 next couple of quarter .
Fanaticals worst sector to invest! There is soo much negativity surrounding the banks that don't believe they will recover, even bank CEOs have been soo negative.
It's either gonna fail but I doubt it or in a year or so it will be the worst of the main US bank stocks but still a 30% gain on today, I'm tempted cause its like a fire sale
Financials haven't hit bottom yet! Worst performance sector. Stay away.
Good entry point I guess
On my watch list.. I'll enter at 30 dollars. There's huge potential from the fundamentals.
Sources said upto 40 will trade may be by next week monday
52 week low is 22. not far
What source?
I do believe that this stock its Junk! There is too much negativity surrounding WFC hence the massive decline on SP.
Well major stocks up 2% WFC down clearly not undervalued!Technical indicators (H-Sell, D-Sell, W-Sell, M-Sell)
I am not trying to disagree with your points above. Having said that all I see with Wells Fargo recently is Downgrades, Brokens labeling the stock as sell.
Also rest assured it will end negative again today (All other major banks UP)
 I am not a short-term trader, come back in 1-2 years and then compare to average gains on the market.
this is one of my top portfolio companies at the moment, clearly undervalued compared to other banks