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currently 32p
3 significant director buys on the back of a big positive week! And it's only Thursday
maybe a longer low now 25p
52 week low at 33p
it will come near 44.10 45 if crude comes near 74 dollar tollow is best to pick in penny stock risk reward is good
70p in next few weeks??
back to 60p?
51p today
54p today
66 in next couple of days?
I hope so....but I don't think it will. trading update was ok and oil went up but price of share went down unlike it's peers
80p by end of 2022
Based on what exactly....?
60p by next month
Nadeem, based on what.?
Are these going the same way as challenger... Down 75%
43p I see value around 35p
44.98 still no value SELL down to 39.5p before entering the game
Got out with a small % profit will wait now for sub 45p to get back in....
43p but still no value... Waiting for a no brainer share price sub 40p to get into this company
Looking the chat this share will go up👆👌🍾👍
I thing will go up to 60p, hopefully
hold or sell?? . bought at 57p
I already have £50k don't want to do any more...
See tomorrow I think will go up more
I value this company but got out at 53p as even with oild futures high and barrel prices above €82 this has been lackluster.... If you can hold for 12-18 months HOLD but 50k in this share, i value IAG and Petrofac more
70p would be brilliant... Languishing at 46p today
what is going on with this share
ciao Francesco... it's madness Oil is at $76 barrel and this has been a great share... why it is being artificially kept low is crazy.. should be above 65p minimum BUY
should I hold on or is going down more before raising again
can still this share be trusted
will hit 75,! then on to 107. I would be in
would we see hit 70 mark soon 🤔