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bear in mind the fed meeting on Wednesday, if the fed causes market chaos and cause the markets to fall, tsla will go lower. we have to wait till wednesday
Today open thinking on put option.
I opt to Short Tsla for this week
When future models include the Roadster, Semi, and Cybertruck launch then might challenge 300 level..
200/210 I will re-enter but not before! I want to see it retest the previous 218 high and as long as it respects this area I will buy back in, if it doesn't revisit this level I will stay away.
Non, i wasn’t interested, but now yes i am interested
Andrew in this business you have to be patient and wait to get things at low prices, for me to re-enter this it will have to come down to 200/210 or I don't want it...if it goes up from here to 450 I wish everyone well, but I can't buy into tsla when I know there is a very high possibility that tsla may retest the previous 218 high
in your dream...
Should i buy it? And why?
how can this share be worth thus much, absolute joke...needs to drop at least 60% for true value.
it was at 100 in january 2023. tesla famous to disappoint on earnings. no ai no fsd no optimus. just price cuts and receding margins
How can any of the shares be worth what they are, is apple worth 3 trillion, not a chance! Like they say in the movie, The Wolf Of Wall Street...Its all fugazi.
Back to 200 at least
wow. what a cro k of.sh 1 t
This is the start.. the road to 240 eow
support is at 210/220
Can't imagine it getting that low
Is this the end?
yes, it's going to zero
nope! it's just an overdue correction
Could be a major buying oppertunity this week,
Good luck cubs!!!
oh my trashla
Can I get my apologies now...
why ?
Tazla 250 eow ?
Tesla 2025 = USD 1000
Damn u beras r all right
This is going to die after close hard
from a technical perspective it can drop from here
I don't see TSLA a stock that follows technical analysis.
I wouldn't want to be invested in any other car manufacturer. Tesla leads the Way forward
Nissan is adopting NACS. Seems like a good day for TSLA
i said a good day
Gonna plummet
are you jealous of Elon musk success?
then sell it ... I don't mind cheapies..
if your gonna make a statement like this then give a reason why you think so...its overdue a correction but the plummet days are over.
it is profitable
is it earni gs tomorrow?
yes it is.
this bull run is extremely profitable, target 410 ish
First Cybertrucks rolled off production line in Texas! My friend in Austin said tons of people putting in orders to buy. Tesla will soar! 400 at least by end September. Earnings report will be fantastic tomorrow evening.
I've got a feeling the earnings won't be as good as people are expecting because of the price cuts to the vehicles and will cause a big dip and let it fill some of the gaps on the chart from the last month and cool off before making a push up past 340 and possibly towards restesting all time highs
with price cut they generate more revenue + they get big margins from software subscriptions