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The head of Dubai's Emirates has urged Rolls-Royce to go "back to basics" and focus on the performance of its engines, a day after the British firm laid out plans to quadruple profits.
Focusing on its engines had led to a steady decline over the years in SP. Its the thoughts about mini nuke reactors thats helping now!!
Short it, dont make noise but then not doing anything
I'm expecting near 300 by the end of today. Up to 253 from 242 already and trading started just 10 mins ago
You may be a sage, but then if you were you would not disparage other people.
No disparage intended. Just saying look at the news, albeit in a sarcastic way. lots of positives happening at RR which are raising the price at the moment
Fair enough ok
Here's to hoping the 28th yields good positive things. Rolls Royce that is, not GE
Deutsche Bank upgrades Boeing  (BA) to buy from hold, while raising its price target to $270 a share, up from $204. The bank cites accelerating aircraft deliveries, which should result in better free cash flow and push shares higher.
boeing and general electric
Not interested in Rolls royce time being, going to buy its competitor General electric
Why are you posting here? Post it on the GE board.
 why are you saying to me, you have to tell if you didnt like posting
Why post on the stocks you don’t want rather than the ones you do? Could take you a while.
More higher targets coming in now, clearly building a nice reputation amongst investors and banks. all the fear of not making a deal with Emirates and then they purchase 15 more jets. Can't see a downside to RR at this current time.
it will reach 500 in few months
 Rolls-Royce and EDF in running to build Britain's first mini-nukes
I hope so but i doubt it, that would be a crazy market cap.
Yes, I wouldn't put money on it happening in a few months. Maybe a few years will be more likely.
New order for 15 jets from Emirates just announced.
Wow, 20% up in a matter of 2 weeks! Certainly beats the 4% per annum deposit rates I was getting!Thanks Pete, Adrian and others for setting out the reasons why RR has tremendous potential to increase even more. Won’t be surprised if it hits 300 by Christmas…..
Roll on November 28th update, surely going to be good news
150 to 220 closed before the war.after 200-220 closed,now waiting for next entry
Looks firmly like the final blowout
No. New boss is continuing to turn the company around, Barclays have upgraded their target and Q3 profits to be revealed soon are expected to be encouraging.
Extremely volatile. No longer a buy. Central banks can’t push any higher against the shorts. Distribution stage now
You’re obviously clueless. What a stupid thing to say, crikey!
Well done to those who bought the dip last week. Not too shabby, up >6% today.
I bought on a whim, thought it cheap under £2. I'm holding on and hopeful of a furhet rise when results are released.
Twelve years ago the share was over 500, ten years ago this share was 371. five years ago it was 329 and today at the time of typing this it is 213. Talk this share up as much as you want, but it has hardly been a good long hold has it?
Goodness, what a naive statement. Best you stick to crypto, you could make millions!
I will add to that a pro top tip if a share upsets you .... don't follow it. You're welcome
I bought in at 100 a share in 2020 and I have no plans to sell anytime soon.
Buy the dip before Q3 results. RR has been relatively resilient amidst recent market turmoil.Widebody flight hours have increased massively over the summer as well as heightened demand for defence spending (and maintenance hours) given the rise in global conflicts. Fiscal discipline around debt, cash flow and cost cutting only bodes well for the future of RR. Enjoy the flight lads.
Earnings due next month. It's going to be a nice increase from here.
Couldn’t agree more mate!
Yoyo time again.
For how long…
Probably until 28th Nov.
Relax, it'll be alright
why down again....
big layoffs.
Layoffs save money, that usually results in an increase in SP. 2500 @ avg 60k per year over several years is a pretty sizeable saving.
Political conditions are in place for a rosy future. Forget the Bond repayments in 2025 they will be met from revenue increases. The Middle east instability will drive up GE,Rolls and the Defence companies.
Finally 🙂
Looks like another bad week is on the cards if today’s market is anything to go by.
So many threats have converged: prolonged high interest rates, prolonged Ukraine war, prolonged high energy costs, new covid variants, its a bad patch that could last into next year and test the 190 - 200 range. But eventually it will return to the climbing trajectory if increased profits are confirmed and nuclear makes progress. Just another waiting game - just my opinion.
Very fair points, the current climate is a shame because RR could fly without this resistance.
Defence contracts add to the benefits of RR.
This downward spiral doesn’t seem like stopping anytime soon.
Is there any bad news coming unofficially out before the contracts?
GBP is down and causing an unstable environment for all British stocks. There are a lot of long GBP positions, so hopefully the bottom is here and it should bounce back.