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I am happy been waiting on this dip, to buy my first RR share's
Welcome to the fun 😂
Hybrid electric engine test successful, Turkey looking at SMR acquisition and sustainable yachting in the scopes. Positive news after positive news.
Awful week.
Even on a loss yesterday RR outperforms the market.
Contracts are still coming in strong making RR massively profitable. Outside factors scaring the few who are selling whilst RR recovers every time.
I think there's 250 there. inflation being down played for good reason.
Fears of inflation but RR bounces back.
how wrong the accountants, were.
I was talking RR to my cousin, I felt that they would do well because they were in the news at the time regarding their mini reactors. him being the consummate accountant rubbished this as his friend (another Ac) had them and were a dog of an investment.
225 by end of day?! Looking positive lads! Question is where does it go from here? I don’t see much downside risk as orders are only going up and they’ve now achieved financial discipline over both debt and cash flow duration.
Will stick with it for a while
whats going on?
Gutted I had to sell mine a couple of weeks ago when it peaked @ 209p, bought in at 90p when things were grim so did well. Best of luck to those who continue to hold, I genuinely hope this continues its current trajectory and you all benefit from it, quite a bit further to go yet I should imagine.
Is going up like a penny stock now
Sorry lads I was wrong about 225 by end Aug. Hoping for some real momentum as flying hours increase exponentially and Mr Shapps does the sensible thing by investing in British nuclear SMR engineering.
it's still possible.
lol indeed mate!
Price ratings increased across the board. Looking good.
Change of hands with all the people panic selling shares to those accumulating mass amounts of shares. Massive increase in value this year already.
If RR's back to giving dividends in the future, what's your guess? 3-4%?
Was 1-2% pre-covid, so I wouldnt expect more than that.
anyone else kicking themselves for not loading up when this was below 50 pence a share?
When was it below 50p?
yup. hit .38 at one point
about June 2020ish
I was wrong about 225 by end August, more like 250 perhaps?Grant Shapps would be mad not to award SMRs to RR. We need to support British engineering chaps.Rolls-Royce's 470MW SMRs are expected to cost around £1.8 billion each and be ready within four to seven years. Five Rolls-Royce SMRs would equal Hinkley Point C, at one-quarter the cost - what’s not to like Mr Shapps?!
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Will do. Thanks mate
Can RR issue Bonds ?  Need to reduce their debt ? But agree government needs to show more positivity on SMRs being manufactured here not buy in foreign ones .  New submarines being ordered assume with RR power systems . Want RR to return a profit and reduce debt good for the U.K. tax man too !
looking good !
£2 coming up! If only the UK Government could stop dragging their heels with a home manufactured, non fossil fuel burning, infrastructure boosting, job creating, energy security producing SMR, that would be great. If they say no, I'm emigrating. Utter no brainer.
well £2 smashed 😜
Bloody Americans with their debt ceiling fiasco had to spoil things for us! Could have easily soared over 200 by now following the super positive RR results this morning….