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Instead of rocket.. Change it to submarine
In at 33. ANY hopes for thsi week
40 mins to take off watch the rocket fly to the moon
and there we go !
24.18 and the SSR comes into play
punch our way through 30 and then hopefully 35 will come quickly
I really wish that happens and I could break even
 if that happens I think you might be in the money never mind breaking even!
 Its my Birthday today and I was hoping for big green candles and a rocket ship... guess it might not come until tomorrow now LOL
That thud you can hear is a dead cat bouncing.
I thought it was Manfred shutting the door on the way out :P
Oh, that was quick.
Almost there now, 27 in sight.  Of course if that breaks, the floor´s the limit.  22, anybody?
Why such a hater Peter? Take it easy😉... not normally commenting, u r right... just enjoying this a bit too much...
unrequired negativity brings out the best in me.
Rocket will burn down at landing 🚀🚀🚀🚀 to the ground!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
So why are you here full of concern for us Manfred? Will you be coming back with your second ever comment (this was your first) on these forums to tell how wrong you were and that you were being a bit of a knob and didn't have a clue what you were talking about? or will this be your 1 and only post?
ahahah you're amazing
@Peter Gowler ^
I want to know from any of you experts out there . Do I hold it or just take the 700$ loss I'm on.
I second this, today my radar is off so I’ll support Peter
The premarket seems to be also at-3% from the initial stage. I really wish something magical happens to them today
thank you guys
if this keeps going down I'm doubling up!
Made 5k shorting this 😂cheers
Well done Rob.... I'd use that 5k and buy in, when the longs finish playing this out it will be flying!
It aint over until the fat lady sings
Loool i have hopes
 has your screen froze like mine LOL
Pump n dump, what are people thinking.
Apparently TDA for RKT just went from HTB to NTB (hard to borrow to NONE to borrow) !!!!!
If you can´t borrow it you aren´t going to short it.  If you can´t short it, you don´t need to cover if it goes against you.  27 here we come (or less).
volume is huge, think when this battle fizzles out it will go vertical
This will fizzle out soon enough, another classic pump and dump...
when will SSR come into place, we already went below 10% opening price. Would it be tomorrow?
Buy buy buy
is that the end of this mornings price attack????
Heading back to 27, no?
27 is a golden ticket yeah, buying under 30 here
Come on people, lets send this to the moon