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Bought at 31 today. Avg around 32
over sold .. it does not deserve it best at starting 35
Folks who disliked me back in Oct. I got back in around 37
is the uptrend started now?
my avg 38 $ .. still holding
Thailand Princess & Pfizer....
Project Veritas...
Still aiming for sub 40
Great long term er at this price
please never effective.inbox me for fast rising stocks
Adverse Effects Rife
No logic for drop. This is a 60 Euro stock value
It will drop like a stone, when the FDA release the data.
time to jump ship. New variants are weaker, hospitalisations are down, no longer a need for vaccine or meds. vaccine centres in the UK are now practically empty. It was a good two year ride, but time to bail.
Strong buyPresident Biden has doubled commitment of the Pfizer pill treatment to at least 20 million courses as the Covid omicron variant rages.
Why TF is this not rising ?
The Covid Detector device has been added to the Register of rapid tests for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus in Austria. This instant contactless detector from ML System
Rumors says Albert have been arrested this Friday is it true or fraud? Anybody knows?
cathy wood favourite...
Not too late to get out
it is going up
Technical chart is bearish sorry
Getting closer to low 40s
can't believe I bought pfizer yesterday when everyone was in a panic selling it😅
still not spike despite so many good news!
PFE will touch 60 this week
Will go 44€ soon