Pets at Home Group PLC (PETSP)

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    257.40 - 290.00
Unusual trading volume

Pets at Home Group PLC has doubled (or more) its daily average of shares traded over the last 3 months. High volumes usually indicate new trends and larger share price movements.

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  • dec 24th and the last wriggles of life are fast deserting this...108 opening this mor ning is ominous to a 50p share in coming months...profit warning will be the first sign
    • Jan 22nd and its trading at 142..tea leaf gazing at it's best!
    • Craig Smith April 12th coffee ground day
    • Aged well this
  • Pets at home, you cannot open an out of town store, stop stocking popular brands because you cannot compete, fill your shop with own brand products that people cannot compare the prices for because no one else sells them, and expect the public to support you, a bad strategy doomed to failure