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Yesterday’s announcement of the 1b USD convertible senior notes actually caused an overreaction. With a conversion price of 11,12 USD, if all convertibles were exercised, this would result in a 5,5% dilution for current stockholders. This does not justify the 17% fall yesterday. 1,000,000,000 / 11,12 = 89,928,057Outstanding shares: 1,649,309,669 as per September
It’s true and the market overreacted, is too bearish atm about China. Soon we will see a correction.
swap that chinese gnome ceo
yes buy when is $7
Now time to be patience
Now time to buy
If it hits 12 today..16 next week
Good time for buying, around 10!
Can ho to $5 so i can tank up more
I am in again , I am expect good delivery numbers.
wait to 7.45 again
Between 10 and 11 is good for me to buy
I am out now, I will wait to enter at 11
17? Are you sure?
why 17?
You got it
BTC continues to perform within a high range of 0.41%, around $30k. In the last 24 hours, +4475/5723/5189 for more info and trades.
Common 11
it will hit 300$ in 2123 sure
Can it be $11 anytime soon???
im still waiting that 300 $ predicted many pumpers two years ago haha140 mega volume and price down ,wait monday and minus 12 procent as usually before earning which are quartal to quartal worst and worst wait till next dillution and price will stay around 3,5
It will tank to about 3 dollars today
It is not the Turkish Lira ;)
Abi what happened?
Haha have no clue
It s good to buy today?
Wait for 5
So, where is the floor …
totall garbage from 65 to 7 ,what a joke haha
is it just me or is NIOs stock decreasing a lot
Any Chance of going up to 12 or 13 in One month Time or 2 months?
Probably in a years time
what will change in 1 or 2 months?
Only Tesla amigos is the good company to invest, leve these garbage chines compay, look to the future. If chines people don't buy, how can they sell in another country. Just check Tesla sales on china and compare with Nio, you we see what is the future of this company...
I disagree. Tesla is vulnerable to GM, BYD, etc etc
I miss the good old days of making thousands on nio
Get up from your knees Nio! Come on! Time to fly!