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it is a growing company and it will keep showing great results
You should never react couple of days before or after the earnings report. This is just a pannic attack and noone knows what will happen next. If you think Netflix will be there in 2 years hold on will save you a bunch of nerves and bring in positive yields in the long run. Strong buy if it goes below 380 imo.
Car crash
its a V
Might be a A
Any idea of tomorrow results?
NFLX - 268k shares purchased at $546.20 a share.
what you thinking now?
keep it it in long term target is 1000$ for sure
come on show BULL power back to 560
If anyone wants stock specific ideas then check out Netflix, it has given a clear break out on charts...... Must buy on the next dip!!
Do you guys think the price will go back up today?
 over 500 in the next days or not a chance?
I believe its going to drop a bit more but in late june or early july will rise again
I belive today is right time to buy 😏
Do you think share price pikely to continue rising bow that the earnings report has been released?
17% drop🤷‍♀️
why what is the reason
Wonder what is the PE ratio?
Its a buy 100%
Will collapse, no more revenue growth and close to 200% debt to equity
Buy it, people are confined, it can only go up
Hi all, is it recommend to buy it at 361 or above?
hi gents, any news about Netflix targets
strong buy at 310/320 for open. Inside news of movies and sports partnership to be streamed, which will increase subscribers and share price.
Sherif :)
Will go up? Daily
Very volatile
yeah,what ya think is gona happen after the report...drop or gap up?
well depends on us indices futures if they are up tomorrow definitely gaping up
great time to buy ! will cross 450 in 6 months
on what basis?
Now will cross 500 in 6 months
it will only go up. it's not core business for the new players so no threat .
Meet you at 200.
Target for NFLX 390
Netflix has no chance with movie industries there are so many way too many most powerful people in the movie does 3NT Windows Surrey so Netflix is not as no chance to compete with our moving that's 3 Hollywood is the price of United State or country and Hollywood is ward known and represent 8% of our domestic product net asset every year but what Netflix does there is nobody can change and compete with the movie in that industry and Hollywood Hollywood means US air and USA means Hollywood keep going Hollywood rial behind you the whole America's behind you the whole world is watching you we love you had a wood work order against your so small competition
some misprint in Google apologise for that I meant us and Hollywood are connected for over 100 years old or more nobody can compete with major too many way too many employees working in movie industry and cinema and Hollywood nobody can compete with no amount of shareholder money can compete with Oscar Emmy show business in Hollywood Hollywood's number one in showing the story that's an absolute the fact again I love you how they would