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Good news came wow Russia agrees to renew Ukraine grain deals expecting for war will closed soon
why is it suddenly taking a dip
Bill, fingers crossed that it goes up for you. my only caution is the danger of nationalisation, which puts me off - but then I hope that my forebodings on the stock are wrong! All the best.
And it's a great shame. Another great company wrecked by politicos and do-gooders.
Huge debt, gov consults on removing ESO status. Made nowt last year in reality! Hence price 880 - 811 within 3 months and 10+ - 8.11 within 6 months. The market speaks.
I don't think that the market has made up its mind on that one quite yet!
Also it said the deal will underpin the dividend. With thd potential for a market shock at some point in the next year its a good share to have
Absolutely agree that it's always been a solid defensive.
Loses money hand over fist.
Made £3.5bn last year.
Can other holders confirm dividend was paid on 13 jan? Still waiting for payment from trading 212, thanks in advance
Did you get your dividend? I got mine on 22/01/21
Received 14 Jan, due 13 Jan.  Are you sorted?
what are peoples thought about this surviving post COVID followed by a no deal brexit? I agree has held so far but has been somewhat stable for last 5 years hence no need really for a drop as hasnt really grown yes divident is there but all my shares I have ever had would out grow this in less than 12 months . not sure if I am missing something here 😕 lol
Survive? I don't think there's any chance of it going anywhere! Significant challenges are coming its way with the transition to electric vehicles. Aparently, if everyone switched to EV's today, it would only cause a 10% increase in usage. It's the management of demand that'll be more tricky. Therefore, although the business will become more high profile/important. I don't see an increase in growth potential. However, I'm not an industry analyst.
So much for a safe haven!
good stock